Audio/MP3 Sending Coming to WhatsApp for Windows Phone

whatsapp logo squareThe wait was pretty long, but finally WhatsApp is all set to bring support for sending/sharing songs and other Audio/MP3 files . This is evident from the latest update to WhatsApp Beta (version 2.12.20) which adds a new ‘Audio‘ option alongside the usual Photo, Video, Location and Contact.

Upon selecting the option, user can select an Audio/Mp3 file either from OneDrive or the local phone storage. Not only this, Audio files are directly shareable via Music Player and File Managers as WhatsApp is now available under Sharing options for MP3 files.

whatsapp audio sending wp

Unfortunately, there still doesn’t seem to be a way to save the received audio files to a separate folder outside of WhatsApp, but hopefully that’s something which WhatsApp team has in pipeline for a future implementation.

New features generally don’t take too long to start showing up in Stable releases once they show up in Beta. So the normal users should be enjoying the new Audio Sending feature pretty soon. Does the new addition excite you enough? Let us know below 🙂


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