How to Set Daily Bing Picture as Wallpaper on Android Automatically

You might not like the Bing search results, but the Bing pictures are one of the finest images. Bing is actually quite famous for the daily images it publishes as ‘Picture of the Day’. A new image is featured daily on the Bing homepage from any of the 6 main categories. Now, if you’re a fan of dynamic wallpapers, then Bing is a wonderful source to get a new high-resolution image everyday.

Use Microsoft Start app to get daily wallpaper from Bing

You don’t have to buy a Microsoft Surface phone to get the dailyu wallpaper from Bing. There are a number of Android apps which help in rotating the wallpaper with daily Bing images. In fact a number of Microsoft apps bundle the Bing Wallpaper with them. The best app from Microsoft to get the daily Bing picture as wallpaper is the “Microsoft Start” app itself.

  1. Install Microsoft Start app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Tap on Apps button in the bottom navbar.
    Microsoft Start app to set daily Bing wallpaper
  4. Scroll down and choose Wallpapers. You might see it on the top as well under pinned.
  5. Tap on three dots at the top right and then tap on “Auto Change Wallpaper”.
    Configure Microsoft Start app to set daily Bing picture as wallpaper
  6. Enable the toggle next to “Turn On”.
  7. Finally choose whether you want to set only the home screen wallpaper or both home and lock screen.

✅✅That’s it! Bing will set the latest image as your wallpaper today and will keep rotating in the future. You can change the rotation frequency to weekly or monthly. You can also set the wallpaper update to happen only on Wi-Fi connection.

Change wallpaper manually: You can always scroll through the wallpapers manually to select a different image as the wallpaper. There will be  days when you don’t like the autoamtically offered wallpaper since it can’t always be something that you like 😁. Just scroll up on the daily picture or choose one from the Gallery if you do not like what you get on a particular day.

[Alternative] Use 3rd party app to set the daily Bing picture as your wallpaper

Microsoft Start is a little heavy app at around 330MB of installed size which can be heavy for some users. It also bundles other functionality such as search, weather, news, web browser, SMS etc. So, you might be looking for a no-frills app that is entirely meant for rotating the daily Bing image as your wallpaper. Here are some alternatives that you can go for.

Starth Bing Wallpaper (Play Store)

With over 50,000 downloads, it is one of the best and my favorite 3rd party app to get daily wallpapers from bing. Starth Bing Wallpaper is quite small in size with 8MB of download size. It is a clean and simple app, which is also open-source and free of any ads or unwanted notifications.

Starth Bing Wallpaper app to download and set daily bing picture as the wallpaper
Interface of Starth Bing Wallpapers app

The app’s introduction screen starts off with a prompt asking you to disable battery optimization – which you should do. Otherwise, the system will eventually kill the app after some time, which will cause the wallpaper to stop updating daily.

The next screen let’s you to set daily rotation for wallpapers. Simply tap on the “Enable daily update” button to go to the settings and configure. You can actually close the app at this point and it will handle everything automatically!

Starth Bing Wallpaper has the following features:

  • Wallpaper history (Options > Wallpaper History) to look back at previous Bing pictures from upto two weeks. You can open any of the pictures and set them as wallpaper.
  • Download images: You can download wallpapers and store them to the disk in case you’d like to build a collection. You can also share wallpapers via a simple share button.
  • Choose Bing country: Bing has some special images for different countries from time to time. You can set the country for wallpapers.
  • View image info: The app can display full info text about the image to increase your knowledge.
  • Other settings/features
    • Notifications on successful wallpaper update while in background
    • Choose whether to update wallpaper only home screen only, lock screen only or home and lock screen together
    • Wallpaper resolution for download and saving to disk
    • Download and daily wallpaper to disk automatically
    • Wallpaper blur intensity
    • Wi-Fi only setting to only download wallpapers on Wi-Fi connection
    • Widget to display image into on the home screen


DailyPic used to be my favorite app to get daily Bing images. However, it is no longer being maintained. It is a good-looking app with a clean UI and the ability to set both desktop as well as lockscreen wallpaper. When enabled, DailyPic will update your wallpaper daily, automatically! Apart from the most recent images, the app also allows you to view the past archive to download or wallpaper the old images.

DailyPic Android
Main & Settings Page of DailyPic App
  1. Download DailyPic from Play Store.
  2. Bing picture of the day will appear.
  3. Tap on the Plus (+) icon and choose to set as wallpaper or save the image to your storage (optional).
  4. Head to the settings and turn on the toggles for:
    1. Automatically save daily picture – To only save the daily image to the phone storage
    2. Automatically update wallpaper – To set the daily image as the desktop wallpaper automatically
    3. Automatically update lock screen – To set the Bing picture as your lockscreen background

You can also modify other settings such as the resolution of the images or the download folder. The maximum resolution offered by the app is 1920×1080. You can set the orientation of wallpaper as well, however you should go with vertical unless you have scrolling wallpapers enabled.

The app does not show picture information on the wallpaper. You can add a widget to your desktop or open DailyPic to know more about the image.


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