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LastPass is now Free on All Mobile Platforms for New Users

lastpass cross platformLastPass – the wonderful password management utility which we have recommended in past – is now absolutely free for new users who start using the service from their mobile devices. Same goes for the tablet users and desktop users were already included. That makes LastPass all free on every platform that it is available for. But wait, the Premium subscription is not gone and still holds value because the free version does not come with cross-device sync.

Free on Mobile, but Pay for Desktop (and Vice Versa)

So here’s how it works. If a new user signs up for LastPass via his mobile device. he will be able to enjoy password fill and sync across all his mobile devices, but unfortunately not the desktop or tablet. Similarly, if a user signs up for the service using his desktop, he’ll enjoy password and form fills across the browsers and other desktops, but not on the mobile device (after the 15 day trial ends).

For anybody interested in cross-platform usability and sync, he needs to purchase LastPass Premium which costs merely $12 a year and we believe the price is all good for the ease and usability that LastPass offers. Following are the features that the new revamped LastPass offers via its various plans:

LastPass Free

Enjoy LastPass for free on unlimited desktops OR unlimited smartphones OR unlimited tablets – wherever you get started. The same awesome password manager features are available to help you manage your logins and apps, organize your digital life, and improve your security online.

LastPass Premium: $12 / year

LastPass Premium is built around convenience and always having your passwords with you, on the go. To get the most out of your password manager, go Premium for unlimited sync across all devices. With Premium, you have access to a Shared Folder to conveniently share passwords with others. Also, add another layer of protection with Premium multifactor options, and get priority customer support.

LastPass Enterprise: $24 / year / user

LastPass Enterprise solves the password and Access Management problem for teams big and small. We offer a centralized, cost-effective and secure platform combining robust password vaulting tools and cloud Single Sign-On. With a unified Admin Console, AD integration, automated provisioning, and Shared Folders with customized permissions, LastPass Enterprise has all the tools your team needs to manage employee access and enforce a meaningful password security policy.

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