YU JYUICE 5000 & 10000 mAh Power Banks – Where to Buy?

YU is on a spree of introducing new products and it’s time for the power banks which are a lot in fashion these days. The power banks, branded as JYUICE (pronounced Juice) come in 2 different capacities – 5000 mAh and 10000 mAh. The power banks are priced at ₹699 for the 5000 mAh version and ₹1099 for the 10000 mAh version.

Design wise, the power banks come in only one color i.e. grey, the Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries and circuitry rests inside an anodized aluminum alloy body which theoretically prevents it from rusting and corrosion. JYUICE also comes with several in-built safety features to prevent a mishap. These include – temperature resistance, short-circuit protection, input over-voltage protection and protection from over-charge and over-discharge.yu jyuice power banks

The 5000 mAh power bank is 7.9mm thick and comes with a single output USB port rated at 5V /2.1 A. The 1000 mAh version gets slightly thicker at 12.5mm, but comes with dual output USB ports one of which is rated 5V /2.1 A while the other lowers down to 5V/1A. Both the power banks support fast charging and adjust output depending on the connected device’s requirements.

Where to Purchase YU JYUICE Power banks?

Complying with its strategy, the YU JYUICE power banks will be sold online only, but without any sort of flash-sales. The power banks are readily for purchase over at Snapdeal.com for as long as the stocks last.

Purchase 5000 mAh JYUICE Purchase 10000 mAh JYUICE

For those still wondering, no the JYUICE will not be sold in offline stores or via any other online shopping website. Snapdeal is YU’s only authorized selling partner for the JYUICE power banks.

How to Use YU JYUICE Power Bank?

The YU JYUICE power banks are very easy to use with their plug and play functionality. There are no buttons to press or switches to toggle. Just plug the cable(s) into the USB port(s) and the connected device(s) will start charging.

The battery status can be checked by a single tap. Just tap and the LED light will glow in green, yellow or  red. Green indicates a battery level greater than 70%, Yellow indicates battery level between 30 – 70% and Red indicates a battery level lesser than 30%.


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