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Hide Private Photos and Videos on Lumia and other Windows Phones

Everyone has some confidential pictures and videos which shouldn’t be viewed by anyone else. But sadly Windows Phone does not provide any native application or interface to hide those very confidential (or dirty 😛 ) photos and videos. By default, all the photos and videos will be listed in the appropriate library and anyone having access o the phone can view them. So what to do? How to hide those private pictures and videos?

Private Hub is a Windows Phone app which comes for the rescue. It is capable of locking/hiding your important/confidential/private photos/videos, contacts, passwords and bank accounts with a password which makes it impossible for anyone else to view them.

Private Hub can import your pictures and videos from your Skydrive account or from your PC (PC application is required). You can also import pictures directly from your Picture Hub along with the capability of clicking and locking directly from the camera (if you run the camera from within the app).

All you need to do is to install the app> open it with the temporary password> Swipe to the right to enter the settings> Set your required settings and also a new password. Now you’re ready to use the application to hide your private files.

The application can be found on the Windows Phone Store here and costs $3.99 (INR 210), but a free trial is also available for you to test it before buying.


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  • Dont worry its simple as that.
    Method 1) download default file manager from store. Open the file manager and choose the file by holding the file . tap on rename then change the extention of file to abcd, xyz etc. , that cannot recogonised as a vido or photo format. Now check the video or photo session on your phone. you cannot see the renamed file . got it!.
    Method 2) Move your videos or photos to Ringtune Folder. All the stuffs are now cleared from the videos and photo gallery.

  • In the Microsoft Lumia all models are not user friendly. it will not support what’s app to upload photos or videos and to hide photos. kindly make sure that all activities should be use friendly to the customer. and the problem with microsoft is whatever the app customer try to install its all costly comparing with Android.

  • On Nokia Windows Mobile I found that if you add .hidden after the file name with file extension and the file doesn’t show in the gallery either it is video or jpeg file. if you want to open it again just rename it and delete added extension i.e. (.hidden). Now file is ready to play again, it works .

  • Try the “Instead of hiding photos, be honest with your partner App” it’s less hassle and you will not need to use the “Sad pathetic app” when she kicks your arse out being a liar and cheat.

  • if u wana hide videos than connect ur phone to pc and after browse for videos on ur sd card or phone memory right click on video which u want to hide go to properties set it to hidden,,,,done now dat file wont show in phone…

  • if u wana hide videos than connect ur phone to pc and after go for videos which u want to hide right click on that video which u want to hide go to properties set it to hidden,,,,done now dat file wont show in phone…

    • You need to save them to the pictures folder or else wait for the coming WhatsApp update where you’ll be able to share directly from File Managers.

  • Ultimate locker do’s the right job it copies the files then stores sepratly then we can delet those files from phone or SD card

  • Right it’s impossible to hide wats app videos in windows phone.can anyone help me to sort out this issue?plzzzzzzzzz

    • After receving your video message just open it and rename it by adding .hidden after file name and extension either it is Windows phone or Android it works. When you will try to open it without removing added extension it will show no app is able to open it. When you wish to open it again, just remove the added extension. It doesn’t show anywhere with added extension. It doesn’t need any app to hide files. I think it will work for you surely.

  • I hide some pics in my lumia 730 by connecting it to PC then after that I tried all the ways but I didn’t find them back , can anybody help me out to find them.

  • Download pocket file manager .. Using it u hv to move ur prsnl pics nd vdos into doc. Folder then dlt original pic from picture hub … Now nobody can see ur personal pic or vdo … U can also protect ur file

  • Firstly wp8 or any windows phone doesnt support 3rd party app integration especially for videos, so there’s no way you can hide them. You can hide pictures though using apps like photolock, lock and hide. Actually its like copying pasting the pics and then deleting the original from photo hub. If you want personal videos to be hidden then better shoot videos from the app itself, thats the only way but you wont be able to hide downloaded or shared videos

  • i was So Close to download This App.. but before i download i just read d All comments And i read its all fail To Secure there private Video and pictures .. So i stop myself to Download this Stupid App.. I want a secure app for my all private videos and pictures… if u have this kid of any app than let me know else dont make stupid guideence to all

  • Does not work …It does not import existing videos I tired it on Lumia 620….
    has any one tried importing existing videos ???

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