Cyanogen OS 13.1 with MODs Rolling Out for OnePlus One

It was February when Microsoft & Cyanogen Inc officially announced that they will be working together and will bring the MOD Platform. They would be integrating the Microsoft apps into the frameworks of OS to give a better and enhanced experience.
Now Cyanogen Inc. is rolling out Cyanogen OS 13.1 : The MOD ready update. They have a very nice tagline for it “Mods are your favorite features, right where you expect them”. The OTA update (ZNH2KAS1KN) is already rolling out to OnePlus One users. Let’s see what all MODs are coming with this update.

MODs Included in Cyanogen OS 13.1 Update for OPO

Microsoft Skype MOD: Now your phone contacts and Skype contacts are at one place. Now no need of switching apps. You can have a Skype to Skype call directly from your phone Dialer App.

CyanogenOS 13.1_Skype
Skype MOD

Cortana MOD: New features are added up to this MOD. Now take Selfies just by voice command. This MOD is also extended to the LockScreen. Just wake your device and Swipe left to use your voice commands. Cortana MOD is currently only available in U.S.

CyanogenOS 13.1_Cortana
Cortana MOD

OneNote MOD: OneNote MOD now extended to Email and Phone app. Now you can easily save your mails to OneNote. If you are in a call and want to note down a phone number or address, now you can note it directly from the phone app. OneNote mod for Email is not available on all Cyanogen OS devices.

CyanogenOS 13.1_OneNote
OneNote MOD

Twitter MOD: No need of opening Twitter app, now get all your amazing Tweets directly on your LockScreen. Just wake your device and swipe left to get all your tweets.

CyanogenOS 13.1_Twitter
Twitter MOD

You need to enalble LockScreen MOD to enable the Twitter MOD features. To enable it Navigate to Settings > LockScreen> LockScreen MOD.

Cyanogen OS 13.1_Enable LockScreen MOD


If you are having OnePlus One, Check your system menu for updates. The Update size is around 394MB.

CyanogenOS 13.1_Update Notification
Update Notification

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