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Nokia Reading: An Amazing service, Ditched by its own Master

Nokia is always known for bringing some out of the world services for its consumers. One of such service is Nokia Music and its success all over the world is a great achievement for Nokia. But it is just not the only attempt by Nokia to bring unique services for us. A similar service launched by Nokia last year, before the announcement of its first Windows Phone 8 device, ie., Nokia Lumia 920 was Nokia Reading. It is an eBook reader app, which not only allows you to download and read books, comics and novels from the app’s library, but also allows you to read your own DRM free EPUB or PDF Books. The app and the idea was good, given there is no such powerful app in Store, but reality is that, it was ditched by Nokia.

The app was announced last year on Nokia’s own blog, Nokia Conversations. It was to be launched first in UK, France and parts of Europe, and later in other countries. It was launched, and people appreciated it. But then, it was forgotten in the development of windows phone 8 devices, cameras, cameras and more cameras. The last update reported on the app page is of 13th December last year and supported device includes only those running Windows Phone 7.5.

The service and its future update ideas were marvelous. The service was to be made just like Nokia Music. Users had to make a monthly pass and they were free to download any book/comic/magazine available in library, free of cost. Moreover, the app featured News Streaming from leading News Website. It also allowed users to download the DRM free EPUB/PDF books they had on their PC to Phone via Skydrive (and maybe via USB in Windows Phone 8). This is something not provided by any app currently available in store. Just like Nokia Music, the app had to feature Local Store, to give users choices of books and magazines, more from their own area. All in all, it had to be the best Reading app for Nokia Lumia Users and in future, the best amongst all.

But why is that Nokia is not updating it regularly? I searched over internet and found that it may be due to some licensing & copyright issue. It may not be Nokia’s fault, thay could be bounded by rules and regulations. But then again, it’s hard to believe because they showed us how its done, with Nokia Music and I guess licensing rules are same for Books and Music, so why not with Nokia Reading? Atleast they should come forward and explain why they have stopped working on it and they should understand that Shooting and listening music are not the only thing people do on their smartphones. I have seen many people asking for good ebook reader and PDF reader for their windows phone. Their solution is present but they can’t really use it. I hope that folks in Nokia are reading this and will respond soon with a bang.

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