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SugarSync Free Plan Expiring – Transfer your Files to other Services

SugarSync logoSugarSync is a great service to back up important data to the cloud and sync it across multiple devices. Previously a part of the service was free, but they recently decided to shift to a paid-only model and all free account holders are forced to upgrade by February 8th 2014 if they want to save their files. The decision seems to be a nice long-term solution as the demand for cloud based services is growing rapidly. Although they are giving over 70% discount to the old free account holders, not everyone will be willing to upgrade. Read on if you are also one of them.

Transferring files from SugarSync to other Services

Downloading files from SugarSync and uploading them to some other service can never be a practical solution as it is a time-consuming process. Plus if the size of files is big, it will cost a lot of bandwidth. The awesome service offered by comes to the rescue. Mover lets you copy/move files across various services, but let’s only talk about transferring files from SugarSync to some other popular service.

  1. Signup for mover at by clicking the Create Account link at the top right.
  2. After creating an account, open and click on New Transfer at the top.app_mover_io
  3. Click on Select Source and select the service from where the files are to be moved. In our case it is SugarSync.
  4. Authenticate by providing your Username and Password.
  5. Next select the destination where the files are to be moved. You can choose from many services such as DropBox, Skydrive, Box and others including a self hosted FTP service.
  6. Once the Source and Destination are set, click on the Transfer Now button in the middle.
  7. That’s it. Sit back and wait for a while for the files to be copied to your destination service. The files will be copied with the same folder structure as you have in your SugarSync account.
Mover offers a limited 10GB of bandwidth per month for free accounts. If you want to transfer more, you need to upgrade to a premium plan.

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