Blogging Review: CPC Network that Average sites should just Avoid is an advertising network being run by yahoo in collaboration with Microsoft Bing. While Adsense really tops the charts when it comes to online advertising, but has slowly emerged as one of the good alternatives to Google Adsense. We’ve played around with the service and publishing this review. We’ve also tried to answer some of the questions that users usually have.

Getting Started

Although the service is not among the top ones, the approval process is pretty hard. Firstly you need to have a pretty popular blog with a good amount of daily traffic and subsequently higher page views. We were approved pretty quickly, but we’ve heard from many that they were rejected even though they had pretty good blogs.
A good amount of US/UK/Canada traffic is must if you want to get approved for

You are appointed a dedicated account manager who approves your websites and also provides you support whenever you need that. He will closely work with you and make sure that you receive the best CPC and RPM.

CPC or CPM? They are both

While many feel that is a CPM or RPM network, its more of a CPC network rather than a CPM one. There’s of course some good RPM fill, but majority of the ads are CPC and will pay nothing unless they receive some clicks. This can be judged from the amount of revenue

Our ad mix is actually mostly cpc, with some cpm mixed in where our inventory permits. Our ad units are very reliant on our optimization efforts, which perform much better with cpc advertisements. – support

Fill Rate

As earlier stated, requires a good amount of US/CA traffic and most of the fill is only available to visitors from these regions. So if your site is not receiving enough of US traffic, you will see reduced earnings. However they do provide the option to enter an alternative Ad code so that they can divert the ad request to that code if they don’t have any inventory available for the particular visitor.

Real Results

So finally it comes to the real results that it provides. Let’s see how it performed in our trial. Besides the good aspects, here are some of the bads that we noticed and we think that these need to be included in this review.

  1. Hard to get approved. I’d call the approval process as even harder than Adsense.
  2. Fill rate is not good enough for non-us visitors.
  3. Ads are mostly a category ad instead of a direct ad dedicated to particular product/service.
    Ad Sample
    Ad Sample
  4. No real-time revenue estimation. Takes over a day to see figures.

While the RPM was pretty nice for us during the beginning, it slowly dropped down to $0 and while writing this review, it was still $0 for like 5 days in a row. The reason for this is simple – They are showing CPC ads, which are not receiving any clicks due to them being irrelevant to the content or the interests of the visitors. Here’s a screenshot of the same. graph
Impressions vs Earnings Graph
Reports of
Reports of

Are you using or planning to apply for the same? Let us know if you agree with our review, If not, we’ll be happy to include more detailed info and improve upon the issues that you find out.


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  • Yes i was previous publisher at, it is good while If you are looking high payer network then try sisterads, poptm or popads. I recommend its cpm rate is higher than poptm and popads. Also you can talk on skype if facing any issues quick live support. If you have good traffic then you can become premium publisher and will be paid daily cpc rate more than $5 for US/CA/AU/UK. GO to sisterads and ignore others

  • Hello Narendra, nice explanation
    But one thing I want to ask you that, is there is also same address verification process like adsense has, adsense send pin to publishers address to verify address, tha same process is in media net?

  • dude i have been approved by but i havent yet posted the ads on my website..i have also applied for google adsense before and they dissaproved it .after the second verification process saying my website do not comply with adsense policies ..but it is nothing so…i have again applied for adsense and is on the second step are posting google ads on your website plz help me do that ..i am from india ..and the traffic generated is also from india … my website is (linked with username) plz help me do that ..waiting for your reply..

    • Especially for Indian publishers, Adsense requires you to be well established before you start showing ads on your pages. As you’ve just started off and have next to zero traffic, I’d recommend waiting at least 3 months and building some good reputation, user base and regular traffic before trying out with Adsense. Even if you were approved, you’d earn nothing with the level of traffic you have right now.

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