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Adsense Users in India can now Change their Payee Name

adsense logo transparentEarlier in March, Google rolled out Wire Transfers as method of payments to Indian Adsense Publishers. With the intro of Wire transfers (EFT) the payment process not only became faster, but also removed one of the huge barriers i.e Payee Name. If you are an old publisher, you’d already know that Adsense publishers in India were not allowed to change their Payee Name and the only method to change it was to close the present Adsense account and open a new one with a different name.

With EFT payments, the payments will be deposited into the Bank Account that is provided while setting up electronic payments. You can add a new bank account (with a different Holder’s Name) for receiving Wire Transfers by going to Settings> Payments> Payment Settings> Add a new form of payment.

adsense add new form of payment form
Payment Method Form

Similarly, the Payee Profile can also be amended to reflect a completely different Payee Name. This can be done by going to Settings> Payments> Payee Profile> Edit

As it happens with Electronic Transfers, the funds are transferred solely on the basis of the Account Number and Holder Name hardly matters while transferring funds to the said account. So even if you have entered a name which is not the real account holder, the funds should go through and get deposited.

Although this can be done, I’d suggest doing this only for legititimate reasons such as: When the Payee Name was entered incorrectly or when there is a real change of name.

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  • Sir Google Adsense me bank account ka naam our Google Adsense ka naam Same hona padega kya.. Agar same name chahiye to change kaise karu.. Reply me soon please
    Thank you.

    • Bhai jo naam bank me hai, payment settings page me wahi naam aur bank account number wahgerah daal do. Adsense k signup k time jo bhi name use kia tha use ignore karo 🙂

  • Thanks a lot, but Have you done it yourself ? Actually when I started I didn’t know anything that we can’t have two accounts or can’t change it later so I had to give my sister in law name & address though we live in one house only. But I didn’t give any bank details. Now I don’t want my money to go to her bank but YouTube told me it’s not advisable to have different payee name & different bank account, they mean it should be one person. But I think it’s possible that’s why he said it’s not advisable, it means it’s possible. But I don’t want to land in any problems as the amount is big. My name is already associated with one adsense account which I’m not going to use for now as it’s difficult to maintain two. I want to give my fiance’s bank details and address. Or I can only give her bank details & don’t change the payee name address if that’s legal or possible.
    They help but when it comes to adsense they don’t say much.

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