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How to Recover a Bricked Asus Zenfone 2 Smartphone

Unbrick Zenfone 2A smartphone is called bricked when it turns into an unusable box because its software or hardware is damaged. Software issues generally are in the form of corrupted firmware or key system files which won’t let the device boot up. While hardware issues would require a physical repair, most software issues (soft brick) can be sorted out by flashing the factory image and hence bringing the device back to life. This however requires a device to be bootable into Fastboot and Recovery modes. Here’s how to recover (unbrick) an Asus Zenfone 2 from such a situation.

Recovering (Unbricking) the Asus Zenfone 2

Whether your Zenfone 2 has bricked due to a failed OTA update because the device is rooted or there’s some other issue, the solution is pretty straightforward – Flash the Full Stock ROM. Read on to find out how to do that and recover your phone from a soft-bricked or malfunctioning state. Your personal data will generally stay right there, but don’t get too surprised if it is all cleaned up.

  1. Download and Install ADB on your PC.
  2. Download and Install the Intel USB/ADB Drivers.
  3. Download the latest Stock ROM from the Asus website by visiting the following links. If your device got bricked after a recent OTA software update, wait a few days while Asus uploads the latest Stock ROM. On the page below, select Android as the OS and then expand the Firmware section. For non WW devices, please check your regional Asus website for the download details.
    Zenfone ZE551ML Stock ROM
    Zenfone ZE550ML Stock ROM
  4. Copy the downloaded Stock ROM to the folder where you installed ADB (Generally C://adb)
  5. In power off state, press and hold the Volume Up key and then press and hold the Power Key till the phone vibrates. Release the power key at vibration, but keep pressing the Volume Up key. Wait for the phone to boot into fastboot mode.
  6. In the fastboot mode, keep pressing the Volume Down key till you see Recovery Mode. Press Power Key to select it.
    If you encounter a dead android icon at this stage, just press and hold the power key and then press the volume up key. Release both and you’ll be into the recovery mode.
  7. In recovery mode, select Apply update from ADB.
  8. Connect your phone to the PC and open the ADB folder. Right click while holding down the shift key and choose Open command window here.
  9. Pass the following command in ADB. Replace file.zip with the name of Stock ROM zip (eg: UL-Z00A-WW- downloaded in step 2.
    adb sideload file.zip
  10. Wait for the process to complete as it will take a couple of minutes.

Reboot the phone when it is all done and hopefully your Zenfone 2 will be boot up fine, alive and working again.

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  • Dear sir,
    After complete your Given Instruction completing i have lost my singals Of Jio And vodafone 4g , plz give me new instructions for connecting Jio and Vodafone 4G ?

  • Sir i am unable to pass the white screen step where i have to press the power button and volume button together to go to recovery mode Please help

  • Please help me! I’M DESESPERATE my Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ml has a bootloop (stuck at asus logo infinitely.)
    I did all the process step by step but at the moment of connect the phone to the lap, this is not recognized (unknown device and it says 43 code)(I didn’t disable the usb debugging because the phone gone bricked suddenly) and in cmd.exe it says cannot read…I don’t know whats happening, i also try flashing my phone with asus flash tool and raw firmware, but still the same problem…what am i do wrong? It’s the USB, Lap, me (I know nothing about rooting and all that things) or the phone is literally dead and has no remedy
    Thank you and sorry for the bad english :/
    hope you can help me!

  • Further to my previous comment…an update…
    I have further investigated…and something cropped up…
    For some weird reason…Asus, supposedly with ‘normal’ micro input…have input slots that will not accept any data/charge cable but their OWN-!
    As it is not micro C 3…what’s the point, as many gamers use long leads, so use a good quality 3M lead.
    The one supplied with Zen 2 is very short….so I use a good branded one which I just found isn’t charging.
    I used it’s OWN-it is now charging…and a message came up asking me to use Asus cable!
    So….very restrictive policy Asus…WHY?
    And quality cable should be acceptable…ALL other devices we have accept my 3M-!

  • We had several Asus products in our family….and despite being au fait with various recovery options…none worked….Asus in general seems to have a product bricking problem….I have been with Android since OS 1.6…I find HUAWEI are way ahead for dependability…will never buy Asus products again.

  • in recovery mode,my zenfone 2 z008 not detected.so after i type command adb sideload file.zip,there is no reaction.after few mins its shows timeout.what can i do sir?

  • Sir i cant go through the recovery in my asus ze550ml showing an error which is blinking i tried power button +up volume button when error comes ….i tried all the suff…plzz help

    • No worries you can still get into recovery if you are getting an error. When the error pops up after trying to boot into recovery simply press the power and volume up buttons at the same time and release them.(dont hold them together for more than 2 seconds or you will have to restart this process) If you do it right you will get a screen that pops up with the options :reboot system now :apply update from ADB :wipe data/factory reset :wipe cache partition :reboot to bootloader :power down :view recovery logs

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