Download original (stock) wallpapers from Nokia X6 in HD quality

Nokia X6 stock wallpapers download
You can now download the stock wallpapers included with Nokia X6 and enjoy them on your existing smartphone!

Most smartphones these days come bundled with new set of wallpapers, specially designed for that particular device. The brand new China-bound Nokia X6 is no exception. Nokia X6 comes with a unique set of wallpapers, best suited for its 18:9 display. It comes bundled with 10 vibrant wallpapers.

Now you do not need to buy a new Nokia X6 just to experience the wallpapers. Plus, it is still unknown if Nokia will launch the Nokia X6 globally. So, just download the Nokia X6 wallpapers and enjoy them on your existing Android or iPhone.

Download link to Nokia X6 stock wallpapers

Here’s a gallery of all the wallpapers included with Nokia X6. Do note that the wallpapers in the gallery below are compressed to serve them faster. Kindly follow the download link below to get them in original (HD) quality.

Details about the Nokia X6 wallpapers:

  • Total number of wallpapers: 10
  • Resolution: 2160 x 2280
  • DPI: 96

You can download each image as well as a zip of all 10 images together. Simply go to the OneDrive or Google drive link below and download your favorite official wallpapers from Nokia X6 for FREE!

Download Nokia X6 stock wallpapers:

Choose the service from which you want to download the wallpapers

Google Drive OneDrive

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