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Receive AdSense Payments in India via Wire Transfer to Bank (EFT)

adsense logoGone are the days when Indian Adsense publishers were required to wait 15-20 days to get their hard-earned earnings delivered and credited to their bank accounts. AdSense has finally managed to set up a system to offer Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)/ Wire Transfer as a mode of payment to the Indian Publishers. With EFT, monthly earnings of publishers will be sent to their respective Bank Accounts as a Wire Transfer in US Dollars. This not only makes the payment mechanism quicker, but also assures the proper delivery of the earnings by completely eliminating the issue of lost cheques and all.

How to start receiving AdSense Payments via EFT in India

Setting up EFT payments is a very easy and straightforward process which Google explains well over at its knowledge-base. However I’ll still list the full steps to set up EFT payments below.

PS: The layout below is only available if your account has been upgraded with the new forms of payment. Wait for a welcome email from AdSense, if you haven’t received already.
  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the uper right corner and choose Payments.
  3. Choose Payment Settings from the left sidebar.
  4. Next to the available forms of payment, click on Add a new form of payment.
    add new form of payment adsense
  5. Enter your bank account details. You need the Account number, name, SWIFT code, IFSC and other details as required.
    Don’t do an internet search for finding the SWIFT Code. Instead contact your bank branch directly. Your payment will be delayed if this doesn’t match exactly to the SWIFT code of your branch.
    For IFSC, you can refer to your PassBook or do an online search. They are easily accessible.

    wire payment details form
    Fill the details (Click to zoom)
  6. Once entered, select the wire transfer as the preferred payment method.
  7. That’s it. Sit back and wait for your next AdSense payment to be directly deposited to your bank account.
EFT payments will be sent in US Dollars directly and the conversion to INR will be done by the bank itself. Depending on the bank, you’ll be charged a nominal fees for the same.

The EFT system is not immediately available and will be rolled out to all of the publishers in India from the next cycle., however if you’re very interested to receive latest payment via EFT as well, make sure to put a self hold to your account before 16th of March. Read this post at AdSense help forums for further details.

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  • The payment we sent to your Google AdSense account on Feb 1, 2017 was unsuccessful.
    Please contact your bank or credit institution to resolve the issue.
    my bank is SBI.
    please give me a solution.

    i am regularly receive the payment since last 2 year every month in same account.

    • You’ll have to talk to SBI for the reasons for rejecting the incoming remittance. Maybe there was a technical issue or SBI needed additional documents from you before processing?

  • Hi sir

    I am work at publishers network in malta and made 5000€
    They paid through wire transfer details( iban number and swift code) but I have not iban number
    Please let me know how to receive this fund

    Thanks sir

    • The bank should be able to provide you with the IBAN formatted account number or an alternate way to receive your money. You really need to contact them :’)

  • Hi Sir, I have earned 100$+ in my adsense account. I am worried a little.
    Q.1) Does the bank ask any detail from where i receive the money every time i receive payment?
    Q.2) Do i need to open a current account?
    Q.3) Is HDFC good for accepting Adsense Wire Transfer?

    • 1. The bank shouldn’t ask anything for this small amount, but yes, there is a RBI guideline and some banks ask you on the very first time regarding the purpose code. You can just call it freelance or advertising income and it will be all good.
      2. No, any type of account will work. Savings or current.
      3. Any bank will work, buddy. But private sector banks (like HDFC, ICICI) provide a slightly lower conversion rate per USD as compared to public sector banks (like SBI, Canara). This difference will not be very visible on a small amount like $100, but it will if the amount goes bigger.

  • is any india bank take any commision cut off of google adsense payment let me know sir and what percentage take or not take
    nd also what about test deposit cut off

    • All banks have their own set of pricing structures. So, the commission amount will vary from bank to bank. Government banks are supposed to charge lesser overall fees as compared to private banks.

  • I have some doubts on adsense payment procedure.
    Is payee name should be same as bank account name??
    In my case Payee name(in adsense) is ‘Rahul Singh’ but bank account name is ‘Rahul Santosh Singh’.
    Should they pay if i only write Rahul Singh?

    • They will pay you, but the bank may reject the payment due to a name mismatch, depending on the bank employee. A rejection for partially matched names is unusual, but that can still happen. It is best that you alter and enter the correct payee name matching the name reflecting in your bank account.

      • Ok, then i have to write my full name(bussiness name).
        I also have talk with the PO in the bank & he said only first name and last name checked (& Spelling should be correct).

        And thanks for your lightening reply.

  • hi sir,
    in my adsense account paypee profile name and bank holder name is not same so what i can do for wire transfer??
    and sir in india how mant days will take to receive PIN ??

  • today is 26 aug and i have not recive my adsense earning but adsense show your wire transfer is succesful but not in bank account what the problem suggest me

    • Depending on your bank, it can take upto a week for the amount to reflect. You should also contact your bank branch 🙂

  • Bro, I got a phone call from ICICI they say savings account can longer be used because adsense is a business and I must open Current account for receiving adsense money. Should I switch to different bank? Or is this new RBI regulation? Please help bro.

  • Sir i applied for payment for icici bank on 24 june.through adsense…showing message..”Automatic payment: Bank transfer to bank account message in adsense account ……”when i get balance in a/c

    • It should have been credited by now if you entered correct SWIFT code and account number. Do check your emails for any email sent by Bank’s support to provide purpose code, if nothing is there, please contact your home branch regarding the inward remittance.

  • Sir,
    Where I opened my account that branch has not Swift code. I have used other branch Swift code.
    will be it work ? …….plese reply
    I wait it……

  • which type of bank account is required saving account or current account.
    i have saving account, can i use my saving account to get the AdSense amount. pls reply

    • Yes. Savings bank account can be used provided the branch has a SWIFT code for routing international money transfers.

  • Hello, I have a query. Does Indian publishers need to fill out the ‘Intermediary bank details’ & ‘For further Credit details’ present in the form?

    • With the 3 banks I tried, it was not needed. So I believe you do not need to enter those details.

  • Adsense mail me that they send my payment t 23 march. I am from bihar and i used swift code of kolkata branch. my accoumt is in pnb . When i get my payment plz help

  • I got a confirmation mail of payment and also showing date and amount transferred to my account but it is not yet credited to my account, this is my second payment first was successful but this time it is taking too long (More than 9 days), can you tell me why….

    • 9 days is a bit too long. Did you try contacting your bank branch if they are just holding the transaction for certain reason? For international remittances, you are required byt RBI to provide a declaration about the source of funds. So do check with the bank first.

  • Hi Narender, came here looking for the amount of time it takes for the transfer, found the answer in comments. Thanks only helpful article I found on the topic.

  • google adsense shows my Payment Receipt .but not transfered money in my sbi account yet.why??
    How many days does it takes to transfer money ??

  • Today 21,I get my payment slip by adsense .but fund not transfer in my account.is google take some time to transfer fund?

    • Yes it takes a few days as it is an International Transfer. Expect them to be in your account by the end of the month at the most.

    • You need to contact the branch only. They might be using the SWIFT of their head branch. Only they can help. Else open an account in a branch/bank which is ready to provide SWIFT.

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