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Download Android Apps (.APK Files) from Google Play on PC

Updated!! Please read the Major Update content below.

Update 2: If the method in this post don’t work, try the other way found here

Update 3: We now have better and online tools to download the APK files directly and more easily. Furthermore, they won’t even require a Google Play account. Find them here

Android Market (Now, Google Play) has plenty of Applications both Paid and Free which add Fun and Simplicity to your Android experience. However, downloading Applications on Phone can be a real trouble, specially if you have a slow data connection.

There is no way provided by Google to download applications on the Computer. But, a simple trick can do the Job. You’ll be able to download Apps. from Google Play directly to your computer and then transfer to your phone. Just follow the following steps to do the job:

You need Chrome browser to do the trick. If you don’t already have it, download and install it from here.

  1. Open Chrome browser and install the APK Downloader Extension (Latest stable version is 1.2.1 which supports the new Google Play).
  2. Right click on the Google Chrome icon on your desktop and Choose Properties.
  3. Choose Shortcuts tab and add -ignore-certificate-errors –allow-running-insecure-content at the end of Target box and click OK/Apply. Note that you need to leave a space after chrome.exe (See Fig. Below)
    Chrome ignore certificate errors
  4. Close Chrome and Restart using the shortcut at the desktop.
  5. Open the Extension’s options page and fill up all the details. You will need the Device ID app. to find your Android device ID.
  6. Now, go to Google Play and further to the Application page of the App. you want to Download.
  7. Click the APK icon in your Address Bar to start downloading the application to your PC (See Fig. Below).
    Android APK download PC

Please note that you can only download Free Apps using the Extension. It won’t show the download link for Paid Apps. You can find more info on how to use the Extension at the APK Downloader Extension’s Official Post.

Update: The latest version of Chrome is not allowing users to install 3rd party extensions. If you are receiving “Extensions, apps and user scripts can only be added from the Chrome Web Store” or a similar message while installing the extension to chrome, just download it using a different browser and drag it to Chrome’s extensions page (chrome://chrome/extensions/) and it will install normally.

Major Update: Google Chrome doesn’t work anymore

With the recent updates to Google Chrome, the extension does not seem to be working anymore. As majority of the users reported, APK Downloader is giving out ‘Can not download this App’ error for any app they try to download. The reason for this is the implementation of some new features in Chrome in the recent releases. So the extension will continue to work if you have an older release of Chrome (<20) installed on your PC, but if it has been updated to the latest, downloading will not work. You can either choose to download an older version of Google Chrome (<20) and follow the steps above. Or you can follow the steps below which make use of Portable Iron Browser.

Doesn’t sounds to be a good idea to keep an older browser being used as your primary browser? Here Iron Browser comes to the rescue. All you need to do is download the older version of Iron Portable (provided below) and run it whenever you need to download any apps. We won’t recommend you to use this older version of Iron as your primary browser as it might have security loopholes.

Just follow these steps to download apps from Google Play using Iron Browser:

  1. Download the portable version of Iron Browser (v. 19.0.1100) – 32MB. Link here
  2. Use 7zip or any other extracting utility to extract the files to a separate folder.
  3. Once you have the files extracted, run IronPortable.exe
  4. In Iron, click on the Wrench icon in the top right (next to address bar) and select Tools> Extensions.
  5. You’ll be on the extensions page of Iron. Now open a new tab and open this article (shortlink – http://www.techmesto.com/?p=2043)
  6. Drag and drop the link to APK Downloader into the extensions tab of Iron Browser (which you opened in step 4)
  7. It will show you a warning, just click on Continue.
  8. Click on add to install the extension.
  9. Once installed,you will be presented with the Extension’s options page. Make sure that you fill out the correct Google Account information associated with your android phone. Login when done.
  10. Now you can download apps from the Play Store. Just open the page of the specific app and click on the APK Downloader icon in your address bar to download. Please note that only free apps can be downloaded and that too only the ones which are listed as compatible with your phone.
  11. Watch the following video guide if you are unable to understand or if its just too confusing.

Video Guide to download using Iron Browser:

Please submit a comment below if you are experiencing any issues.

About the author

Narender Singh

Narender is a B-school graduate who loves technology. He generally, avoids news and spends his time writing guides and tutorials which add value to the web. Shoot any of your questions to him at narender@techmesto.com


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  • I have an android that does not support google play and this seemed a good way to get some aps that I like. Being the novice that I am, I don't know where to find the apk downloader. I've tried in google but don't know which one to get.

    • Well, if your device doesn't supports Google Play, you won't be able to use this extension as it requires the Device ID which is not assigned to devices which don't support Google Play! I can download a few apps for you, but I can't do that all the time. So then, You can use the Device ID and email details of one of your friend to use the Extension.
      Next, if you'd have checked thoroughly, I've provided the link to download APK Downloader. Anyways, you can click here to download it.
      Feel free to reply back if you need any more help.

  • hello bro! there are some games and apps that requires additional data SD data file directing from the play store. so are we able to download these data file through the computer that we can for apk? please let me know bro!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!

    • No, I don't think its possible. Generally the additional files cannot be found on Play Store. Even if found, we can't determine the exact location from where the Application accesses it. So, we won't be able to place it in a proper directory.

  • Another way to find device ID

    Open dial pad, call *#*#8255#*#* ( 8255 = TALK ). If it opens “GTalk Service Monitor”, find lines that begin with JID and Device ID. Your email is JID, and your device id is a string that after android- prefix

    For example: if it shows android-1234567890abcdef , then your device ID is 1234567890abcdef

    • I have a Sony Tablet S and run android ICS on it. I want to know how to find the device ID on it. SInce it is a non call tablet, how can I find it? Please advice.

      • If your Tablet had Google Play pre-installed in it, then it certainly has a Device ID. Try using the Device ID app to find it out. If it doesn't show the device ID, then your device isn't assigned one.

  • getting path n file name incorrect after inserting commands in chrome's shortcut……using windows xp-sp2….does it matter if i use vista or d latter….

    • No, it shouldn't matter. The only thing you need to see is that you add those following lines properly. Those should be at the very end of the Box and should contain a space after chrome.exe. Should be something like:
      C:UsersAdminAppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe –ignore-certificate-errors –allow-running-insecure-content

  • Hi

    Thanks for providing solution. But now I am facing new problem. Whenever I am trying to download, it is asking Disable SSL warning in Chrome. I have already unchecked Malawere and Phising option, but not working please suggest.

    • Did you insert the –ignore-certificate-errors –allow-running-insecure-content commands properly in the chrome's shortcut? Try created a new shortcut and editing the same!

  • I have an sony s tablet, is there anyway to change your device ID? I want to run a game which has put a bane on my account. I didn't do anything to receive the bane, but would like to continue to play and would need a new device id, is it even possible.

    Thank you.

    • Just tried it and it worked absolutely fine. Even without ignoring certificate errors and allowing insecure content.
      And, thanks for introducing me to Iron. I didn't knew about that 🙂

  • i downloaded d apk file but when i run it from my phone , it shows an error saying "there was a problem in parsing the file"

    • There could be many reasons for this error.

      There might be a problem with the application's apk file. Try downloading and installing again.
      Are you trying to install the application on an Android device not compatible with the app?
      Try a different popular application to see if the problem persists

  • i get this error…"C:Documents and SettingsstudentLocal SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe –ignore-certificate-errors –allow-running-insecure-content"

    pls help me

  • Well if your phone isn't rooted then i guess the app first installs to the internal memory and you may have the option to transfer it to your memory card.

    But i wonder why this thing isn't working??

  • Thanks for asking but i have C4droid. I only need this plugin so as to run C++ programs on it. The only problem is that this plugin isn't installing. So is it necessary for me to root my device for this plugin to work as i don't want to root it now??

    • It clearly states that you need to Root before you can install it onto memory card. Or, you can install it on the Phone Memory and it won't require the root.

  • Is it possible to play google apps freely in my pc ? If yes kindly give me advice on how to do it. With thanks

  • Thanks a lot admin. You are really helpful. But again i am facing the same problem. The app isn't installing. What are the other apps you are talking about???

    • Please read its description on the play store (Link Here). Some of the text says:
      WARNING! It's not a standalone application. If plugin doesn't work, try to install it to internal memory.

      It is an addon/extension for the C4droid (C/C++ compiler) plugin. You need to install that and should have rooted OS to install this one. Please let me know if you need the link to C4droid too.

  • I have done all the steps show above…

    When i goto google play and free app apk downloader icon appers. But when i click on it it shows error…

    Please disable SSL error wornings

    Chack your account information(Email and Device ID)

    • You might not have disabled SSL warnings and allowed insured content correctly. Try rechecking that and also check your account details.

  • Worked perfectly and the first time I attempted.

    The only problem is that the large apps that are a problem to download over wifi are usually not the free ones. Also gameloft only lets you download a small fraction of the game through google play. The rest is directly through them, so even when free you can only download 0.5% of the game to ur desktop. Its their games that prompted me to try this route but no go.

  • Thanks for your advice. As you suggested, I created a userid and did all the things. But the apps is only being sent to my mobile through USB, no on my PC. In this process I also exhausted all my phone money.

    When I disconnect the USB, its asks choose device on which to install, but the same is not working after clicking the same. Please suggest.



    • Means you are able to download the app but not able to install it onto your phone? You just need to transfer it to a location on your phone then click on it to install it.
      You also need to enable installing of 3rd Party Apps.

  • I read all of above replies. I want to download .apk files on my pc without using android cell phone connecting. By using above suggestions, I did all the steps told by you, but whenever I try of download a file message comes.."you haven't accessed the google play store apps (the white shopping bag apps icon)on your device with this email account.

    Please suggest, how can I download without connecting the phone.


    • You need to use the email account associated with google play to make it work. If you haven't yet activated google play on your mobile, you need to use it for the first time before you can enjoy the above method.

  • hey..i found your forum v helpful..i followed everything till step 7..however it still says dat either i need to disable my ssl warnings(wich i did by changing the chrome properties) or i need to check my accnt info..i furnished my correct id n pwd..

    could u plz tell me wats wrong? 🙂

    • It should show the email.
      If it doesn't, just use the email and the password of your primary Google account connected with your Android phone. Its the one which you entered in your phone the very first time you used Google Play.

  • thanks a lot admin 🙂

    but 1 more thing. I can only see my device ID through this app , which email and password to enter….please help!!! thanks 🙂

    • You can also find your device id by looking at the gTalk service monitor, but that's Tricky.
      You need to enter the email and password of your main Google account connected to your Android phone i.e the email which device ID shows.

  • I am using a kindle fire and I really needed to download the app "Philippine Bar Exam Buddy" from Google Play. I found out that my device is not supported, is there a way that you can help me download the app? Thank you and God Bless.

    • Then, maybe it won't work on your kindle even after you get it. I'll try to see if my Galaxy Ace supports it. If it does, I'll download that for you 🙂

      • I download my apps from 4shared and blackmart, unfortunately the app was not available there. The app is free so it won't cost you, thank u so much! 🙂

  • I use w7. When I want to change my target name under shortcut, a msg appears, targeted path or file does not exist. I cannt change it . Someone Please help me.

  • hi…

    I have a problem here. There's no APK icon on my Chrome addressBar… how to make it appear?

    Thanks in Advance… 😀

    • The APK icon only appears when you are browsing an Application page on Google Play. Also, the application needs to be free. Otherwise, the icon won't appear 🙂

  • Which version of Windows are you using (x86 or x64)?

    Also, are you sure that you're using the correct target for the Target Box? I mean please confirm if the location of chrome is correct.

  • when trying to change the target file error box opens saying..make sure the path and file name are correct..

  • its not working .. 🙁 i hav folowed the all steps .. but it gives error by clicking log in that..

    ERROR: cannot use this email

    how to solve it???

    help plz thanks

        • I tried to contact you at your email address you used while submitting this comment. But, maybe you aren't checking your mailbox.
          Next, it shouldn't show such a message if the email is correct. I'll check the application again and will update you if I will find something.
          Also, please provide me your email address. I couldn't help much through comments. I need more details about your error message.

    • You can find your Device ID by using a simple and free application called Device ID. Just search it in Google Play and you'll find it 🙂

    • Just checked it. Working perfectly.
      Please note that you need to Disable the SSL warnings by editing the shortcut as shown in the post. Also, it will only work for free Apps.

    • Please note that its against Google Play's policies to download Apps in a manner other than provided by Google. So, maybe this trick won't survive for long 🙁
      Its great as long as it works!!

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