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Receive AdSense Payments in India via Wire Transfer to Bank (EFT)

adsense logoGone are the days when Indian Adsense publishers were required to wait 15-20 days to get their hard-earned earnings delivered and credited to their bank accounts. AdSense has finally managed to set up a system to offer Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)/ Wire Transfer as a mode of payment to the Indian Publishers. With EFT, monthly earnings of publishers will be sent to their respective Bank Accounts as a Wire Transfer in US Dollars. This not only makes the payment mechanism quicker, but also assures the proper delivery of the earnings by completely eliminating the issue of lost cheques and all.

How to start receiving AdSense Payments via EFT in India

Setting up EFT payments is a very easy and straightforward process which Google explains well over at its knowledge-base. However I’ll still list the full steps to set up EFT payments below.

PS: The layout below is only available if your account has been upgraded with the new forms of payment. Wait for a welcome email from AdSense, if you haven’t received already.
  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the uper right corner and choose Payments.
  3. Choose Payment Settings from the left sidebar.
  4. Next to the available forms of payment, click on Add a new form of payment.
    add new form of payment adsense
  5. Enter your bank account details. You need the Account number, name, SWIFT code, IFSC and other details as required.
    Don’t do an internet search for finding the SWIFT Code. Instead contact your bank branch directly. Your payment will be delayed if this doesn’t match exactly to the SWIFT code of your branch.
    For IFSC, you can refer to your PassBook or do an online search. They are easily accessible.

    wire payment details form
    Fill the details (Click to zoom)
  6. Once entered, select the wire transfer as the preferred payment method.
  7. That’s it. Sit back and wait for your next AdSense payment to be directly deposited to your bank account.
EFT payments will be sent in US Dollars directly and the conversion to INR will be done by the bank itself. Depending on the bank, you’ll be charged a nominal fees for the same.

The EFT system is not immediately available and will be rolled out to all of the publishers in India from the next cycle., however if you’re very interested to receive latest payment via EFT as well, make sure to put a self hold to your account before 16th of March. Read this post at AdSense help forums for further details.


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  • Hi. since last month adsense is mailing me your payment has been send to your account, but still when i check there is no any amount transaction from google in my bank account. I have entered all bank details properly, even swift code correctly enetred. payment was done on 21st feb and march 2020. today it is 26 march 2020 still i dont see any amount in my bank account.

    • Hi Arafat, you should consult your bank branch regarding this. For the first transaction, they will require you to sign required document (about Purpose code) before depositing the funds to your account.

      • I already had a conversation with my bank, they said they dont require anything to be done for such transactions.

        • It’s an RBI requirement. All banks need to get the purpose code from customer and that’s usually done via a signed form. It’s really your bank’s branch and their connecting forex branch which can give you more details on the same.

  • can i use my parents bank account as payee? and bank guys also asked proof and ii provided my self and my mom proofs! they are accepting payments! is it fine later when im paying taxes is there any problems? because adsense will be my name and payee will be my moms name ??

    • Hello Ram, yes you can use your parent’s bank account. That’s all okay. But the taxing can be a problem. The income received in your mom’s account will most likely get taxed under her name. It will be a tough task for her to show that the final beneficiary of the payment is you. So, I recommend that you open a bank account on your name. If you are a minor, then you can open a joint account with any of your parent. That will be a better way to work this out 🙂

      • But cautslly if I made a nee bank account link it this month income will come next month so what about that income will it come to my new account or else ?

        • You’ll be paid per the payment information that’s on the account by the 20th of the month. So, if you add your new bank account by the 20th of December, then any payable balance will be transferred to your new bank account.

  • The payment we sent to your Google AdSense account on Feb 1, 2017 was unsuccessful.
    Please contact your bank or credit institution to resolve the issue.
    my bank is SBI.
    please give me a solution.

    i am regularly receive the payment since last 2 year every month in same account.

    • You’ll have to talk to SBI for the reasons for rejecting the incoming remittance. Maybe there was a technical issue or SBI needed additional documents from you before processing?

  • Hi sir

    I am work at publishers network in malta and made 5000€
    They paid through wire transfer details( iban number and swift code) but I have not iban number
    Please let me know how to receive this fund

    Thanks sir

    • The bank should be able to provide you with the IBAN formatted account number or an alternate way to receive your money. You really need to contact them :’)

  • Hi Sir, I have earned 100$+ in my adsense account. I am worried a little.
    Q.1) Does the bank ask any detail from where i receive the money every time i receive payment?
    Q.2) Do i need to open a current account?
    Q.3) Is HDFC good for accepting Adsense Wire Transfer?

    • 1. The bank shouldn’t ask anything for this small amount, but yes, there is a RBI guideline and some banks ask you on the very first time regarding the purpose code. You can just call it freelance or advertising income and it will be all good.
      2. No, any type of account will work. Savings or current.
      3. Any bank will work, buddy. But private sector banks (like HDFC, ICICI) provide a slightly lower conversion rate per USD as compared to public sector banks (like SBI, Canara). This difference will not be very visible on a small amount like $100, but it will if the amount goes bigger.

  • is any india bank take any commision cut off of google adsense payment let me know sir and what percentage take or not take
    nd also what about test deposit cut off

    • All banks have their own set of pricing structures. So, the commission amount will vary from bank to bank. Government banks are supposed to charge lesser overall fees as compared to private banks.

  • I have some doubts on adsense payment procedure.
    Is payee name should be same as bank account name??
    In my case Payee name(in adsense) is ‘Rahul Singh’ but bank account name is ‘Rahul Santosh Singh’.
    Should they pay if i only write Rahul Singh?

    • They will pay you, but the bank may reject the payment due to a name mismatch, depending on the bank employee. A rejection for partially matched names is unusual, but that can still happen. It is best that you alter and enter the correct payee name matching the name reflecting in your bank account.

      • Ok, then i have to write my full name(bussiness name).
        I also have talk with the PO in the bank & he said only first name and last name checked (& Spelling should be correct).

        And thanks for your lightening reply.

  • hi sir,
    in my adsense account paypee profile name and bank holder name is not same so what i can do for wire transfer??
    and sir in india how mant days will take to receive PIN ??

  • today is 26 aug and i have not recive my adsense earning but adsense show your wire transfer is succesful but not in bank account what the problem suggest me

    • Depending on your bank, it can take upto a week for the amount to reflect. You should also contact your bank branch 🙂

  • Bro, I got a phone call from ICICI they say savings account can longer be used because adsense is a business and I must open Current account for receiving adsense money. Should I switch to different bank? Or is this new RBI regulation? Please help bro.

  • Sir i applied for payment for icici bank on 24 june.through adsense…showing message..”Automatic payment: Bank transfer to bank account message in adsense account ……”when i get balance in a/c

    • It should have been credited by now if you entered correct SWIFT code and account number. Do check your emails for any email sent by Bank’s support to provide purpose code, if nothing is there, please contact your home branch regarding the inward remittance.

  • Sir,
    Where I opened my account that branch has not Swift code. I have used other branch Swift code.
    will be it work ? …….plese reply
    I wait it……

  • which type of bank account is required saving account or current account.
    i have saving account, can i use my saving account to get the AdSense amount. pls reply

    • Yes. Savings bank account can be used provided the branch has a SWIFT code for routing international money transfers.

  • Hello, I have a query. Does Indian publishers need to fill out the ‘Intermediary bank details’ & ‘For further Credit details’ present in the form?

  • Adsense mail me that they send my payment t 23 march. I am from bihar and i used swift code of kolkata branch. my accoumt is in pnb . When i get my payment plz help

  • I got a confirmation mail of payment and also showing date and amount transferred to my account but it is not yet credited to my account, this is my second payment first was successful but this time it is taking too long (More than 9 days), can you tell me why….

    • 9 days is a bit too long. Did you try contacting your bank branch if they are just holding the transaction for certain reason? For international remittances, you are required byt RBI to provide a declaration about the source of funds. So do check with the bank first.

  • Anybody please suggest me which bank give me the high conversion rate and processing charge is less its good if it zero

  • Hi Narender, came here looking for the amount of time it takes for the transfer, found the answer in comments. Thanks only helpful article I found on the topic.

  • google adsense shows my Payment Receipt .but not transfered money in my sbi account yet.why??
    How many days does it takes to transfer money ??

  • Today 21,I get my payment slip by adsense .but fund not transfer in my google take some time to transfer fund?

    • Yes it takes a few days as it is an International Transfer. Expect them to be in your account by the end of the month at the most.

  • sir

    i am from india, in this month my adsense earning finalize 250$ but not sent payment plze help me

    • You need to contact the branch only. They might be using the SWIFT of their head branch. Only they can help. Else open an account in a branch/bank which is ready to provide SWIFT.

  • My first AdSense account was banned , so I started one on my friends name and address.
    Can I add my bank account details and name to wire transfer . Or should it be my friends name .

    Plz reply

    • You can add yours. But don’t add the account that was added to your previous adsense account (if any).

  • Help Me Friends, My Google Adsense Payment on hold, Message Showing:- You have no valid forms of payment.
    The payment we sent for your AdSense earnings via Wire transfer to bank account • • • 1748 on May 21, 2015 was unsuccessful. Your bank or credit institution provided the following reason: No reason provided by your financial institution

    • You need to recheck your bank details and then contact the bank about the denied transfer. Make sure that the swift was entered correctly.

  • hi i reached 100 $ in my youtube adsense and i added my payment form also but still i didnt get any updates about the payment this is my first time i getting 100 $ . So please help me to know what should i have to do next . weather i have to contact my bank or google adsense ? what else


    • You can check the state of earnings in your adsense account. Generally, you’re paid about 25 days after your earnings reach the payment threshold. For example, if you earn $300 in May, you will be receiving it in your bank around 25th of June.

  • Times Financial at present supports the following banks for online transfer:

    Axis Bank
    Bank of Baroda
    Dena Bank
    Deutsche Bank
    HDFC Bank
    Indian Overseas Bank
    Indian Bank
    ING Vysya Bank
    Karur Vysya Bank
    Punjab National Bank
    Seylan Bank
    Samachar Money transfer
    Union Bank of India

    • Has it been about a week since the payment was sent? It takes sometime for the funds to be remitted to your account.

  • Hello Narendra,

    I need to ask few Question.
    Is It easy to get new Adsense Account Now?
    As Last time I do many things to get one adsense account but it was banned after I earned some hard cash.

    What is the process to get new adsense account?

    thank you

  • Hello ,
    Can you tell me about swift code in details for The banks in Rural India.
    Actually my payment has processed for my account. So I have a doubt about swift code.
    I live in rural India state Rajasthan Dist. Bharapur
    My bank account in PNB bank.
    By the way I used swift code of New Delhi head office PNB branch.
    Is it correct ?
    I discussed this about the chief manager of my bank but they don’t know about it.

    Kindly give me satisfactory reply !!

    Thanks 🙂

  • After reading so much about payee and address in adsense i get to know that payee name must match with the bank account holder name. I want to ask you that the address in the bank account should match with the address in the adsense account ?
    and more question –
    1)If i want to take payment on my friend account then i have to change the payee name to his ?
    2) Should phone no. is required to be match same ?
    3) In adsense what is the difference between account name and payee name ?

    • EFT transfers are made solely on the basis of Bank Account number and only in rare cases will they check the account number against the account holder name.

      1. Yep. It is a bettor idea to mention his name as the Payee to eliminate a rare chance of bank refusing to remit funds due to a Holder Name mismatch.
      2. Phone number is not required to be the same.
      3. Account Name is the name of the account holder. payee name is the name on which you’ll be drawing the funds.

  • Bro i have an youtube channel which is linked to adsense , n i dont have my own bank account.. Can i add my mom’s bank account ?? will it work ??pls reply

    • Yes it will work. Transfers are sent solely on the basis of account number. Still, add her name as the payee.

      • Ok , i have already added one payee profile in the name of myself ,, so u mean to say i can also add another new payee profile for my mom;s ..Thanks in advance

        • Yep and set that as default. They can come out on your name as well, but some banks sometimes try to match the payee name for such remittances to avoid errors. So to be safe, use her name 🙂

    • Hi Everyone
      I have seen in an adsense forum that $10-20 (depending on banks) charged for receiving AdSense payment in India (Private and Govt. sector banks too). Is it true? Then which bank charge less amount?

      • Hey Puja, all banks have their own commission slabs. I personally use Oriental Bank of Commerce (a PSU) bank. I’ve previously used Axis Bank anb I get better exchange value and lesser commission charges than Axis Bank. My friends have used Kotak Bank and SBI and have reported that these charge a very high commission. And I have heard from a few good friends that Federal Bank has one of the lowest commission slabs and offers great exchange value. IMO, you should go with OBC or Federal Bank 🙂

  • what does this mean??
    Payment schedule Monthly (Held until Oct 11, 2014)Configure
    Payments will be held until Oct 11, 2014.
    You will then be paid at the next eligible date once earnings exceed $320.00 and there are no other actions required to get paid

    • 1. You probably have set a self hold and your payments are held till 11th October.
      2. Your have also indicated to be paid only when your payable balance reaches $320.

      • thanks for the help…
        i had calculated my adsense amount of august and september in the adsense calculator and it shows that 326$ i have earned in two months…but only august balance is showing up not the september one…because i wanted that whole amount of two months i had self hold it for the balance to add on my account but as i look its 10th october and still it is showing up august balance…what is the issue???what should i do????
        I had lifted up the self hold to 11th october…should i wait up for balance to add up and update the date of self hold till 15th october????

        • September earnings should be posted to your account balance by now. Doesn’t it reflect in the Payable Earnings section of the Payment History page? Last month’s earnings are usually finalized around 3rd and then the payment happens around 23rd of the month provided there are no holds on account. My September earnings are already finalized and will be paid on around 23rd.

          You should not have a date based hold in your case. Just keep the hold of $320 and you’ll be paid when your balance crosses that amount, irrespective of the date.
          If the September earnings don’t show up still, you should better contact Adsense Support. They started offering support for some accounts.

  • Hey there,
    my payment was transfered by google, but its not received by my bank, may be because of my mistake by not adding intermediatary option, i directly used that swift code which was of partner bank.
    well, if that payment is not funded anywhere, will it be resent to my adsense account… if yes then how long will it take ?

    • If your payment is not accepted by the bank, it will be refunded back into your Adsense account. Depending on when it was sent, you should at at least wait for a week before concluding that it will not come. If it doesn’t, it wouldn’t take longer than another week for you see it again in your adsense account.
      And in case you’re earning good, you can contact Adsense support via Chat.

  • I heard that we can use the swift-bic code of the head office of the bank, which in turn sends our funds to the branch(which has no swift-bic code) as our branch has unique ifsc code. if i adopt this trick wil i land into any problem?

    • All branches do not have a SWIFT because they don’t deal with foreign currency. You just need to consult your branch about the swift and they will provide you with the appropriate one(don’t just guess). It’s not a trick as this is how it works.

  • i’m new to adsense,,, i recently earned some money which was finally above minimum threshold,, i havent updated my payment profile yet. I have a doubt,Will google adsense make my payment as soon as i update my Payment Profile or do i need to wait till the starting of next month?

    • If your payment is already approved, you will be paid within a week of updating your payment details. If it still hasn’t matured for around 20-25 days since accrued, you will be needed to wait for longer.

  • payment debited by google adsense but not credited to my account…i had received billing details on 8/09/14…i’m waiting for bank to credit my account but 2 days have passed and still there is no credit on my account

  • Hello Sir

    I had just got the mail regarding the online transaction of Money to my PNB account; it is also having the words that you can track your payment by reference number; is it possible to track Wire Transfer payments from Adsense only or not.
    Because i think the reference number or tracking is only in case of cheque. Am i write or not?

    • AFAIK, there is no way to track the payment. Just wait for a few days and you’ll either receive it, else it will be refunded back to your adsense account.

  • Hi Narender Singh,

    I am facing this issue, unable to get payment from google
    even after I have entered the correct bank details

    “Google AdSense: We couldn’t process your most recent payment
    The payment we sent to your Google AdSense account on Aug 14, 2014 was unsuccessful. ”

    Please help me resolve the issue

    • I’d blame the SWIFT Code. Are you very certain that you used the correct SWIFT? Did your branch provide you with that specific SWIFT? I’ve tried with around 3 banks already and it was way too smooth 🙂

      • I used Swift code HDFCINBB for HDFC and SBIN0001983 for SBI bank

        but both got failed 🙁

        Please help me to get credit in my bank account

  • my punjab national bank barakhamba road new delhi. but my google adsence a/c payment not successful.i contact my bank but who says contact INTERNATIONAL SERVICE BRANCH new delhi…plz help..

    • Just ask them about the proper details for receiving EFT transfers from abroad. Most probably you failed to input the correct Swift Code. Kindly contact the Delhi branch if needed.

  • sir..plz help me
    Google AdSense: We couldn’t process your most recent payment
    The payment we sent to your Google AdSense account on Jul 14, 2014 was unsuccessful.

  • Hello, I need to sign up for android developer account but it asks swift code of my bank branch…………..My bank is bank of India…….. But no branch in my city has swift code……. Help me pls guys……. Can I use swift code of other city with same bank…… Thank you!

    • You need to consult your bank branch about that. You can use the SWIFT of their main branch, but only they can tell you that, nobody else.

  • what if i have a business account and i want to make payment in individual account is this possible …. It is na

    • I am not sure about this. But I think it will be possible now. Try it? If it fails, your funds will be issued back to your account.

  • Hi Narendar ji, I wish to add swift to my account, but my bank doesnt have SWIFT BIC. My bank is ICICI Velachery in Chennai. What can be done? Take account in some other branch or bank with the facility?

    • AFAIK, most of the bank branches make use of the SWIFT of their immediate main branch. My branch makes use of the SWIFT of main branch in Delhi to receive the funds. So contacting your bank will be a better thing to do.
      If they really don’t have (which I highly doubt), you need to open a new account in any other branch.

  • Hi frnd, my payment way of swift eft. My account status payment is successful on 22/05/14. But no credit on my account..

    • Hey Marees
      Wait up for a couple of days. Because it takes a while for the banks to receive and do the currency conversion, it will be there in your account by the end of this month 🙂

  • I have just came to know about the ETF when i logged in to my account. could not understand the concept of “Self hold” – why and who should do this?

    • The Self Hold component is pretty self-explanatory. Using it, you can set a hold on your payments both in terms of a Amount or Days. Your payment will not be issued until that threshold is crossed. Useful if you want to accumulate your earnings and get a lumpsum later.

  • Hello Narender,
    Brother, what to do ? if I am wishing to receive my payment by Cheque. My account is upgraded by google but I want a cheque for a personal reason. Can you please tell me in this case what I need to do.

    • Hey Davinder
      Unfortunately, there is no way to return back. As Google notes on its support forum:

      Check payments are no longer supported in countries where Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is available. EFT payments are faster, more efficient, and the most environmentally-friendly form of payment.

      This turns out that you need to get over those personal issues and make an arrangement to receive EFT if you wanna continue receiving your Adsense payments. I know this is not going to make you happy, but that’s how Google wants to deal with it.

        • Thank you, Davinder. That’s pretty motivational.
          I spent some time going through your site, but seems you still need to spend a lot of time on it. Good luck, buddy 🙂

  • website promo comissions in $ from US will be get auto deposited to my ICICI bank a/c in India.They ask for SWIFt code .Customer care representative gives me swift code of ICICI bank CHASUS33XXX & said that if you receives money in Us $,you can use it & if you receives miney in INR ,then there is another code for it. My ICICI bank is in RAHURI kd,Tal-Rahuri.Bank Branch code is 001451 & it doesn’t have any swift code. Is the SWIFt code above given by cust care is correct for me? Should I provide it ?

    • As per info from Adsense, money will be sent in US $. So you need to go with that product code.
      I would recommend not going by the customer care’s advice, but contacting the local branch. If they don’t have a SWIFT for themselves, they will provide the SWIFT of their head branch which will receive money on your behalf 🙂

      • Thanks Naren! I have contacted bank officers .But they aren’t heard this word SWIFT before. So I am contacting head branch Mumbai about that by email.

        • Pravin, sorry to hear that, but that’s really very strange. Maybe it is a branch where there are no customers doing international transactions. Have you tried reaching to the manager? For me, I tried to contact the care team of my bank via phone and email, but both the banks asked me to get the SWIFT code from the branch.
          So best will be to be in the branch and let them call their head branch on their own and get the SWIFT for you.

  • please help me frnds for EFT setup, my bank have no SWIFT code , But IFSC code is available . What i do in SWIFT code option , please frnds help and thanks in Advance. am waiting for your rply.

    • There will definitely be a SWIFT code. Contact your branch.
      Which bank is it btw? Without SWIFT, there’s no way to receive EFT.

  • Thanks a ton for valuable info. JUst today recieved the welcome mail from Google Adsense. Will soon setup my accout for EFT payments using your method!

  • It is great news for all because adsense finally enabled EFT payment system for Indian publishers. It is really good news and all get payment fast, direct in bank a/c. Previously it was boring to deposit check in bank and waiting for clearance. Thanks to Google.

    Thanks to the admin also, to provide great information regarding adsense wire transfer, thanks a lot.

  • I am pretty much excited to know that finally they are going to enable EFT payment system for Indian publishers. I happy really that now we don’t wait for the check, money will be deposited to directly in our account. It was pretty hard for me to deposit check in the bank as I work in night and sleep in day. A big thanks to big giant.

  • Thx narender ji , today evening I got my payment in my account . but I really thx a lot for ur advice .

    • Great to know that and thanks for finding the time to reply back here 🙂 Enjoy.. I hope you earn much more for the next month.

  • i still not get my payment . i sent every detail as you shown above but payment not receive yet , adsense said go to bank and ask bank said they need swift copy from where i can get this . plz help

    • Hello Sukhwinder

      When was your payment sent and what bank are you using? I received it already and it worked pretty smooth. Are you certain that you provided the correct SWIFT, IFSC and account number? Maybe waiting a couple more days won’t hurt if the payment was sent a bit late than when mine was sent.
      AFAIK, Adsense doesn’t provide any swift copy. Still you can reach the Adsense Forums for any help. Else if your Adsense account is eligible for email support, you can use that to get a direct response.

  • I have one more question in adsense form it asks for swift-bic what does it mean? Is it swift code or swift code plus branch code


          • hii narender ji , im having sbi account and i completed the details of payment process and i also recevied adress verification letter, and im going to get payment in this month,but im little worried about should i want to provide any information or to take any permisions from the sbi bank for international payments,, please give me answer…..

            • There is nothing else to worry about. Just make sure that the SWIFT and Account Number are correct as only they are the major determinants while receiving EFT payments. Good luck! Hope you earn more 🙂

    • SWIFT Bank Identifier Code (BIC)
      A SWIFT-BIC is a unique identification code for a particular bank or branch. It should contain 8 or 11 characters. For more details, contact your bank.

  • I have provided IFSC code of sbi branch where i have account but that branch doesn’t have swift code so I provided the swift code of near sbi branch which have swift code. have i done right thing?

    Also what if want to change some information on that form?

    Could you also tell me how much sbi will charge for receiving adsense transfer as I don’t make much on monthly basis. Any Idea


    • Varun, did the SBI branch itself provide you with that SWIFT code? If yes, that was the correct way to do it.
      As about the fees, I am not sure. But you can ask the branch about how much currency conversion fees it charges from the customers. Google claims that it pays most of the transaction fees itself, but because the funds will be sent in US Dollars, the banks will change a small conversion fees. AdSense quotes that their trial only saw a fees of 50-150 Rs charged by the banks. However, we need to wait for the payments to reach publishers to know how much fees the banks have charged.

      You cannot change the info in that form, but you can add the details in a completely new form and set it as preferred.

    • Every bank has it. If your branch doesn’t have a SWIFT code of its own, it will provide you the SWIFT code of their head/partner branch which deals in foreign exchange and hence has a SWIFT code.
      For example, OBC Branch in Panchkula provided me the SWIFT code of the Chandigarh branch. They’ll do the receiving for the Panchkula and then transfer to my account.

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