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10 Ways to Get Free Virtual Credit Card (VCC) in India

VCC or Virtual Credit Card is a prepaid credit card or you can also call it as a debit card because there’s no credit facility on it actually. These virtual cards are good for online usage as even if the card information is compromised, the hacker cannot use them beyond the loaded balance and the preset daily usage limits.

These days a lot of online wallets are offering a virtual credit card to make their wallets more flexible and usable across multiple merchants. Even the banks are offering disposable one-time prepaid cards to their customers to keep them safe from frauds. Here’s a look at some of these services which offer a free virtual card or in some cases even a physical card to their users.

Apps & Services Providing Virtual Cards

The following apps and services are open for just anyone to use. The most one would need is a dedicated account on the specific service which can be instantly opened by providing a few details.

1. Pockets Wallet by ICICI Bank

Pockets is a convenient wallet service backed by the trust of ICICI bank. Anybody can signup and make use of Pockets wallet and being an ICICI Bank customer is no compulsion. A free virtual visa credit card is offered with the wallet which can be used to make payments across all online merchants in India. Other than that, Pockets also offers an option to get a physical card link to the wallet, however, the yearly fees applies for that. The advantage of a physical card is that it can then be used at offline retailers as well.

Pockets also brings a range of shopping offers from time to time, some of them which are exclusive to users of the Pockets card.

2. Udio Wallet

Udio is a new age wallet, similar to ICICI pockets. The wallet offers a free virtual visa card which can be used on nearly all online stores in India. Udio also provides a physical card for a fees (which varies from time to time). Having a physical card allows you to shop at offline merchants as well. Both the virtual card as well as the physical card are issued by Udio in partnership with RBL Bank. Udio continues to run numerous promotions which can be availed by customers to earn cashback or special discounts.

Virtual card of Udio Wallet
Udio Virtual Card

Money can be loaded into Udio wallet via a credit/debit card or Netbanking of your bank. You can also make use of an Udio cashpoint to load your wallet using cash. However, the cash points are rare and not available everywhere.

Udio supports all standard features of a digital wallet, such as: sending or receiving money from other udio users & withdrawing money to a bank account.

3. Slonkit

Slonkit does not offer a virtual card, instead a physical card, I’m still keeping it here because it is a nice offering. Slonkit is targeted at parents having young children. It offers a free prepaid Visa Credit Card which is re-loadable by using the Slonkit app. The idea is to teach money management to youngsters. The app offers mobile recharges, tracking of spends (card transactions) and the creation of budgets for money-saving. The app also bundles a range of offers from various merchants.

slonkit card
Slonkit physical card

Although targeted at children and parents, the service can be used by anyone (18+ users are supported too) to get a free visa debit card which is re-loadable as per wish and usable anywhere across India, online and offline. The cards can be instantly blocked for when some theft happens. However, it is not possible to withdraw money from an ATM using Slonkit Visa cards.

Get Slonkit

4. Lime Wallet by Axis Bank

lime wallet logoLime wallet by Axis Bank is a wallet service similar to Pockets wallet by ICICI Bank. A free virtual credit card (called Shopping Card) powered by MasterCard is offered to the users of wallet service. The card can be used at any online merchant in India with no international usage allowed.

Although not available yet, Axis Bank is working on offering a physical card connected to the wallet which will make it possible to shop at offline stores.

5. Union Bank Digipurse Wallet

Union Bank also offers its wallet service similar to Pockets wallet. The app is more of a virtual bank account which can be loaded from a normal credit/debit card and then the wallet’s card can be used to make payments anywhere, domestic or international. Yes, international. Know more about Digipurse Wallet here.

6. Oxigen Wallet Prepaid Cardoxigen wallet logo circle

Oxigen Wallet is a popular wallet app which is known for running exclusive cashback offers from time to time. The oxigen wallet offers a free virtual visa card which can be used to make purchases on any shopping portal within India. Know more about Oxigen Wallet here.

7. Entropay Virtual Visa Card

Not based in India, but Entropay has been around since long. The service offers free virtual visa cards which are international. Although they do carry a high loading commission, but Entropay is probably the only virtual card service which is open to anybody and is usable internationally. You can generate any number of cards and can even transfer funds from one card to the other.entropay card virtual

Entropay does not support the 3D verification (VBV/MSC) and hence majority of Indian merchants will not accept it. Know more about Entropy here.

7. FreeCharge Go MasterCard (Temporarily Unavailable)

Update: FreeCharge Go card is unavailable for a few months already. We do not know when or if ever it will come back.

FreeCharge is an online recharge and bill payment facility which is now owned by Snapdeal. Recently freecharge expanded the usability of its wallet by offering users a free virtual card (called Freecharge Go card) powered by Yes Bank and MasterCard which can be used across any online merchant; eBay, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon or anywhere you want to. 3D code authentication is done during the card usage by sending an SMS to the phone number registered with FreeCharge.freecharge go mastercard

To get the card,

  1. Signin to FreeCharge account or create a new account.
  2. Go to Account section and choose FreeCharge Go MasterCard.
  3. Enter a 4 digit PIN and your card is ready.
  4. Load your wallet and start using!

Virtual Cards Provided By Banks

Besides the services listed above, there are many banks which offer virtual card services to their customers. Most of these cards are use-and-throw types and automatically expire after 1 transaction or 24-48 hours.

1. Kotak Mahindra Bank Netcard

kotak netcard

Kotak Mahindra Bank customers can avail the free Kotak NetCard (or Netc@rd). The service is powered by Enstage and the provided VCCs only work internationally as they do not support secondary verification in the form of 3D secure code. If you want to shop or pay for something to international merchants who do not need 3D authentication, Kotak NetCard is a nice option. It cannot be used on PayPal due to its limit of only 1 successful transaction.

2. SBI Virtual Card

State Bank of India customers can log into their NetBanking account to generate free virtual cards starting from ₹100 up till ₹50,000. The card expires after 1 successful transaction and/or 48 hours since card creation. SBI virtual cards can only be used domestically, Transactions are approved by sending a text to your registered mobile number.

3. HDFC Bank NetSafe

HDFC Bank also offers virtual credit cards to its customers through its NetSafe interface. The lifetime of the card is 48 hours of 1st transaction (whichever is earlier).

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  • Great Piece of article buddy,

    I want to ask something,

    I just created an online account on Kotak811 but netcard option is not available it shows that it is under maintenance. I’ve complete Aadhar OTP verification. Will I have to complete biometric verification too, to get a netcard?

  • I want to buy servers from usa based company. It only accepts cards that dont hv any otp or 3d secure. Bu they do ask initially to verify the card by charging little money. My SBI cards getting declined. Do u know Any other cards that allow direct debit without any otp stuff.

    • Hi Jeannette, you’ll hear that type of responses from PSU banks. For minimal needs, you can check out the Kotak 811 account. As per my knowledge, the Virtual Debit card offered with it works internationally too 🙂

    • Hi Arup, the Kotak NetCard does not support 3D authentication. So, it will only work on sites which do a direct debit and also do not deduct a card verification charge.

  • hi I tried entropay but I guess it is no more applicable from India. Can you help? I need to buy some products from aliexpress but it just doesn’t accept any of my international debit card

    • Can you check with your bank that your international debit card is enabled for international transactions? AliExpress supports 2FA authentication via VBV or MSC. So, it should work fine on any bank’s card which is enabled for international usage.

      • I contacted them twice & they said it should work as international transaction is enabled on it…I also informed that the site Aliexpress is not accepting it saying my bank declined the payment. But they could not give me any solution. 🙁

  • Moderator Edit:
    The claims made in this comment are not validated. PaidKiya team has replied to her comment, however, there is no further update from the user. Also taking into account the fact that this article had nothing to do with PaidKiya, it could be a false statement left by the user.

    Original Comment:
    I got Scammed by Paidkiya. The website was itself an scam based on the way they have done the copy Of another site. But when I was not able to trust & was in dire need, I contacted the owner Mungla on his mobile number which he had provided on his website in about us section. He told me go ahead and make payment & he will transfer money in 2 hours.

    Its 9 days. And he is not picking up the phone. the total money lost was 1lakh 20 thousand.
    the website is & they are scammers.
    I am filling police complaint today.

    • That’s really unfortunate Surbhi. I wish you all the luck and I hope your money comes back to your account.
      Please do contact the payment gateway which processed your transaction if it was paid over the internet. They might still have the ability to reverse it. In case you paid via NEFT/IMPS, then it is going to be a really hard task.

    • Surbhi vekariya,

      I am from paidkiya support team, I know this is a fake review about us. Ther is no user like name of Surbhi Vekariya. share your contact detail we can do police complaint against you.

      Anyone can call us any time we give you answer.

      This is total fake review.

    • Yes you can, but it will differ from website to website. For example, some websites first deduct a small card verification charge (~$1, refundable) and then make the actual charge. Since NetSafe is a 1-time use card, it will stop working after the verification charge is made.
      Similarly, AliExpress these days asks you to verify your card by providing a photo of the card and a copy of card statement. This is whenever you make a bigger transaction (higher of $5). In this case, again, the NetSafe will not work for you.

  • Thanks for sharing information, You should also include neteller card. Currently I am using Neteller Net+ virtual credit card, it works in almost all sites.

  • Udio has serious acceptability issues. For example you cannot recharge your phone or DTH using Udio VCC on Payzapp.

    • There is none that I am aware of. If you find one, please do let me know as well 🙂 I’ve ended up ordering products from Amazon India for all the international cards I had.

  • Hey man, sorry to bother you but I genuinely don’t have time to consuct my own research. I need a card that works internationally and the verification should also be simple, I plan to build my business on that card, so I random technical issues are big no. Could you please tell me if entropay is the best option, or are there other alternatives? Digibank gives an international card but it works only for select cities in India(the verification agent comes for biometric verification)

  • hello mate,

    Do u no any apps which enable me to do free wallet to bank transfer?
    apart from paytm, fc, and mobikwik

    • You can check out Zeta Wallet, PhonePe, DigiBank, Pockets & PayZapp. I believe that all of these offer free transfers to banks. However, please do confirm at your own end before initiating a transaction.

    • The card from my account continues to work. Some do mention that it doesn’t work. And these are the ones who do not have a verified PayPal account. So that can be one thing to take into account. You can try and see if it works for you 🙂

  • Hi Narender,

    Need help..
    I want a virtual card like FreeCharge used to offer… FreeCharge has stopped the service for over two months now… All other available wallets are either complicated, do not work as good as FreeCharge.
    Any idea how soon FreeCharge virtual card will be up and running

    • FreeCharge, umm.. They have no answers to when the card will be enabled again. And I wouldn’t guess without any information available.
      The wallets are just slightly more complicated. I don’t think they will be too hard to get used to. Maybe give Pockets or Zeta wallet another try?

  • I am using paydeck for paying my rent & my childs tuition fees on credit card. They are first & only smooth Indian credit card payment mechanism I have encountered in last couple of days. I came to know about them in quora. loved the way they deal with customers & payments are sent in 2 days to my landlord bank account without his involvement. I liked it.
    Only thing is they are charging 2.5% per transaction. I crossed checked & found that its near by the cash advance fees which banks charge on credit card cash advance, anything between 2.5% to 3.5%. PS: I am just loving it so my comment. nothing to promote them.

      • mr Narendra,
        I have same issue…and i have a quest that cant i use Entrophy vcc for purchasing app from apple store???

        • You cannot. iTunes store will not accept the entropay VCC with an Indian billing address. It requires a card with indian billing address.

          • mr Narendra
            could you please tell me the way to purchase apps from apple store. I only have a bebit card of SBI which is not working.

            • Is it an international card? You can try turning on International Usage from netbanking and then using your card on iTunes.

  • Can I use Free charge go mastercard for purchasing products on international websites? Can I attach it to paypal for the same purpose?

  • debit card must be enabled for global ecomm,offline transaction . ask your banker. some government banks also has separate application form for this type of card . my classsic visa debit card issused by my bank was denied by paypal. then accidently i read a blog by an india based blogger who told that my bank issues a specific debit card for this. then I applied. got in 2 days. just rs 100/year . then tried in paypal . denied again like the classic debit card . but entropay accepted it. i then funded paypal indirectly. point is ask your banker specifically for a card that allows cross currency ecommerce transaction. ie a EMV debit c ard.

  • (saket and narendar) I used my visa gold debit card (not credit card) and entropay virtual credit card to fund paypal. i am sure this will work for all as well. this global debit card is not from icici or big bank or govt bank. this card is just rs 100 per year . this info that this card works for international payments was given by a blogger . hence I bought the card this week. entropay VCC number is free. we have to fund above usd 5 plus 5pct plus 2 pct

    • Hi Vinodh, I am aware of the fact that international cards from most of our banks will work on international portals. But they are limited since most of the gateways don’t have VBV/MSC implementation.
      This article discusses the cards which work on PayPal & Google Wallet without needing any workarounds. The issue with Entropay is first of all the fees. Then you cannot verify your card if the merchant asks for verification by submitting card statement (with billing address) and a picture of card.

  • hi i need a virtual card with billing address – this is subject now let me detail it
    1st i need a virtual card visa or master card only
    2nd i need billing address it is asked when i make a purchase from microsoft
    A billing address is the address connected to a specific credit or debit card
    and i can add funds to the card only through online banking “SBI”
    if u can suggest me a card or website that would be very helpfull

  • Hi do you know for any virtual card that is accepted by BING ads? I’m looking for this kind solution. appreciate your help.


  • Entropay is not working with Apple store anymore. It says we need an Indian card. Really sad that Digipurse did not live long. For students like me it is impossible to apply for a credit card or apply for accounts at multiple banks.

    • Actually, these cards are issued without any name or address. You can however input any name and it will be the one printed on the virtual cards.
      I’ll try finding Skype time with you tomorrow.

  • Hii narender

    I am looking virtual credit card for bingads i have already tried with so many banks vcc no one is working .
    I need vcc like we can use any name or billing address and indian currency so which bank provide me these thing in vcc
    Please help me out

  • Hey Narender, Do you know for sure that the NetC@rd by Kotak would work with International Txn (AppStore/PlayStoredev accounts too? ) since there’s no vbv? What would happen if I am to be refunded or stuff?

    • They will work internationally, but not for your kind of usage. Why? Because the NetC@rd can only be used for 1 transaction. App Store, as well as the Play Store, would deduct an initial verification charge to approve the card before deducting the actual amount for the purchase. So, in such a case only the first transaction (verification) will complete while the second will fail.

  • Hello Narender,

    How can I verify my PayPal Accounts using my Canara Bank Rupee Debit Card? It is not acceptable. Can U suggest something else?
    Awaiting an early reply please. Thanks & regards,

  • Hi Narender,
    I have accounts with google cloud platform and amazon aws services.I am using Indian overseas visa debit card , it works fine but sometimes it’s not working.So , I need a backup virtual card so please tell me some good recommendation. do South Indian Bank card supports international?

  • hii narendra…which card will on paypal
    can you plz give the details how to use indian cards in paypal
    i want make payment in paypal

  • hi,
    i will getting rewards in the form of Virtual Visa card… How do i get one and use in India online … Offine… Mobile…
    Kindly suggest… Will Entropay be option or any other ?

    • It depends on who issues those virtual visa cards. If the cards have VBV enabled, you’ll be able to use them for shopping in online stores.

  • Does anyone use Slonkit card? if yes, then what is the fees for creation of card? Is there any annual maintainance fee or any fee on transactions?

    • When you create your slonkit card, there is no fees associated with it. You just have to add a minimum of ₹200 to start and get a card issued. There is no such annual maintenance and/or any fees for transactions. It is entirely free to use 🙂
      Their possible income source is via interest earned from amount saved in the wallet.

  • If anybody wants to pay internationally through Paypal then HDFC netsafe card is best. Just generate netsafe card every time you want to make payment

  • Is there any of these that can be used by people living outside India, without an actual address and phone number in India? For the purpose of paying for services like Hotstar for example 🙂

    • Guess none. You’ll need an Indian phone number at least. Plus loading such a card from a bank account/card not belonging to India will again be almost impossible.

  • I want to buy games from EA Origin. First I tried with my SBI Debit Card. But they do not accept debit cards from India. They only accept credit cards. So I tried FreeCharge Go MasterCard and Pockets Wallet by ICICI Bank. but none of them has worked. How can I buy from EA Origin. Will Kotak Mahindra Bank Netcard work ? Please help me.

    • It’s not true that they do not accept debit cards. The issue is that they do not have a VBV/MSC implementation hence cards which enforce this are declined.
      Pockets and Freecharge Go are domestic only cards so they cannot work on international gateways. Lastly, the netcard is a 1-time use card and only supports 1 transaction. Now if origin does not deduct a verification charge before placing the actual charge, it will work. Else it will be declined after the initial verification charge.

  • Does Kotak Bank Netc@rd provide anonymous Payee name or does it allow the payee name to be included? And does it work in international websites fine? I have HDFC Bank, and it used to give anonymous Netsafe VCC in the past which could be used with any name and address. But since they upgraded their cards to VBV, their cards do not work in international websites anymore. In fact, I remember verifying my PayPal account for the first time around 10 years ago using just Netsafe VCC as I did not have a real credit card then. I got credit cards since then and verified the Paypal accounts again with those, but HDFC Netsafe was that awesome back then. I also got the Paypal verification code in my Netsafe. And the cards were anonymous and could be used with any Payee name and address. But the Netsafe VCC cards are hardly working in any major international websites after the VBV updates. It did not even work in Stripe (which is regarded as the best competitor to Paypal in payment processing nowadays) the other day.

    I am planning to get a Kotak Bank Account now for the Netc@rd but I would like to know if it indeed works fine for international websites. And are the cards anonymous i.e. can I use a fake/virtual name and address instead of mine while paying? The reason I am asking is that I need to create a couple of 30 days trial accounts on some international websites, and they would stop me from doing so if I use the same name for multiple trial accounts. Hope to hear from you about the same. I would probably apply for Kotak Bank within the next few days. No other bank seems to be providing VCCs valid for international websites.

    • I think the card owner names are never transferred over to the payment gateway to verify against the card. But I can be wrong.
      Kotak NetCard does not include a VBV option so you are able to pay on any international site using that, but mind it that it is a single time use card only and once used it will be declined for the next transaction. So if the gateway you are trying on does a card verification charge and then the actual charger (if any) for trial account, it will fail.
      If you would like to test, I can generate a card for you and you figure out if it works on the gateway you will be using. Pay the amount to me if any is charged.

      • Thank you for the awesome offer Narinder. Please send me an email or any contact information to my email which can see inside my contact. I will contact you immediately. I will refund you any cost if charged. Just inform me of any charges. I am always available and online. And you can also take access of premium tools and accounts from me (both those which have been created with the card and my existing ones too) as a sign of gratitude.

        • I wrote too quickly I suppose. You can find my email inside my comment (which only you can see being the site admin). Please send your contact details. I would highly appreciate it. The VCC needs to be a small amount as these are only trial accounts and would hopefully not charge anything. Even if they charge anything, I will refund back as soon as you inform. I would also provide my Skype and other details so that you can inform me even if there were any charges. You can trust me on that. And I will also give you access to webmaster related tools which would probably be helpful for your work too.

  • I think paydeck is better option for using credit card to pay for anything. I got their advertisement couple of days back to pay rent using card. Then they advanced it. Now I am paying for almost anything using credit card through paydeck.

    • Yes. I have used day before yesterday and my business payment to the vendor was paid yesterday. I am selling umbrella at flipkart and Amazon.

      I had read about it from your answer Mr. Gupta. Thanks to Paydeck and techmesto.

    • You better get a physical card for your shopping needs. Virtual cards would be good for small denominations. With physical card, you get added security and some fraud protection as well.

  • hi,
    i want to buy things from Alibaba and i have a PNB mastercard but not been able to use it. I have checked on my account it is activated for international use but i m still not able to use on alibaba. Tried it to load on ENTROPAY but not worked. Kindly help me what should i do… need to buy that stuff urgently…

    • You need to reach out to the Bank’s support since only they can identify the issue. A standard international card should work on those websites.

  • Digipurse sucks!! No customer care. But, if you are getting errors while adding funds to your wallet, then you may directly contact digipurse’s payment gateway “CitrusPay”(google it for support). They have quicker customer.

  • Yes brother….i called them…they said me to send a mail….they refused to help on call…so i had sent a mail…they didnt reply…i read in google that they dont have a customer care service at all…they dont reply to us…..what to do bro????

  • Bro….the digipurse wallet doesnt have a customer care service at all…
    If u call to the given number…they tell u to send an email to their email id…bt u won’t get any response from them…i tried adding cash right from my sbi debit i dont think that shud be the problem

  • Hi bro its really nice website. Kindly help me. I have only SBI maestro debit cad and United bank of india debit card (visa) and both of them not working either on PLAYSTORE or ALIEXPRESS. I have few query:

    1. If i pay using ENTROPY or any virtual CC like kotak mahindra; hdfc netsafe; digipurse on Aliexpress and later if my order get cancelled then will i get REFUND amount back to list of above virtual cards ?

    2. I dont have account in HDFC or KOTAK so which account should i open in these banks with minimum or zero balance facility ? Or is there any other bank which provides international debit card at minimum balance ?

    • Hi Saurav
      1. If you pay using Entropay, the amount can surely be credited back anytime, just don’t delete the card from your account. Virtual cards from banks like Kotak etc have a expiry date 2 months after the creation. While I believe the amount can still be credited back after the expiry, I’m not sure on that.
      2. Your SBI or United Bank debit card should’ve worked on AliExpress at least if it is an international card. If AliExpress is all you need, your best bet would be to get an upgraded international card from your bank. You will also be able to load Entropay using an international debit card and that an be used on Play Store. As about bank accounts, all these private banks have a minimum AMB requirement of 10,000. You should however give Kotak Jifi a try (if it is available in your region). Be sure to go for the standard Jifi account and not Jifi saver. It has an initial funding of 10,000, but you can withdraw it anytime without paying any fines.

  • bro..i want to pay on itunes..which is the best option other than digipurse..bcoz
    i lost 500 rupees in that app..they blocked my account on the 2nd day saying restricted card..i dont have access to that account anymore..and their customer care sucks…u wont get any reply from them ever in ur ife time.
    so do u have any other payment method??

    • Why a restricted card? Did you try to load it with a suspected card? I’m sorry to hear the loss and the bank should provide some level of support to help users in their cases. This justifies the numerous bad reviews at Play Store. It’s better to load it using netbanking and I’ll add the info in the post.

      I don’t think there would be any other option to pay on iTunes since other interational cards would be a single time use only and hence they will stop working after iTunes deducts its verification charge. So you’ll need to actually open a bank account and get an international card.

  • Hi,
    I have a State bank visa global card, chip based. I want to make the payment to my advertiser and he only accept the payments through paypal. I am just wondering is it possible to use this card on paypal to make my payments? I would appreciate if you reply me asap.

        • Yes. The last time I tried Entropay it worked fine. However there’s a warning, if the transaction will be a high value one, PayPal might ask for a copy of the card to verify that you really own it and it can get problematic at that time. Rare thing to see happening, but there’s a possibility.

  • Hi…Which of the virtual cards are being treated as the debit cards by payment gateways. I want to buy mutual funds through virtual cards but on payment page it says that ‘please enter a valid visa debit card’. Any solutions?

    • I have never tried that out, so I can’t really suggest. You can look around elsewhere to find some customer reviews.

  • I want to make a purchase on the online game platform steam but when i use the freecharge go mastercard for payment,it gets there any virtual card which allows payment on steam?

    • You should try with the UBI DigiPurse card. It worked for me on iTunes so pretty sure Steam is no exception 🙂 Read more here.

  • SO you can use this DIgi Purse App on any International sites accepting VISA card. So don’t worry just Top Up your wallet and start buying. 🙂

    • Unfortunately none of these are going to help you on Google Play store other than Entropay. Loading Entropay also requires an international card.

      • it is a waste app…i lost 500 rupees in that app..they blocked my account on the 2nd day saying restricted card..i dont have access to that account anymore..and their customer care sucks…u wont get any reply from them ever in ur ife time

  • i have a rupay card visa card and freecharge go vcc so i would like to add money in netler and skrill these are not accept .
    so tell me what is alternative process.

  • I have a maestro card and I can’t use entropay because it asks for cvv and expiry date which I don’t have. Stupid entropay doesn’t even support Indian cards.

      • Can you suggest me an international alternative where I can use my maestro card? I’ve searched a lot but all in vain.

        • I don’t think Maestro would be accepted anywhere internationally. They are more of ATM-only cards for which some gateways in India offered support.

  • Thanks . very useful. I got a virtual credit card as said above. but not accepted by paypal. buy paypal accept icici debit card. which is an astonishment to me. all debit cards rejected by paypal except icici

  • i want someome using paypal
    regarding hdfc cards ..does except emv chip cards ,is there any conformation of not working of other hdfc cards like platinum,titanium cards .
    simply put ,does hdfc’s non emv chip cards work for international payment ?

    • While I’m not sure if they work or not, the RBI guidelines surely don’t want banks to allow international usage on non-chip cards. Hope somebody else has a more specific reply.

  • Hello, I have a product to buy from a international site and the price is around 85K. The price is on Euro and i don’t have a credit card. i have a debit card and the limit is only 50K. So should try Entropay or Kotak net card ?

    • Hi Dinesh
      The Kotak NetCard only allows a maximum load of ₹10,000. So I guess Entropay is your only option. However one thing I want to point out is that there’s a difference between ATM cash withdrawl limit and purchase limit. So there is a good chance that your bank offers a higher purchase limit on the card than the 50,000 ATM limit that you’re aware of. For example, my Kotak card’s ATM limit is 50,000 but the purchase limit is of 200,000. So you can try using your card once.
      Entropay as you’d be already aware charges a loading fees which you can evade if you use your own card instead of routing via Entropay.

    • Entropay will be your only option, mate. The reason – Most of these cards are domestic only and don’t work internationally. Those which do work internationally have a limit of only 1 transaction. So PayPal consumes this by making the initial (but refundable) small charge.

  • hello narendar singh i want to buy some product from aliexpress but i have SBI debit card cum atm card so what should i do to pay an order online in doller??

    • Hi guys you dont need an international debit card to buy stuff from ali epxress and google play n etc etc. Just go and check DIgi Purse app from Union Bank of India. From there after installing the app you can add its card with any site and pay the respective amount without any problem. I’m an old Digi Purse app user and I purchased something yesterday from Ali express so. Believe me and go check Digi Purse app in google play store of in google. Happy Buying! 🙂

      • On Google play store, there are too many negative comments for Digi purse. Cannot bring myself to buy the card.

        • I sure am aware of the reviews in Play Store, but it did work fine for me to the extent I used it. Money was deducted, refunded amounts were credited back. I had no need to recharge using the app,m so card was all I used and it worked to my satisfaction. And talking of virtual cards, this is the only one which at least works on international sites.

            • You’re welcome, Asif. One advise though.. Do not add a lot of money into your DigiPurse. Since those reviews should stand somewhere and there can be issues with the wallet. The non-existent support can then make it worse.
              Where do you intend to use the DigiPurse card? Maybe we can find a better alternative.

        • digipurse is fraud..please dont even try it..i lost 500 there..they are seying restricted card and not letting me access my account/

  • Are you sure the Kotak Mahindra Bank Netcard can be used for international transactions? As far as I know, all VCC’s offered by indian banks can only be used in India. Even indian credit cards that are “international”, charge an extra fee (currency conversion, and other misc. fees) when you do an international transaction. Does the Kotak Netcard also have additional fees?

    • Yes the Kotak NetCard CAN be used on International sites. In fact, it can ONLY be used on international sites because it doesn’t really support the VBV/3D authentication which is a requirement of majority of Indian payment gateways.
      Anytime you will pay in another currency from a card in INR, you will be needed to pay the 2-3% conversion commission + the applicable service tax. This cannot be avoided unless you have a Multi-Currecny travel card for which you probably pay the commission in advance.
      Do note that it cannot be used on PayPal or Google Play as the card only supports 1 transaction maximum and Google Play and PayPal use up that transaction when they verify the card by deducting a small amount.

      • Thanks for the clarification – that’s good to hear! I was thinking of getting a credit card for international online purchases but I guess this would be a better option. One other doubt – do VCC support chargebacks, like normal credit cards? (Or are these VCC’s more like virtual debit cards?)

        • It’s better to call them virtual debit cards only. They do not support chargebacks unlike a normal Credit Card. If there is a possibility that you will be needing to file chargebacks, you should go with a real credit card. I’m planning to get one myself as well 🙂

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