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Download Nokia Care Suite for Asha and Lumia (Latest Version)

Nokia Care Suite is an all-in-one suite of tools which is used by Nokia Care to test, check, repair and update Nokia devices. NCS includes tools such as Data Package Manager, Multi IMEI Reader, Multi Software Updater and Product Support Tool for Store. Product Support Tool for Store (PST) includes all set of software functionality needed to re-flash or test Nokia devices. It also includes a Firmware Download which can automatically download the latest firmware from Nokia’s servers and is capable of flashing it onto the phone. The most probable reason for your being here is because you want to flash your Nokia Phone and are already looking for Nokia Care Suite.

While we do have download links here in this post, we still suggest end customers to use the Nokia Software Recovery Tool instead which is capable of flashing Nokia phones and is much less complex as compared to Nokia Care Suite. nokia care suite

Notice We’re only providing the downloading of Nokia Care Suite. We shall not be held accountable if you end up bricking your phone due to any reason be it faulty connection or the drivers.
Downloading Firmwares – As Nokia & Microsoft enabled NOL Login system, Firmwares cannot be downloaded within Care Suite. Consider using Navifirm or Nokia Devoce Recovery Tool for downloading firmwares. Asha devices launched prior to Mid 2012 might not be supported by NCS and in such case Phoenix should be used. Below are the various versions of Nokia Care Suite with the newest versions at top.

Download Nokia/Microsoft Care Suite PST

New additions in version

  • NCOM Support: All NOL users will be soon transferred to another domain (NCOM) which requires new authentication channel and credentials.
  • This release supports changing the credentials, account expiration scenario and usual FiRe login use case.
  • OS Integrity check for Nokia X devices.
  • Support for new devices: RM-983, RM-984, RM-985, RM-1013, RM-1014, RM-1015, RM-1016, RM-1017, RM-1018, RM-1019, RM-1020, RM-1049, RM-1061, RM-1087.
Download PST Download PST (Mirror)

If you have a previous version of Care Suite installed, please uninstall that before installing a newer version to avoid any compatibility issues.

Older Versions:

Download Nokia Care Suite PST

Download PST

Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0

The following download link is the official and direct link for the program. We are not modifying or editing the program in any way.

Download PST

Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0

Released on 7th May 2014, this version adds support for a few more devices which are already announced or yet to be announced. If updating from a previous version, uninstall that before installing this version.

New additions in version

  • Multi IMEI Reader support for Windows Phone 8.1 devices.
  • Support for new products: RM-981, RM-1011, RM-1012, RM-1030, RM-1042, RM-1043, RM-1045, RM-1053.
Download PST


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  • what can i do to download this software??my nokia asha 311 was blocked,and i tried my best to download this apps but didn’t work help me plz!!!!!!!!!

  • maray asha 502 say certificate delete hogaye ha aur rington theme etc

    yay jab manay phone ko pc say connect kia our mass storage select kia to hud restart howa

    care suite sab ha

  • Hi Narender Singh. I have a nokia mobile of RM-975 Branding ATT. I want to unbrand it. I downloded the Tool above. Guide me to Proceed further.

    • You just need to flash the Lumia 635 ROM from some other region using the Open Product and then choosing recovery.

  • hi i am having problem with my lumia 720. my phone some days back froze nothing was working . basically touch was not working. so i couldn’t do anything . i tried hard reboot ,soft ,reboot and the result was same. so i visited Nokia care they told me that there is only one option we have to change your display which is of RS5800 . i went to some local shop he was ready to change it for 2000.. i gave him the money and came back with new display. now after some days it is again showing me the same hanging problem so now i think there is some software issue may be with windows so i tried formatting windows with your recovery tool but it didn’t recognize my phone. now what should i do ?
    should i try full fleged nokia care suite??
    .one more does windows phone also get virus??
    plz reply ASAP.

    thanks in advance

    • Recovery tool,didn’t recognize? That’s strange. You can go ahead and see if Care Suite works out, but you’ll be needed to manually download the Firmware using Navifirm or some other tool.

  • Hi dear, I have Lumia 625 with window 8.1 denim official update, I want to get update or upgrade GDR2 like Lumia 640, plz guide me the right process, thanks

  • Dude, When I use Nokia Data Package Manager I am unable to use it online, as it asks for UN & PW. When I use it offline I am unable to enter details to download the firmware. The fix suggested for using the data package manager online was to change the authentication valur from “1” to “0” in ‘UserGroupsConfiguration’ file.. But when i change the value, the data package manager gets stuck in ‘logging into remote server’ and does not do anything else.. No version of DPM or fix or patch is able to make it work… Any suggestion?

    • You should use the Lumia Software Recovery Tool to download the Firmwares and then revert back to Care Suite for installation.

    • It can go through fine, but I won’t guarantee this. For any ‘things going bad’ happening out there, please make sure you have the original RM-892 files ready to flash them back and make the phone working again ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hola, tengo el equipo bloqueado, lo encontre y necesito la contraseรฑa, se puede hacer algo para recetear todo el celular y pueda funcionar?

  • hola, tengo que bajar algo mas para que funcione el programa, lo baje pero no logra conectarse a mi celu, tengo un celu que no se el codigo

  • hey i need ur help actually Nokia suite is asking for Variant name and other things and i don’t know what are they…plz help plzzz
    u can communicate on me via email…but plzzz it is very neccessary my phone software is to be recovered….

  • my phone is Lumia 625 RM-941 my software was crashed and now I don’t know what to do plz can u help….

  • Yes, it can be easy or not. I have connection problem mobile—computer. I press buttons, it flashing for 1,2 seconds, and that’s it. Computer do not reckognize mobile.

    • This problem is widely spread, I think the interrupting process flashing EPROM in the phone, it may be encountered in almost all known programs such Nokia Care Suite, Windows Device Recovery tool, nokia software updater, even on the command line thor2.exe terminated with error setting a new axis .This interruption is likely left hundreds of phone is defective. I have had the defective Lumia 520 and I had fun this problem. AFTER TWO WEEKS OF WORK KONSTAOVAO I checked it out in practice very pure and simple solutions. AND THIS IS FOR NEPOVEROVATI THAT MUST BE USED SHORT USB CABLE AND NO LONGER THAN 50cm NATURAL QUALITY, BAERJA of the phone is charged. There are very distinct TECHNICAL EXPLANATION FOR THE SAME A voice, that on prolonged low-quality cable gets distorted square PULSE UNIT TO SIGNAL AND SO THEN BE OBTAINED FROM Thursdays PILE AND ERRORS ETO .After means of short USB cable ALL KNOWN PROGRAMS AND OPTIONS flashing ROMA ARE works flawlessly .

    • Once you install the Care Suite and have the firmware, its pretty straightforward process. Have you already installed Care Suite?

  • i need the software to sort my nokia lumia 520 out as the phone is stuck in flight mode. i have nokia software recovery installed but its been downloading all day and when it finishes downloading it just starts downloading the 1.53gb file again, i dont know whats going on PLEASE HELP ME

    • It would be a good idea if you manually download all the firmware files and then put Nokia Software Recovery or Nokia Care Suite to start flashing your phone. You can use Navifirm to download the fir.wares manually

    • Download the Firmware files using Navifirm. Then open Product Support Tool (in offline mode) and choose Programming> Refurbish to start the update process.

  • Hey dude tell me plz, how to flash my nokia 2730c-1 RM578 Using Phoenix. Even I cant select pc suite mode. What is firmwares? Where can i download these files? And how to put in proper folders? And one more thing finally how to flash it? Tell me

    • You need to do dead phone flashing. Search for the download links for phoenix. If you need detailed help, please message our page on Facebook. I’ll try to reply there ๐Ÿ™‚ Better if you just provide your TeamViewer details there ๐Ÿ™‚

  • How to flash it when it is locked by security keygaurd?.coz i cant do anything to select pc suite in my mble when conecting via usb cable.. Plz say full tutorial. Thanks.

    • Well, if you install Phoenix, you’ll understand it very easily. Just download the firmware, place it to the proper folders. Then open phoenix> Open Product> Select your RM-XXX> Flashing> Dead phone flashing.

  • Hey dude plz help me, i’ve forget my security code of nokia 2730c-1. It is locked by security keygaurd, i want to know security code or i want to flash it. What to do? Plz help. Thanks advance…

    • Your only option is to flash your phone with the factory firmware and that would be possible by using Phoenix because Care Suite won’t support such an old device.

  • bro my new nokia x2 has mass memory less then 3 gb..but in specification on website it has 4bg…why is it showing low …????

    • The available memory is lesser because the OS and other pre-installed apps are installed on that 4GB only.

  • pleaseNarender, if i flash my phone (asha 501) with the NokiaCare Suite, will i still recover my data(contacts, messages and so on)?

    • Unfortunately, you can only use it in offline mode. Download firmwares from elsewhere as it is not supported by care suite anymore (requires authentication with valid NOL credentials).

  • Hello! i need to change the language of my Nokia Phone to French which is not available in the ROM.
    Can you help me? to get a right firmware?
    I have Asha230 & 503

    • It’d be a tough game which can end up bricking your phone. So I’m out of it. Numerous tries have been made to change the Firmware of Asha 501, but all failed and the phone never turned on without flashing back the original ROM. I wouldn’t advice doing that.

  • I get an error when i enter my product code and check online “Access denied.Verify Credentials” Please help? i need to flash my nokia asha 311 as i forgot my security code

    • If your device is not locked by the security keyguard, you can find the security code by following steps in this video.
      If you really wanna flash it, download Navifirm which will let you download the firmwares. Then use Care Suite in offline mode.

    • Downloaded the RM 059V9C0 I put in the folder ‘C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages’ but does not appear in the properties of Recovery. the message:

      Error during receiving list of data packages.

      • You need to put them in the RM-xxx folder. So rename the 059V9C0 folder to reflect your RM code. Only then the firmware will be detected.

  • hi. i download Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0
    but what is the NOL or NCOM account need to sign in??…
    I wanna flash my lumia 820 with RM 825 -product code 059P7P2..
    My unit is not supported for updates via FOTA or Desktop..
    I will use the other product code to flash it to my lumia…
    can you help me??
    I’ve been searching how to updates this phone, and i think it’s the only way now..
    My phone is never updated ever since..

    • You need to use Care Suite in Offline Mode and download the firmware for 059P7P2 using the data package manager.

  • I’ve done everything, but when I try to download a firmware it says that I can’t, and that I should check my credentials. What to do?

    • You cannot unlock a phone by flashing it. You need to contact your operator to provide you an unlock code ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’ve downloaded the MSI file, but when I connect my Lumia 520, it says “not supported product”. Does the full version supports RM-914(Lumia 520)?

  • Having troubles with my Lumia 900 fails to boot completely when it boots to Rethink Possible. This really frustrating and I have tried several time updating it but yet still nothing shows up!! Very worried as at now!! Please kindly help me out!! Thanks

    • If you’ve already tried various things, it could be a hardware fault. Why not send it in for repair?

    • Flashing another variant will do away with your warranty. If you’re okay with that, let me know the country variant you want to flash it with and i’ll provide you the product code.

  • Hi Narender!

    Please, help me, because I barely lost my mind…

    I have Nokia Asha 208 Dual-Sim mobile. Changed the Product Code to select another language. But neither Phonix, nor NCS NOT BE ABLE to download firmware. Phonix does not recognise and NCS always give me an error. ๐Ÿ™
    What can I do?

    • Have you tried downloading the firmware using Data Package Manager and then using the dead phone flashing via NCS? Should go through.

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