10 Important and Must have Gadgets for Professional Bloggers

blogThe definition of blogging has totally changed in the present scenario. Nowadays it’s not just about writing about the stuff you love as a hobby. There are terms like Pro-bloggers, Tech-Bloggers etc which hint blogging has gone beyond the definition of a hobby and is a full-fledged profession now. To keep up with the latest updates all the bloggers are taking advantage of the latest technology. There are a lot of cool gadgets around to increase productivity in bloggers with the help of technology. If you’re a blogger, here is a list of top 10 must have gadgets for you to improve your work style.

1.  SmartPhone

A Smart phone is a must have gadget that a blogger should carry all the times. You should always have a good data plan to have good internet access with your smart phone. It will allow you to keep up with the latest stories in your blogging segment. An iPhone or a latest Android device will do the work.

2. Laptop or Netbook

Computing is an essential stuff in a blogger’s life, at the same time portability can’t be compromised. If you are a professional blogger, you must carry a laptop. You can also consider buying a light weight Netbook like Apple Mac Air for better portability while going around.

3. Digital Camera

If you attend product launch events to cover latest product stuff, you should get a digital camera. If your smart phone comes with a good camera, you can consider avoiding this gadget. Otherwise, a digital camera will allow you to shoot quality stills and videos to publish.

4. Internet Data Card

A Data card will help you to get good internet access in the no Wi-Fi zones. It’s good to carry around a high speed data card with your laptop or netbook when you are traveling around. You must buy a data card even if you are having an internet plan in your mobile phone.

5. External Hard Disk

All the bloggers must have an external hard drive to back up their important data. Cloud services are also a good option, but these services are less dependable than an external hard drive.

6. Tablet

A tablet is not really a must have device but it might come in handy when you are reading something for a blog post. You can also use it to approve and write comments and do a bit of social sharing while taking a break from your laptop.

7. External Keyboard

Typing on a keyboard with hard keys will reduce your productivity and your fingers will cry for help. To improve your writing speed you should buy a comfortable yet effective keyboard. You might be looking for trendy keyboards, but don’t forget to check if typing on them will be easy or not.

8. Headphones

Many bloggers love to write blog posts while listing to soothing music. If you are one of these guys then go get yourself a headphone with great audio quality.

9. Audio Recorder or Mic

If you upload videos to your YouTube channel with reviews of the products then you should buy a quality audio recorder. Your visitors will be thanking you for a great audio quality in your video reviews for sure.

10. Entertainment Device

Well the last thing is really necessary for all the bloggers. Always find some time from your busy schedule to freshen up your mind with some entertainment devices. If you love to play games then go for a gaming console. The main idea here is to relax your body from the heavy blogging work using some entertainment devices.

Do you have another better device to recommend? Speak your mind through the comments below.

This is a guest article written by Sanjay Kumar Negi. He works at as a professional writer.

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