Guide: Unlocking Bootloader & Rooting the YU Yureka

yu smartphone logoGot a shiny new Micromax YU Yureka smartphone? You’d be glad to know that rooting the phone, unlocking the bootloader and/or installing a custom kernel does not void your warranty. Interesting, isn’t it? So when all is in the favor, let’s learn how to unlock the bootloader of Yureka, root it and install CWM recovery. Do note that unlocking the bootloader is necessary before the Yureka can be rooted.

Unlocking the Bootloader of YU Yureka

Unlocking the bootloader provides you access to do all the nifty things with your phone. Follow the steps below to unlock the bootloader of Yureka.

Unlocking the bootloader DELETES ALL DATA from your device (including apps, contacts, messages; etc). So do backup anything important before proceeding.
  1. Download and install ADB and Device Drivers on your Windows PC.
  2. Download the root files for Yureka and extract them to a folder.
  3. Turn off your Yureka by holding the power button and choosing Power off.
  4. Press and hold the Volume Up key and connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable. Keep the Volume up key pressed till you reach the Fastboot Mode.
  5. On the PC, open the folder where you extracted the Yureka root files (downloaded in step 2).
  6. While holding the SHIFT key, right-click on a blank area inside the folder and choose Open command window here.open command window adb
  7. Copy and paste the following command into the command window that opens:
    fastboot -i 0x1ebf oem unlock
  8. Unless the command shows an error, your bootloader is successfully unlocked.

Flashing CWM and Installing SuperSU to Root Yureka

After unlocking the bootloader, you need to follow the steps below to flash CWM Recovery which is a custom recovery with lots of additional options and then use it to install SuperSU which will provide us with root management.

  1. Turn on the phone.
  2. Connect to the PC again. Then download the latest SuperSU binaries and copy it to your device’s external or internal SD memory.
  3. Disconnect the USB and shut down Yureka for one last time.
  4. Press and hold the Volume Up key and then connect the USB cable to boot into fastboot mode.
  5. Open the folder where you extracted Yureka root files and open the command window (step 6 of bootloader process).
  6. Paste the following command in the command window and press Enter.
    fastboot -i 0x1ebf flash recovery Yureka-Recovery.img

    flashing cwm yureka cmd

  7. Disconnect the USB cable and then press the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Key together (till the phone vibrates) to boot into CWM recovery mode.
  8. Use the volume keys to select install zip option and press power key to select it.
  9. Select one of the following:
    1. choose zip from /sdcard – If you copied the SuperSU to internal SD; or
    2. choose zip from /storage/sdcard1 – If you copied SuperSU external SD card
  10. Browse to the SuperSU.zip file and press the power key to flash it.
  11. When done, choose reboot system now

If everything is done correctly, you’d have root access in your Yureka. You will find SuperSU in your app tray and you can also confirm root access by installing an app that requires root permission or else using the Root Checker app available in Play Store. If the Play Store or SuperSU itself offers an update to the app, you are free to update it to the latest version.

Root Checker
Root Checker
Developer: joeykrim
Price: Free+

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  • who wrote this tutorial is bustad…..because now i cant go to recoverymode e after trying this method plz dont try this method .for query call 7551027284



  • the user who having the stuck with rooting, simply go to service centre and update the software at the cost of 300rs only. if you do anything like intelligent, finally you have to change the full mother board itself and it cost around 3000rs.

  • i got my phone stared by step 7 but it didnt boot into CWM recovery mode anddidnt ask for any zip file. it started as it usually does.whAT TO DO NEXT

  • after i disconncted the usb as asked in step 7 after that i tried to boot phone by pressing volume keys and power key it showed yu sign and then nothing is shwoing up. and phone is not even starting

  • i was able to unlock bootloader,but when i di flash recovery my phone is not switching on… kindly help

  • I try to root my Yureka by using your method step by step showing above, all done correctly but in last step “INSTALL ZIP” this install zip option is not found or not available… so plz tell me what to do now? plz help as soon as possible

  • Try to root YU yureka use showing your step . BT in the lust stap installed form zip option not found.
    Pl help

  • hi, narender.

    I done all by the above said procedure. but after i removed usb cable from mobile, i cant switch on my yureka. YU logo only appears. no other moves in screen. its blank.

    please help me.

    i need my device back in goood working mode.

    • same happened to me, i unlocked the bootloader but, when i did flash recovery image only yu logo appers.

  • My phone is YU YUREKA and ye phone root nahi ho raha hai and unlock kar raha hun but nahi ho raha hai fast boot she.

    Please tell me some information please

  • Hi…..first I downloaded the adb and cm 12.1 in a folder….then as u mentioned to run two commands in command prompt, I did the same…..after this when I switched on mh phone, it gets on till YU screen then goes off once again….then it again switches on by itself….. This process keeps repeating till I remove battery……plz give a solution

  • I flashed a unknown recovery on my yureka___………now its shows image signature verification fail when I turn on
    What should I do
    Please tell

    • Your phone is soft bricked….
      There are some chances… Give it to the some experinced hands… Dont try anything on it…. Or it will be hard bricked……

  • Hey everything worked correctly but cant boot into cwm recovery YU signs shows up but nothing happens screen goes blackk….Please hELP…

  • I have unlocked the bootloader and installed the recovery img. When I try to open the SU.zip file from recovery mode. It is giving me Signature error…

  • hi
    I accidentally switched off my phone while rebooting takes place, Now my phone screen shows YU sign only.
    I have tried everything hard root & all please suggest what to do.

  • as i m finishing all the step of rooting before cwm recovery mode step my yureka device not going in the cwm recovery mode and not even show anything or charged what should i do plss reply, thnx in advance

  • Hello,
    M.r Narendra Singh

    i have Micromax YU Yuphoria YU5010 by mistake flash by yureka fw now its briked and dead

    but its detecting qulcomm 9008 drver any solution to recover it or alive again ?

    Thanks In Advance

  • Time wasting method so big,
    ROOT the Yureka Device using apps without pc in kitkat i did it.
    And no data delete.
    Faltu me time waste & internet waste kar diya.
    Ghanta Super SU

    • When the post was written, that was the only method available. You’re free to use any method as you find fit, nobody forced you to do this.

  • waiting for device problm could be because of digital signature .. disable digital signature on your windows and install the drivers again.
    Hope It Works for Some like me… 🙂

  • my yureka is not starting and not working even in recovery and boot loader from the time i flash it ….wht to do plz help

  • “waiting for devices” issue
    *If you are facing issue like “waiting for device” when you type the command then please install minimal adb and fastboot and try to execute the command Don’t forget to enable USB debugging

  • I have some problam. I upgrade my device lollipop successfully. But can’t install ota update. Please help me what can I do.

  • sir,i made a mistake of up dating my mobile by installing LOOLIPOP.AS SOON DOWNLOARD ENDED MY PROBLEMS STARTED.

    • Please dail no
      Then tab “START”
      Then PROXIMITY SCREEN appears
      Press START
      then wait for few second
      CALI…GOOD goes green colour
      Then EXIT
      your problem solves
      PL REPLY

  • please help me i have tried too root yureka after installing sdcard it shows secussfull installed then i select reboot it is directly reboting no option about NO, YES(fix the root) pllease help me

  • for your kind information. please take the help of the person who has done that unlocking and root before or watch a youtube video carefully and follow every step carefully without mess or doing something wrong . i am saying that because i have lost my nexus 6 cost of alomost 815$(49000rs.) .

  • I too have same problem. After upadating to CM12 i did the above procedure to unlock boot loader. Something went wrong. Now only YU logo appears and restarts when volume up+vol down+ power presses. Cant go to fast boot mode.And no red LED blink.Help help help please…..

  • I had follow all the step to unlock bootloder and flashing CMW recovery but when I press vol up vol down power off button nothing shown.again I press all button it take me into cynogen recovery..need ur help

  • i done allthe thing finally volume up + volume down+powerbutton i pressed well till vibrate but is not the any thing only yureka logo only came again and again what i need to do

  • MIcromax developers…have u gone mad !!!.So many customers r facing many problem with ur Micromax..Whats wrong with u .If u cant solve problems y do u release the phone.

  • after unlocking the boot loader.my yureka is not switching on. when i tried to launch cwm mode its just showing powerd by android wall. and then switching of. previously i have rooted my mobile.after upgrading to lollipop version again i tried to root.mean while it happened.

  • please help me…. after unlocking the boot loader.my yureka is not switching on. when i tried to launch cwm mode its just showing powerd by android wall. and then switching of. previously i have rooted my mobile.after upgrading to lollipop version again i tried to root.mean while it happened.

  • Yes I’m getting same problem too..only getting you sign after flashing cwm but not switching on..please help guys.
    Thank u.

  • my phone is not starting after i flashed cwm…it’s just showing the yu sign and then there is no response..what should i do..please help me..

  • +919442150341…..call me guys il help u….i am merging my method with online methods to make d simplest tutoriall for rooting a yureka…rootin right nw

  • I am trying to unlock bootloader on my yu yureka but everytime I type the fastboot commamnd in CMD this message is flashing “waiting for device”
    What could be the reason for this

  • I am trying to unlock bootloader on my yu yureka but everytime I type the fastboot commamnd in CMD this message is flashing “waiting for device”and you had told there,There might be driver issue i had installed adb device drivers thrice i checked device manager, driver is not installed there i got. what is the reason for it? please provide me appropiate resolution for this.

    • Go to device manager, choose Update Driver and then choose Browse my computer for driver. Then select Let me pick and finally choose the Google ADB driver.
      BTW, is your PC online and able to check Widows Update for drivers?

  • I am trying to unlock bootloader on my yu yureka but everytime I type the fastboot commamnd in CMD this message is flashing “waiting for device”
    What could be the reason for this???
    Provide me with a solution

      • I followed a video on Youtube about “fix waiting for device problem while unlocking bootloader” but it didn’t help. I need the drivers of micromax yureka. Could u give me a link to overcome the drivers problem??

        • They should all be included in the ADB package. Have you tried looking in the Device Manager to see if the phone is detected with a yellow exclamation mark?

            • Then you need to install the drivers first. Try right clicking and choosing Update Driver if Windows Update finds out an appropriate driver for your phone. Else choose manually.

    • you need to use complete “fastboot -i 0x1ebf devices” command, or for any fastboot command you need to add the vendor Id else its wont work… i wasted couple of days to figure that out too….

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