Installing Downloaded Apps (XAP/APPX) on Windows Phone 8.1

If you have updated to Windows Phone 8.1, you can now sideload apps to your phone with much lesser effort. You can now install downloaded apps (XAP and APPX files) on your Windows Phone even if your device does not have an SD card slot. This is a moment of rejoice for the owners of devices having no expansion slots (like Lumia 1020, 925, 920; etc) as now even they can enjoy downloading apps to PC and then install over to the phone. This is also helpful if you have multiple WP devices at your home and want to install the same app to all or them, or share the apps with a friend who has no data connection. There are numerous possibilities.

With Windows Phone 8.1, there is no limitation about where you place the downloaded XAP/APPX file. Be it in the root directory of SD card, a sub-folder or even the Phone Storage. Just drop your files anywhere inside your phone and they will be scanned by the Store App and then installed.

Transferring and Installing APPX/XAP files on Windows Phone

  1. Download apps or games from Windows Phone Store to your PC. You can follow this tutorial.
  2. Connect your Windows Phone to your PC via a Data Cable.
  3. Explore either the Phone Storage or SD card of your Windows Phone in the PC and copy over the downloaded APPX/XAP file anywhere (but I do suggest to make a separate folder called APPS so as to keep it organized)
  4. Disconnect the phone from PC and open Store app in your Phone
  5. Tap on the 3 dots at the bottom left to open up the menu. Then tap on Install Local Appsinstall local apps
  6. Select the apps that you want to install and finally tap on the install button at the bottom.
Some Tips:

  • You can also install outdated apps. Windows Phone will only update the changed portion of the app and not download the whole app again.
  • You need to have internet connectivity on your phone even if you want to install local apps. The apps are verified to be authentic before installing. This does not consume a lot of data.


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  • Please how can I download apps from my store. I’ve tried several time but keep saying cant connect to store.
    When I tried signing into my Microsoft account it not working out for me .
    I’m using Microsoft phone 8.1.please I nned your assistance.

    • Like me and many others, you can throw away your phone thanks to Bil for closing the App Store.
      I can understand that development has stopped, but I don’t understand why the App Store is not open.
      We do talk about climate change and wasting resources, but nobody cares about this destruction and we think it’s normal.
      I’m calling for a massive appeal to Microsofft to reopen the Store.

  • So Many enquiries on this page regarding Windows Phones.. Guys, just revert to Android phones.. atleast you have less problems to worry about…

    • Show me an Android Phone that has a 41 mega pixel camera and you’ll have my attention. Besides, I use Android on my customized Nexus 7 that I’ve had for 4 years. Stop flaming others for their choices and learn something.

  • Hello
    I have Lumia 720. I am trying to install Bookmyshow app as you suggested. I can see app there but can’t install. This app is not available in store now.
    Please help if anyone know how to install it.

  • Hi,I have Lumia 525 with wp 8.1.
    I need to install the game dungeon hunter 4 in xap it is showing in install local apps place but I cant install it showing attension required I have more than 2gb space in phone. how to install it? Plz help me

  • Should I switch off my phone before I see install local file in the store. Because I cant see it now and I downloaded dream league soccer.pls help

    • Am getting bored with this phone I need help seriously and you can personally chat me if you want to . I’m need help seriously .i wish I could talk to bill gates about his product . Nothing is working in my Lumia 640 neither the store or calls due to unlocking code

  • I have already downloaded asphalt 8 airborn on my Lumia 640 XL which was about 86 Mb, but when I enter the game its showing ( 0.00mb/0.00mb ) then brings ( internet is required ) even when my cellular data is on and very much active. How do I go about all this, I want to play the game

    • You might need WiFi to download the additional game data because Asphalt 8 can’t be shorter than 600-700MB.

  • my phone is lumia 640xl win 8 how could i do this on my phone cuz there is no such options like install local app

    • Hi Jay!
      What type of file is it? You can only install official and unpatched XAP files via Install Local Apps option. If it is patched/cracked, you need to deploy it to the phone using the XAP Deployment tool.

  • Hey narender….can I download dungeon hunter 4 from uc and can then it will be installed ?? Pls tell me

  • Did we have to install xap file from PC
    Or we can download from window phone and paste it into apps folder

  • I am using Nokia Lumia 730 , Windows 8.1 pro version , But it doesn’t have that facility. Totally Waste device. windows doen’t launch the apps like android.

    • Microsoft have removed this option. To download official xap file goto the link “’.

      Steps to download-
      1] Enter the URL of any app on the Windows Store and click submit.
      2] Now click on the download buttom.
      3] After download rename file to appropriate **.xap , **.appx or **.appxbundle before copying to phone.

  • I have download Ashphalt 8 in XAP file in my lumia 625.Then i opened store..clicked the dot…then i clicked install local Apps..then their Showing Ashphalt 8…i clicked install…But the problem is shows attention required again and again…every time i click attention but Same thing that happened…..i have cleared 4 gb to install it on my phone storage…Now i seems windows will kill us All…what can i do…pls anybody help me….I have no wifi connection too…

  • Mene pehale liya rha tab to Ho gya tha but ab mene vi unstal kar Diya and and new pc me download kiya tab bhi install local app option nhi aaa rha h and phir se vohi dubara cgek Kia but kiu option na aaata wtf is wp

  • There’s no install local on my wp store? I pushed the three dot and only three menu no “install local app”
    My phone Acer Liquid M220. Is there anyone can help? Thank you

    • Make sure that the file is a valid file.
      Make sure that it contains digital signature to install local apps.
      This digital signature cannot be downloaded from the internet.
      Also, Make sure that the file(.xap/.appx) is supported by your version and your phone.

      • I have lumia 540 with windows10 version but my app store not available option”install local app”
        Plz give solution in problem

  • Sagar you have to find the xap or appx file you want to install, save it in the root directory of sd card and wait for 2-3 minutes and open store. You will find the install local apps option…. Hope this helps

  • Hello Brother i am using Lumia 640 XL (Windows 8.1), i am trying to install local app but when i open Store and tap on Three dots i did not found “Install local apps” option.Even though i Hard reset my phone .Please help me.

  • Hey bro I got dream league soccer.xap file on my win 8.1 phone. The install local apps option come but it doesn’t install… I installed a .appx file and it installed… I cant find dream league soccer.appc file… Please help me… I also got a sd card

  • hey thank u sooooooo headache problem has been solved now. i was in tension that i was really unable to install .xap in my phone as it always said cant install company app.but i was unknwn about installing app going in store and from ‘instal local app’.now i am able to do the job.i did it.thank u very much for best explaining help with screenshot.thnk u very much

  • i dawnload 9apps in nokia lumia 520
    frome uc browser but my phone show searcj this app in nokia store .plz tell how i install

    • Copy the game file to the download folder and switch off ur phone.. Switch it back on… Turn net connection on.. Open store app… Wait till all the apps show up… Now click the three dots “…” If the procedure worked then it’ll have the option” install local apps” . If not , just try it again n again.. ( I had to do it 5 times just to get the option appear). also try clicking the xap/appx file through file manager.. It’ll probably show some error.. Then open the store app n click the three dots..
      hope this helps

  • guys if you have to install apps from local 1. dump the apps then have to restart the phone 2. wait for 3m just for store read sdcard to read for apps 3.go to apps store and tab on 3 dots … 4. install local

    if your apps is not their they are not compatible or expired

  • Well….
    On my Lumia 530 there is no option like install local apps….????
    Plz tell me another way to install .xap file…

  • I download ‘ brother in arms 3’ from a site… After that I found it in my a app store and start installing… But after sometime I got ‘ tap here attention required ‘… What is solution for this… Plz help

    • Use uc browser… Goto Download the app (xap/appx/appxbundle) move it to the download folder… And do the step 4 and later .. It works for small apps.. Beware… If you are downloading large files make sure your internet connection is never cut… Even some one calling you can ruin the download ( its what I think.. I was downloading asphalt 8 and my stupid friend called right when half the download was over n now I’m stuck with the option saying “attention required.. Tap here” )

  • Hey guys.. I just downloaded appx file for candy crush saga coz it wasn’t downloading from windows store… Store didn’t even show the local apps option.. N when I clicked the appx file it showed an error message saying ” cant install company app..”

  • Only appx or some apps supporting for out of dated installation. Some apps as line is shown as unsupported apps in offline installation.

  • I can download two games brothers in arms 3 and gt racing 2 but At the time of installation there is โ€˜attention requiredโ€™ command comes again and again .. So what should I do ??

  • bullshit,you can`t connect to store if you have not internet connection!
    why will i bother to install manualy if i have internet connection?
    the point is,teach us how to install the xap application without internet!

    • The whole point is that you do not need to download the full app. The store will only use a little data to verify the XAP file and will install it then. You can manually deploy XAPs to the phone but those XAPs need to be unsigned/cracked. Store apps will always require internet connection.

    • Duh.. You can’t… Its windows phone…. Not android… In windows it’ll have to add all apps on your phone to your app list (swipe left in download menu) which obviously requires an internet connection.. ๐Ÿ˜

  • I have.xap file of asphalt 8. Which is downloaded from windows store. But in install local apps I can’t find asphalt. All other files are visible

  • At the time of installation there is ‘attention required’ command comes again and again ..
    So what should I do ??

      • i had same problem…but do this when it asks install on sd card untick the option..and then tap yes
        it should work it worked for me…
        our is its says attention req. goto storage sense and change the app install from sdcard to phone..
        it will work

        • It still not working bro….i have brother in arms 3 for 616mb….is this also helpful for that type big apps?

      • pleas one app at a time only donot tap all of them and try to check your date some time it needs good connection too. i hop it will help if you can use wifi connection

  • I am a student at Hillcrest national technical school in Livingstone Zambia ,I take computer science which is my favourite subject seeing this file extension really excites me and thanks windows

  • thank you my dear friend.i was having a tiresome hour with my just unpacked lumia’s rocking bro

  • I have downloaded a game from uc browser and I have saved it in phone storage in lumia 925 but the store is not showing the option “install local apps” even though I have restarted the phone thrice
    What should I do to install the app

    • Which phone are you using? Try restarting it after copying the XAP and hopefully, the option would show up.

  • Can i download xap file through uc browser on my wp8.1 if yes , how? Because when i clicked a app in there it directed me to store..

    • Just set your uc browser at speed mode and then search the app you want on Google and open the web page of Drag to down and search for option “download and install manually” click on that and save to sd card or where ever you want to save you will see your download and that will be resume able

      • Got that already.. Now there is a new problem.
        I downloaded age of empire through uc but it is not showing in local apps.

  • I am unable to install XAP’s into “nokia lumia 1020” windows phone 8.1. It displays a message “INVALID XAP”. Please help me to install the same. These apps are not downloaded from store.
    I have failed to install through windows SDK 8.0 tool and also through local store. I badly need your help.

  • dude, i applied ur technique nd it almost workd. bt whatever app i dwnload, it says ‘there is a prblm with ths company app. pls cntct ur cmpany’s supprt persn.’

  • hey i have downloaded the apps and i have put them on my SD card but when i try to install them, it says that they are out of date….i need help please!!

  • when i manualy install any xap in my microsoft lumia 535 this message appear There`s is a problem with this company app connect your company for yo solve this problem?

  • Xap files are not recognised but appx bundle files are recognised by my Lumia 730 denim so I am not able to install xap files.I stored it on my sd card in a separate folder

  • my tablet intel inside model zoostormSL8i75 in the store i cant see 3 dots and i dont know where is the store setting please help me

  • sir,
    when i install the any app it says there is an error :-800b0100 and the app wont install but it will be displayed in the list pls help …………………….am using lumia 630 ,windows 8.1

  • from windows phone store. n my 925 is also updated to lumia cyan. n how to create a new folder? i m a new wp user..:/

  • After downloading the .xap file i still can’t find the “install local app” in wp store app on my Lumia 925

  • I have a windows 8.1 phone.
    When I try to install an app it says that there is a problem with my Microsoft account.
    Please help me

  • I have downloaded gt-racing 2 in l520 in sd card now I want to move this game in my another frndz Lumia 520 so I removed my sd card and inserted in frndz 520 but it is not showing in his phone
    I want to move that game in my friend phone what should I do??? Reply me on my gmail address plzzzzzzz
    [email protected]
    Or [email protected]

    • As it doesn’t seem that you downloaded the XAP directly, it is not possible to transfer the app to his phone. Ask him to download from the store directly.

  • How to keep uninstalled app on my sd card & install it whenever I want??? And how to share apps to other Lumia phone?? Pls tell

    • Just keep the XAP to your SD card. But it won’t work in case a newer version of the same app has been uploaded to the store.

  • hello sir i using application deployment tool lekin jab mai app deplt karta hu to xap file invalid show karta hai ye kya problem h

  • i have tried installing the manually downloaded the xap file, which was downloaded from the windowsphone store, but then when I searched in local apps , i am unable to find them, and shows only some apps,
    I’m new to windows phone, could any one help me..?? please..

  • After I download the apps from torrent, it do not open… Could not open contact company… Bla bla..
    What is this problem???
    Can you help

    • Apps downloaded from torrents are generally cracked. So they need to be deployed using the XAP Deployer and not via the Store.

  • I hava downloaded an x box app from a website(app 4 smart)…and I put it on the sd card…the store cannot identify that app…

  • hi, i am using lumia 820 and there is a prob in fb after updating my phone to win 8.1 there is not showing the tag “via windows phone” below the uploded image as before.what could i do for that resolution.

  • hi i purchased lumia 1020 ,all the required apps are paid in store ,from wer can i get these free apps???
    photoshop noise reduction pack
    moliplayer pro
    fantastic painter

    plz help…..

    • In-app purchases won’t be available for free anywhere. Other apps, just search as I’m gonna support the developers and would recommend to buy an app that helps you.

  • How downloaded apps or inbuilt apps are share with other window phone ???
    Tell me the app for make backup of installed apps in sd card
    N also app for sharing iinstaed apps ???? Pls

    • If you’ve downloaded the XAP manually, you’d be able to share it, else not.
      You cannot make any backup of apps in Windows Phone. However, you can install the apps to the SD card.
      You cannot share installed apps other than sharing the app installation link.

  • I have a big problem now after downloading the xap file .i just checked the store and just open the Install local apps.and when I was trying to install the game it just stoped in middle and says ‘attention required ,Tap again’ and after trying several time it repeated the same… Please any one tell me now what to do. I have lost 100mb now..

  • I have a big problem now after downloading the xap file .i just checked the store and just open the Install local apps.and when I was trying t to install the game it just stoped in the again and again but it always stops in middle.. Please any one tell me w what to do.

    • Yeah. I do apologize about that. I’ll however continue trying and will update if I manage to get it to work.
      those apps which I had are like 7-8 months old and probably the OS does not allow installation of such old apps. I’ll download some new ones today and wait for them to get updated in the store.

    • Gbola, I’m sorry that it took me so long. I am busy with my exams.
      I did try installing some outdated apps that I had in my PC, but unfortunately, they didn’t appear at all under Install Local Apps, installation being too far fetched. Microsoft either has made changes to how the local apps are installed or my version of Windows Phone (developer preview) has some issues.
      Keeping this into account, it won’t be wrong to say that outdated apps cannot be installed. I will edit the post soon to remove that part ๐Ÿ™

  • I have downloaded fifa 15 ut xap file through torrent. But when I go for installing it from “install local apps”, can not find in the list. Checked internet also still not wrking. Can anyone help me?

    • Cracked apps cannot be installed this way. You need to use XAP deployed to deploy cracked/patched apps. This is only for the original apps from store.

      • I have heard there is a new update coming to Lumia devices. As I am using Lumia 1320, does it hav any updtes coming? And what are the features, if so?

        • Yes. Lumia Denim will be the next update after Cyan. You can check out the full features of Lumia Denim in this official blog post.

  • I downloaded the XAP files for my 830 outdated apps with some new apps. All the apps appear in the โ€œinstall local appsโ€ section as expected but I couldnt install the outdated apps. It gives me error always: โ€œWe seem to be experiencing technical difficulties. Pls wait a little while, then try again. if the problem continues, try restarting your phone. This error code helpful: 80070057โ€ณ. I have waited so many while and even restarted my phone so many times. Can you help me out? Thanks alot

  • I try to download some games in but when i clicl on 3 doots and click on instal local files i need to buy The game.
    Lumia 1020

    • You need to buy the paid apps and games while installing from the store. There is no way to get past that ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I have downloaded many apps and games using uc browser in my 520, but when i tried “install local apps” it doesn’t show all the apps, it shows only some apps. I installed them and deleted the installed app files in sd card and leaves the other uninstalled apps. then i again tried “install local apps” it doesnt show any apps , it just scans and remains blank, but i have apps in my sd card. PLS help me sir. I tried by changing the folder containg the app and even renamed the folders. but no use…..

  • I’ve been doing what you said for 3 weeks and still not shown / xap file in root / then I tried to move it to every where in the phone / idk what to do

    • I’m not sure what to advice. You’ve followed the correct procedure and it is still not working. Were the apps downloaded from only?

      • i think that it needs some short of software update cause on start screen wp 8.1 gives permission to make folders
        but i cant make folders on start screen and as discussed above dont have the option install local apps but the box and everything has printed that its running on wp 8.1 please reply

        nokia lumia 1020

        • Ability to create folders was not introduced with Cyan, instead it requires the WP8.1 Update 1 which will be included with the Lumia Denim software update.
          Install Local Apps should’ve appeared in Windows Phone. Did you place the apps to the root of your phone memory i.e. copied the XAPs to the Phone Memory without making any folders?

  • Install local apps not showing in the store it was showing before then it’s gone I can’t install any apps from SD Plz Help.

    • Place the downloaded apps to the root of your SD card, restart your phone, wait a few minutes and then check again ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hello, I am having a problem. When I press the dots, there is nothing but “settings” on it. It is not showing “install local apps” at the bottom. Can you please help?

    • Few questions:
      1. From where did you download the XAP/APPX file? Only apps from store work.
      2. Where did you copy it on your phone? Specific Location
      3. Have you tried after a restart?
      4. Are you connected to the internet?

      • i have downloaded from wp store and i restart wp but it won’t work but my internet connection is still on….. and what root of sd card please clear wher i have t place the xap file in my lumia …in internal or external storage ….i have a nokia lumia 630ds … please help me

  • Hey there,
    I am using nokia lumia 1020.
    When I open the store and click on the menu button, it shows only options i.e., my apps, downloads and settings.
    It is not showing the “install local apps” button as you said.
    Can you please help…??

    • Can you try again after a restart? Where have you copied the xap files? Were they downloaded from the WP Store or from somewhere else?

    • nokia lumia 630 Download and install manually enquiry then store for 3 app so (1) My Apps (2) download (3) Settings Not for local apps so please send enquiry.

  • hi Narendra Singh i recently purchased a nokia lumia 520 could you send me please some cracked .xap of some software such as whatsapp, oxford advance learner dictionary, file explorer and other which would you like i should use.

    • Dinesh, WhatsApp, File Explorer and Dictionary apps are already available in the Store so you will not need their cracked versions for any reason. Try searching for your favorite apps in store.

  • If I download amazing Spiderman . Xap file (paid) on computer and install it on my windows phone 8.1(updated) Lumia 525 will it work. Please help me.

    • If downloaded from the WP Store, it will be installed, but as a trial. If trial is not available, you will be needed to pay for it.
      If you’ve downloaded a cvracked app, then you need to use this method to deploy it.

  • I downloaded the XAP files for my 820 outdated apps with some new apps. All the apps appear in the โ€œinstall local appsโ€ section as expected but I couldnt install the outdated ones. It gives me error always: โ€œWe seem to be experiencing technical difficulties. Pls wait a little while, then try again. if the problem continues, try restarting your phone. Inquiring minds might find this error code helpful: 80070057โ€ณ. I have waited so many while and even restarted my phone so many times. Can you help me out? Thanks alot

  • I downloaded the XAP files for my 820 outdated apps with some new apps. All the apps appear in the “install local apps” section as expected but I couldnt install the outdated ones. It gives me error always: “We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties. Pls wait a little while, then try again. if the problem continues, try restarting your phone. Inquiring minds might find this error code helpful: 80070057”. I have waited so many while and even restarted my phone so many times. Can you help me out? Thanks alot

  • narindr sir
    when I tried to open wpv xapp deployer in my windows 8.1 computer… does not starts help……….and can install local apps which are paid in store…….plz reply soon

  • I have an important query with u…
    I have Lumia 520 , and it updated with Lumia black software with windows 8.1… But I want to update it on Lumia cyan update… How I’ll do it… Plz rpl with process and steps to do it… Plz rpl as soon as possible…

    • For these low end devices, there is hardly anything that the cyan update brings besides what is included in WP8.1, do that will just be of no benefit.
      If you still need it, you need to install it using the Nokia Software Recovery Tool which will delete all data on your phone and will reset it to factory settings. Or otherwise you can wait more for MS to issue the update to devices updated via PFD.

  • Hey hiii Narendra…. I have a query with u…. I have Lumia 520, it is a windows 8.1 phone… I installed some apps in sd card and some apps in phone storage… But when I connect my phone to computer… Then in my computer.. I show my phone but I never find my apps files in my phone storage and sd card storage… Only music. Videos. Etc showed but I never find my apps file in my storage… How can I find them??? Plz rpl…

    • You cannot find then because they are not user accessible. Windows Phone stores your apps and games in a separate encrypted portion of your phone memory or the SD card.

  • Hey Narender! I followed your tutorials for my nokia lumia 925. I downloaded an app called Daddy was a thief (game) and uploaded it on the software but when i press deploy this message comes up:
    Error – Deployment Optimization failed with error ”Unable to read input file.”. Please ensure that input XAP is not optimized for device already.

    what should i do here? btw i have windows 8.1 and i didnt try the chinese one yet!

    • Where did you download the XAP from? A signed XAP from the store will never deploy onto the device. Same is for the unoptimized ones.

  • I want to backup my all installed apps as xap file.
    As I have downloaded many apps in my phones , and I was thinking to transfer to my other phone
    That’s why I asked u?
    Well I have already done this in my android phone very easily.
    And in android phone, it doesn’t need internet connection to install apk file from local storage.

    • Windows Phone is very different from Android and unfortunately, there is no practical way to backup the app or it’s contents. You need to re-download everything once you reset your mobile or change to another one.

  • Hey bro ,
    I have downloaded xap file from uc browser but there is no option for install local apps. I even restart my phone but there is no option. So please please please help me.
    Lumia 630

    • Do you have Windows Phone 8.1? Where did you save the XAP (save it in the root of your SD)? Where did you download the XAP from (only original files from are supported).
      If all is good, restart your phone and checking store again.

  • Hello , ihave instlled 8.0 on my lumia 920 , and now i download mini sdk and xap deployer 2.0 now when i open xap deployer i wait couple second and there is some window and says that windows cant open this app , by other side i open ap deployment which come with sdk and it cant open it says some files missing from my comp ????? what to do i need to play gta sa on my lumia ๐Ÿ™

  • am using lumia 625 win 8.1 & “install local app” option does not appear in store. plz help
    thanx in advance

  • hey narendar ….could i hav ur no. pls, i hav lot mch doubt abt windows phone.if u giv it it would be esy 4 me 2 contact u in wat’s app

  • Actually old XAPs are not being installed. Can u get any solution for this? Six-Guns, Trial Xtreme 3, Benji Bananas, Asphalt 8, Battle Monkeys, Kindoms-Lords. Using L520 WINDOWS PHONE 8.1 (UPDATED)

  • The phone does actually show up in My Computer, and I can see some folders, but they are alle empty.

    I have the windows 8.1 update installed (with the developer preview app), and I use a windows 7 ultimate laptop.

  • Hey Narender,

    I downloaded the Windows Phone Mini SDK, but if I run the tool after installed it succesfully, it keeps saying unable to connect to a phone, and that I have to make sure the Windows Phone over IP Over USB Transport is running. But if I check that in the taskmanager it’s running without any problems…

    What can I do?

    I’m trying to sideload an older version of whatsapp on my new Lumia 1020, which I bought about a week ago, and the app is nowhere to be found in the store, and in here everybody seems to use whatsapp…

    • Hey
      Does your phone show up in My Computer/ Computer and can you access the files?
      I could understand your frustration about WhatsApp. It was running fine and i am sure its their personal issue rather than an issue with Notifications.

    • Yep it works. I have 11 installed XAPs. After installing 10, I moved one to SD> Removed SD> Installed 11th and it works.

    • They only demoed it on the Emulator. However, to deploy on a real device, you don’t need an Emulator. But again, Max 2 apps without a Developer Account ๐Ÿ˜›
      Wait up! I’ll check this SD thing by evening.

    • I just tried that Chinese tool and it actually pushed the limit to more than 2. I have 5 installed now and they all are okay ๐Ÿ˜›

  • i have tried it before but i couldn’t use it.
    i’ve heared that with xap deployer 10 apps can be installed but it needs emulator.i couldn’t install emulator on my pc.can u help me how to install emulator?

  • it seems that cracked apps could not be installed this way. do u know how to install cracked apps???

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