Privacy Options Come to WhatsApp for Nokia Asha

WhatsApp Messenger (Beta) for Nokia Asha phones (New Asha and S40) has recently received a new update which brings the option to hide your last seen and manage other privacy options as found in the Android or Windows Phone version of WhatsApp. The features are missing from the general public version of WhatsApp Messenger, but will be made available soon with the next update.

Control Who sees your Last Seen, Profile Photo and Status

The function is available from the WhatsApp versions newer than 2.12.19. You can either wait for this version to be pushed in the general release, or you can install the WhatsApp Beta to access these functions immediately. If you decide to upgrade to the beta, it can be accessed over at . It is a normal update and as such won’t delete your chat history.

whatsapp privacy asha

To manage the privacy options,

  1. Open WhatsApp on your Nokia Asha phone.
  2. Tap/Press Options.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Tap or select Privacy
  5. Now choose who has access to your WhatsApp Status, Last Seen and Profile Photo. You can choose from Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody.
  6. Press Save when done.


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  • i have nokia Asha and got whats app upgraded but i typed wrong name, so now others can see that wrong name and i need to correct it how do i do this.

  • My phone model is Nokia asha 305 and till sunday my whatsApp was working fine but then when i tried to open.I deleted whatsApp and tried to re-install it, it got error “no valid certificate”. i have followed the steps as given here to install valid certificates but still the error message is appearing while tryng to download watsapp. what should i do now? plzzzz help…

    • Please take a backup of your phone and visit Nokia Care Center. They will flash your phone with factory firmware.

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