GoDaddy to BigRock Domain Migration (Transfer) Guide

What ever might be the reason, you have decided to transfer (Migrate) your domain from GoDaddy to BigRock. So, lets get on to the process of migration. Follow the step-by-step guide carefully to transfer your domain with ease.

If your domain name is less than 60 days old, it is not possible to transfer that domain & If your domain name is previously transferred within 60 days, then it is not possible to transfer it again within 60 days.
Godaddy to Bigrock Domain Transfer

Step-by-step Guide for Domain Transfer

Part 1 – Getting the things ready

Before initiating transfer request in BigRock, you need to do some per-requisite tasks at GoDaddy

  1. Unlock your Domain
    1. GoDaddy’s Administration panel >> Select the domain you wish to transfer >> Domain detailsGodaddy Domain Details Dash board
    2. Now click on the ‘manage link’ next to Lock feature and turn it off.Unlocking domain on
  2. Cancel Private Registration (If you have opted)
    1. Click on Private registration in your admin panel and then click ‘manage which will take you to your admin panel at Domains at Proxy.
    2. Cancel your private registration for your Domain which you want to transfer.cancelling private registration
  3. Obtain Authorization code (Domain Secret).
    Go to Domain Details again and scroll down. You shall see Authorization code and Email my code as shown in the pic. Click, and your Domain Secret or Authorization code will be Emailed to your contact E-mail.4. Get Authorisation code

Part 2- Initiate Transfer at BigRock

To make the transfer process faster, I suggest you to create your ‘BigRock Account’ before initiating the Transfer process. By this you can save time while checking out. During the migration process, you’ll be receiving necessary E-mails and for many your confirmation is required. Do monitor your contact E-mail and confirm certain aspects constantly.
  1. Initiate Transfer at BigRock
    Go to the official transfer page of (Click here) and type in your Domain name which you wish to transfer and submit it. You’ll be taken to checkout area or Login page if you have not yet logged in. Choose the features and number of years to extend or renew as per your requirements and check the grand total.adding coupon while checking out in Bigrock
  2. Enter coupon code for discounts
    Bigrock always has a coupon for discounting. You can obtain it from Bigrock home page but it is restricted to only 15%. If you couldn’t find a coupon code to use, you can use as the code to get 10% off on the final amount.
  3. Checkout (via PayPal, Debit/Credit cards or otherwise)
    After making sure all the particulars of your cart and the Grand Total after discount, you may proceed to payment area where you can successfully complete the transaction. Payments can be made via PayPal, Debit/Credit cards or by other means which they accept.

Part 3 – Authorizing & Finalizing the Transfer

  1. Submit ‘Domain Secret/Authorization code’ to Bigrock
    Login to your Bigrock Admin Panel and click your Domain. Domain registration page opens up and you can enter your Domain Secret/Transfer Code. Click Submit as shown in the pic.submitting domain secret to bigrock
  2. Accept Transfer at GoDaddy
    1. Come back to your GoDaddy products page and under Domains click Launch. You’ll be directed to Pending Transfers page.accepting pending transfers
    2. After it redirects to the page mentioned above, select Accept Transfer and click OK.

The Transfer process usually completes within 5-6 days, during that time, you may experience downtime. New DNS settings take 72 hours or so to completely propagate through the servers, so be Patient & be Cool. If you have any troubles or doubts kindly leave below in the comments section. 🙂


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  • i have already paid money fro buying domain from godadd! now i want to transfer it to bigrock…so why they are asking for coupan code? as i dont have any coupen code.
    please answer me asap.

  • i am having domine registration with big rock and hosting with godaddy so how can i move my site another registrer justhost

  • Hi, Gone through the article.
    Impressive and useful at some context.
    The case is.. I had that 60 days issue with godadd for which I had to wait for 6o days to tarnsfer the domain to bigrock.
    At that time I had purchased the domain from, signed up successfully but couldn’t register it with my domain.. Now I’d like to do the same but getting confused. The confusion is with your part 2 ,point 1. As I only need to transfer the domain and not to purchase it. where will I’ve to enter my authorization code.. help me.

    • Rahul domain transfer is chargeable and not free, but you get 1 year free renewal of your domain.

      So you need to go to their website and follow the process as shown above.

      But incase you have renewed your domain in the last 45 days at your older domain provider then you won’t be getting free 1 year renewal.

      Keep up the good work Narender, your details on the domain transfer were helpful.

      • Thanks for the reply, Nik. That seems helpful.
        Actually the article isn’t written by me but a friend, Bharath. So I’m not fully aware of the migration procedure.

  • sir my domain is going to expire in 15 days , and i am planning to transfer my domain from godaddy to bigrock, sir as mention in your post that a transfer will take approx 5-6 days sir so when should i apply for transfer..sir can i apply for transfer just after my domain get expire

    • Don’t wait for the expiry to come any more closer or it would be hard for the transfer to be initiated. I still doubt if you can still transfer with mere 15 days left with you.
      Once your domain expires, it may or may not be available for renewal. Or the renewal fees can go pretty high. I wouldn’t take a risk if the domain is an important one.

      • thanks sir for such information , but sir i have transferred my domain from godaddy to Bigrock and it took hardly 12-15 hr to transfer …:)

  • I currently planning to migrate my domain from godaddy to a affordable and better service. Can you please specify in short what is better in BigRock hosting?

    • This post is only about domain, not hosting. I haven’t used Bigrock’s hosting and hence I don’t know if it works better or worse than GoDaddy. BlueHost works cool though 🙂
      BTW, you aren’t hosted on GoDaddy and hence the URL is removed. We don’t want comments that are submitted just to get linkbacks.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your illustrative article i transfered my from godaddy to bigrock in minutes. :). Godaddy got costilier so i migrated 🙂

    • How good is that i forgot migration process. Google it again and followed the blog to complete migration. Then came to comments section and saw my own old comment :D. In case anyone interested can use my website names as coupon codes for their new websites. It gives discount for new users.

      Discount codes (simply website names):

      Thanks for this valuable page again :).