How to Extend Warranty of Microsoft Lumia Phones in India

While the standard warranty on Microsoft Lumia smartphones is valid for one year from the date of purchase, Microsoft does offer warranty extension options for majority of its smartphones. Extended warranty, if purchased before the original warranty expires, extends the smartphone warranty for an another year (12 months) providing a long-lasting and satisfactory user experience. Extended warranty packs are offered under the name of Microsoft Care Protect and come in 3 variations, each suiting differently priced mobile phone products.

Extending Warranty of Lumia Phones in India

Microsoft Care Protect (MCP) can be purchased both online and offline at Microsoft Care Centers. It is available at 3 different price points, targeting different Nokia and Microsoft handsets. Details can be found below:

Device Series Compatible Package Price
Nokia 100-200, Nokia 1000-2000, Asha 200 Series MCP-1 ₹160
Nokia 3000-7000, Asha 3xx, Lumia 530/630/730, Nokia X2/XL MCP-2  ₹525
Lumia-830/930/1320/1520 MCP-3 ₹1450

Quoted prices were valid at the time of publication and are subject to change. For devices not available in the table above, contact Microsoft Support about the extended warranty package they fall in.

Warranty can only be extended during the validity of original warranty. Once it is expired, you cannot extend the warranty. You can check if you phone is presently in warranty on the Microsoft website.

Purchase Extended Warranty Online

You can purchase extended warranty at Nokia’s Microsoft’s online shop at Do make sure that you purchase the plan suiting your handset model as they cannot be interchanged for one another. Once you’ve placed the order, just sit back and wait for a call from the IndiaTimes support team asking for your phone model and the IMEI number. After you’ve provided that, a warranty certificate will be generated in a few days and forwarded to your email address provided while placing the order.

If the MCP packs are not in stock at Nokia Shop, you can try searching on as various sellers keep on listing them from time to time.

Purchase Extended Warranty Offline

If you’re not an online person, you can still purchase extended warranty by visiting the Microsoft Care Points. However, do note that not all the care centers will have extended warranty packages in stock. So, buying online is a far better option if a care center is not located close to you.


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