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WhatsApp Web Lets you Use WhatsApp on your PC – Advantages & Limitations

whatsapp logo squareWhatsApp – the most popular messaging app for smartphones has moved a step ahead with WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp users can now continue their chats on their desktop PC or any other device which can run Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox browser. This will make life easier as when somebody is using his laptop or desktop, he/she can continue his WhatsApp chats in the PC’s browser instead of using the PC and the Phone simultaneously, thereby allowing an easier and richer WhatsApp experience on the bigger screen.

What exactly is WhatsApp Web?

Update: WhatsApp Web and Desktop Apps are updated to bring support for sharing documents. Just tap the paperclip icon and choose document.

WhatsApp Web basically mirrors the chats from your phone to your PC’s browser (Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera) and makes it easier for the users to continue their chats when they are using their computers. That said, WhatsApp Web does not work unless your smartphone has WhatsApp installed and it has internet connectivity. To say it simply and clearly, WhatsApp Web makes your WhatsApp chats accessible on the bigger monitor, hence still requiring the smartphone to be actively connected to the internet. The chat messages will still be stored on your phone as you continue your chats on the Web client. Also, as it runs within the browser, compatibility with different systems and hardware is not an issue.

WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp for Web Layout

WhatsApp Web is also not a standalone application and you cannot create a new WhatsApp account using it. The sole purpose of bringing WhatsApp Web is to address the issue of limiting the users to the smaller mobile screen when they are sitting next to their desktops or a laptops with a bigger screen and a dedicated physical keyboard. This will surely cool down some of the frustrated users which, for this reason have switched to other cross-platform messaging apps which are available for desktops as well.

How to Use WhatsApp Web

You do not need to download any apps or extensions to start using WhatsApp Web. All that you need to do is to open the following link in Firefox, Opera or Chrome browser and scan the QR code using the option present in the WhatsApp application in your phone. You can connect to more than one computers as well.

Windows Phone Users – On the Main WhatsApp screen, tap on the 3 dots at the bottom right and tap on WhatsApp web. Then scan the QR code.

Android Users – On the main window, tap on the 3 dots at the top right and choose WhatsApp Web.

BlackBerry Users – On the chats screen, press the menu key and choose WhatsApp Web

Symbian S60 users – Open WhatsApp, tap on Menu and choose WhatsApp Web

iOS Users – iOS devices not supported yet

Once you’re on the WhatsApp Web screen, point your phone’s camera to your computer’s screen and scan the QR code. Your WhatsApp chats will then show up on your computer and you can start chatting.

If you’ve checked the remember box, you will not be needed to scan the QR code everytime you open the page.

Staying Safe – Be cautious & Disconnect Unknown Devices

WhatsApp Web can be used by others to spy on you. So, be sure that you only hand over your phone to somebody you deeply trust. In case the person scans the WhatsApp Web code using your phone, he/she will be able to access all your chat history.

For your safety, WhatsApp shows a persistent notification on the phone when there is an active WhatsApp Web session. The notification reads WhatsApp Web is currently active and cannot be turned off. Be quick to react if you see the notififcation when you’re not using WhatsApp Web.

whatsapp web logged in computers

In case you suspect that somebody else is using your WhatsApp, you should disconnect all connected devices:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Open WhatsApp Web option.
  3. Tap on Log out from all computers.

This will disconnect all connected sessions. Nobody will be able to access your WhatsApp Web without scanning the code again.

whatsapp web requires connected phoneLimitations of WhatsApp Web

  1. Requires the phone to be constantly connected to the internet.
  2. No way to disconnect individual connected devices.

Rest all is pretty much available. There are notifications and you can send audio messages and even emojis along the text as well.

Did you like the web version of WhatsApp? Let your thoughts flow in the comments section below.


25th Feb 2015 – WhatsApp web is now supported on Firefox and Opera as well. Post updated accordingly. Source


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    • It depends on your browser’s cookie settings. You will stay logged in unless you unchecked the “Keep me signed in” option at the time of logging in (scanning the QR code).

  • Hi. My husband had hacked my whatsapp. I dont Know when he did it. Now i have logout it from my phine app. I am wanted to know that when i receive message on my app whether my husband got mesage means something like alert that there is message on wtaapp web??
    if i deleted the messages after reading from app, whether my husbnd still read the message or not on web?

    • If you have disconnected all WhatsApp Web sessions from your mobile, then he will no longer be able to access your chats anymore. Be careful next time πŸ™‚

  • Hi Narender..can i continue using watsapp web on my pc, if i uninstall watsapp on my phone after all QR scanning procedures???

    • No, you cannot, Neeraj. WhatsApp Web is just a mirror of WhatsApp on your phone. So, it will only function as long as WhatsApp is installed on your phone and stays connected to the internet.

  • if i already connected whatsapp web with my computer, do i able to use anyother computer without scanning the code again, i mean if i would be working on same domain of the computers.

  • Hiya,

    Does anyone know if WhatsApp for web or WhatsApp desktop work if the phone it’s connected to is in another country to the PC, though still on and connected to the internet?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Izzy, I haven’t tried it in different countries, but I have tried it over long distance and it just works. So country shouldn’t be a problem if you manage to have the code scanned somehow before it expires πŸ˜€

  • Whatb happens if I reinstall WhatsApp. Will my WhatsApp web on pc will stay or I will have to again redo everything.

    • You will need to redo everything. All active sessions are removed when you re-install WhatsApp.

  • I am able to send and receive messages on whatsapp web but not able to make voice calls and video calls. It keeps saying phone is not connected but still text messages can go through.

    • WhatsApp Web actually does not support calling. You cannot make or receive calls using WhatsApp Web.

  • Hi , i am using whatsapp web on Edge. Able to download images and videos, But cant download audio. Anybody can help me to troubleshoot it

      • Hi Narender, i am using whatsapp web on Microsoft Edge. Cannot able to download Audio files. Images and videos can download easily. Internet connection is working well. Please help me to get out of this problem

        • Hi Aseem, are you talking about the Voice recordings from within WhatsApp or the Audio sent as an attachment? I’ll try looking into them when I get to know which one is the one in question πŸ™‚

          • Not able to download voice notes sent / receive from Whatsapp Web logged in Microsoft Edge. Problem starts from last few days

  • I am using an android app similar to whatsapp web feature for pc to connect to a whatsapp account.

    Now i am disconnected and reason was told that when the whatsapp was updated from play store a pop up appeard on their screen to log out from all computers.

    So is it true that if you update your whatsapp you will be automatically logged out or you receive a pop up for log out.

    Please reply fast..

    Whatsapp update krne se web se log out ho jate h kya? Ya update krne pr pop up aata h kya?

    Reply asap

    • New WhatsApp versions show a persistent notification that a WhatsApp Web session is active. Tapping on it takes you to the active computers screen and you can easily log out from all computers.
      I’m a beta user of WhatsApp and it is updated like daily. And there hasn’t been any disconnection after update.

  • hi ,I wish to know the history of login on whtsapp web because someone has scanned the barcode through my fone and was watching my whtssapp on pc..I mean to say since when he was watching my messages.and seconed thing is that…can somebody bring his narcode pic in his fone and scane it through my fone from my whtsapp??..

      • Hi,

        I manually logged out whatsapp from my computer and after 2-3 hours when i checked through whatsapp web it shows Active and immediately i did log out from all computers and still again it shows active. If somebody else use my computer will it be possible for them to access it without scanning the QR code? Is that the reason it shows Active after i given logout from all computers?

        Please reply

        • With active, do you mean the notification which appears? Sometimes the notification does not go off even when you’ve stopped using WhatsApp Web. That’s a WhatsApp issue and you should not worry about that.
          Nobody can access you Web without scanning your code again πŸ™‚

          • Then what is the use of the option “Logout from all computers”? That means when we check from our phone there should not be any active access shown right?

      • Actually it has happened to me that exactly 10 days after I log in, the session disconnected. I mean on the 10th day at the exact time I started the session. Isn’t it a whatsapp web functionality to log you out after 10 days?

        • While I won’t bet money on this, but I believe that it never expires. I don’t remember the last time I scanned the QR and it still keeps working. I’ve never had it ask me to scan again unless I choose logout or clear my cookies.

          • i used cleanmaster n it does not connect now..whats the issue..can it be rectified..if at all its not working because cookies are deleted..can the cookies be restored for it to work..or any other remedy

  • Hello there, some weeks ago it was possible to archive chats also from the ipad direct on webwhatsap. Recently it does not work anymore. Can you tell ma why?

  • Hello there, some weeks ago it was possible to archive chats also from the ipad direct on webwhatsap. Recently it does not work anymore. Can you tell ma why?

  • Is there any way to screenshot the Qr code and send it to another person so that he/she can scan by their whatsapp app. The code constantly changing, is there any way to stop the changing?

    • No. You need to have it sent to the other person before it expires. You can make use of TeamViewer to share the PC screen as well.

  • Hi. I have scanned my girlfirend’s whatsap code and have been monitoring her chats to see who see talks to ( suspected her of cheating). she stays in a different city. I used firefox browser on my phone. My phone crashed and had to be replaced. is there a way that i can recover the whatsap session on firefox without scanning the code again? how long will the session be active on her phone if i am not able to log out from my phone?

    • Hi , how does this work? Like did she ever notice there’s a notification saying her device was connected to another? there is a notification that comes up when the device is connected to the web.

  • Hi Narender, is there a way to email chats from your whatsapp web computer interface to any mail account?
    Or dowload chats to the computer?

    • None, Cinthya
      You need to use the phone to email chats. Maybe this is because chat does not live on the computer or the cloud. It is fetched from your phone as you scroll up.

  • I had a Whatsapp Web session going, and was going fine for awhile. Somehow the screen changed to the WhatsApp Web home page, not sure what happened. The phone APP shows I still have the computer connected. Is there a way to restore the web session back without rescanning the code again?

  • I have installed one whatsapp account on two different pnones through scan code but when i close my browser it disconnect from second phone how to reconnect it.

          • if i clear the browsing history in my pc. i don’t get any whatsapp msgs. while deleting browsing history how to keep the whatsapp web as it is. Dont want to re do again.

  • What if I had 20 chats on my phone… Then I uninstalled WhatsApp…. And then install again and have 5 chats, and use WhatsApp web… Will the historical 20 chats appear again???

  • Hi.
    If someone has scanned whatsapp QR code from my mobile without my concern & i dont want my messages to be seen by him. How to over come with this solution? help me soon

  • When i use wataapp web show only the text messages what can i do to show my chats on PC watsapp web? The images and videos or audios not working only Busy Image if it show the full chats copy the folder or sub folder to computer? if yes please the Full path
    i am using WinXp Sp2

  • Hi,
    While logged into whatsapp web, I accidentally hit the home bottom of the browser.
    When I hit the back button, it took me to the Whatsapp home page instead of the session.
    The App on my phone shows the web is still logged on.
    How do I get the session back without re-scanning QR code?

    • You just need to scan the code again if the session is closed. Sometimes the disconnection is not detected by the app.

  • Hi, I am able to receive messages but unable to send text messages through web whatsapp. Yesterday i have connected my iphone 5 with my Dell laptop and was able to send and receive messages & images through laptop but today i am able to send only images and not text messages..Can someone help in this case .

  • Dear Sir,
    If I keep logged in on Whatsappweb, but log off my computer, still the app will keep using my data? Or it just uses my data when I actually have Whatsappweb on my computers screen and/or I’m using it?
    Thank you very much.

    • When you Log Off your PC, some data will still be consumed as WhatsApp will still be running on your phone.

    • You need to scan the code again in order to continue using that. However, I’d recommend you to stop spying and let your friend maintain his/her privacy.

    • All WhatsApp messages are now end-to-end encrypted (unless you are running a very old version). Yes, WhatsApp Web shows them πŸ™‚

      • Dear sir
        I forgot to logout qr connection nd just go miles away. Then anybody can see my video calls and hear voice calls and read chating. I want fast reply pls.and one more if i am doing a video call the other person who can see the video on his laptop.?

        • WhatsApp Web does not support calling. So, no, the other person cannot hear your calls or view your video feed. He can obviously read chats and if you don’t want that, you should logout using the WhatsApp Web option on your phone πŸ™‚

  • Dear sir..i hav scan Q.R code my g.f cell for known to sincerity wrking properly but after few hours i open app then Q.R code window apper again for scan purpose even i dnt logged out so plz tell me how is it i m nt able to scan code..plz help me.

  • @narendra Singh, Sir if the web whatsapps was accidentally logged out (mistakenly touch log out while refresh link) , is there any way to log in again ? is the surfing history will kept any information that be useful to log in again without physically access the smartphone?

    • I’m not aware of any such thing. Once you’re logged out, it is gone forever. You need to scan the code again to invoke a new session πŸ˜€

  • @narendra singh: Sir in whatscan app which functions more like a whatsapp web, do i have to scan the code all the time i need to access my account or will keep me signed in option serve the purpose?

    • The keep me signed in does keep you signed in. I won’t say that it will keep you signed in forever, but it will for at least a few weeks πŸ™‚

  • Hi . I want to ask …one of my frnd is using my wats app…cz i thnk he jst taken my qr code without my permission..and dt s too wrng …..can he use the same code agn if i log him out …wot to do to stop hm permanently for using my phone from his device..

    • No. The QR code is a one-time use code and expires in a while. Plus, he cannot take your QR code. He needs to scan QR code on his device using the camera on your phone. So unless you let him use your phone, he won’t be able to scan it and connect back to your whatsapp. Just log him out and you’re all safe.

  • if i uninstall my account and reinstall whatsapp and setup my account again will i still be logged into whatsapp web…please reply urgent

  • if someone hacks your whats app through qr code , he can only see the data after he connected or he can see previous data also?and if we than uninstall whats app and again install, do the person who hacked will be able to see the chats?

    pl reply urgently………………

    • He can see it all as the past history keeps loading as he scrolls up.
      You actually don’t need to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. Simply disconnecting the devices from the Web option would do it. But yes, reinstalling will also disconnect him and he won’t be able to see the chats anymore.

      • I cant use her laptop because she lives far away so how can i log out from other device so that she dont access my watsapp

      • Ok.. upon this… I had deleted some part of a particular chat, however the deleted stuff from the chat on the phone, didn’t get deleted from WhatsApp Web…

        Does that happen???

        • Strange! For me, the chats deleted from the phone get deleted from the Web within seconds. Did you try reloading WhatsApp Web to see if the deleted portion is still appearing?

  • Hi Narender, is there a way to email chats from your whatsapp web computer interface to your yahoo/gmail account? Is it possible too to see the wahatsapp call history on the computer, thanks

  • Im using whatsap web on my pc, but In my samsung mobile its always notified me,that your whtsap have been loggin in windows,when ever i open my whtsap on my phone,, how this notification will permenetly remove from my phone,without log out from my pc

  • In this process where the media files save in computer? I mean what will be the path of computer hard disk for saving whatsapp media file?

    • They aren’t saved to your PC and are only cached. That means they are loaded temporarily and deleted after a while. You need to save them in order to access them later. When you save them, they are saved to your downloads folder by default.

  • I want Know How Whatsapp.web access all my messages .. What exactly happend When we Scans the Qr code on PC via mobile…????

    • When you scan the code, the web client is authenticated. The app on your phone then knows that when this web client will ask for messages, it can share them. It then syncs the messages from your phone to the cloud which then show up on the PC.

  • By mistake I logged off from my chrome in my pc how can I bring it back without scanning the qr code again plz help me

  • Agr cell pc se connected h..n cell or pc same time p whtsapp use nhi kr kya cell se chat delete krne k bad b use pc pe padha ja skta h??

    • Nahi padha ja sakta. Because phone wali chat hi PC par mirror hoti hai. Alag se koi copy nahi hoti. So jab phone se delete kar di toh wo PC par load hi nahi hogi.

      • Thanks Sir..but one more ques.
        cell se whatsapp web se sare connection log out krne k bad b automatically log in show ho rha h..jbki kisi ne qr code scan nhi kiya..whts the reason..waitin fr ur reply

  • Q. 1. Is it compulsory to put the mobile near the pc when using whatsapp web or it can be done without doing that?

    Q.2. If chat is deleted from the cell then can it be read on the pc?

    Reply plz..

    • 1. The distance is no bar. As long as the 2 devices are authenticated, they can be used from any distance.
      2. Chat will be deleted from the PC instantly or in a few seconds. So yes, you can read it as the message arrives, but upon deletion, it will be quickly deleted from the PC as well.

    • Pictures and Videos are showing fine BUT audio files are giving like this ( WhatsApp Ptt 2016-10-27 at 3.51.52 PM.ogg; codecs=opus) and not opening when downloaded. please help.

        • Hey, buddy
          You can simply open VLC media player and drag the file into it to play it. Or you can rename the file to remove the ; codecs=opus) part and the file will be playable normally via VLC or any other Media Player.

          • Can i open whatsapp on web without scanning after deleting the cookies by mistake and try to open it from the back up history of my gmail ? kindly reply

  • if i delete my account and reinstall whatsapp and setup my account again will i still be logged into whatsapp web…please reply urgent

  • What if i delete my chat on whatsapp web , will the chat be deleted from tha whatsapp application too? Please reply soon …

  • Is it possible if i m logout my whatsapp from pc but again regain the whatsapp web without scanning code

  • Is there a history of what computers I’ve scan into and if so do they delete themselves once logged out or can they be deleted on my phone? So I can know if someone has been snooping my messages or not

    • Umm.. The currently connected/logged in devices can be seen under the WhatsApp Web option of your phone.
      The devices which are signed out are removed from the list automatically.

    • If you set it to remember you and you don’t use browser in private mode, you should stay logged in for months.

    • Unless you download/save those images manually, they only stay in web cache and are deleted when you close the session.

  • sir aj mene apne phn se dost kr laptop me whatsapp web se chlaya but what log out krdia tha to ab kia vo mere mssg pad payega ?

    • Nahi. Ap fir bhi apne phone k WhatsApp Web option me check kar lo. Agar connected device dikha raha hai to use disconnect kar do.

  • i Have installed whatsapp software on pc. and i have not used whats for 3 days and the whatsapp on my pc has beeen logged out. may i know the reason why the pc whatsapp has been disconnected or is some one used my samsung phone and done the logged out from all computers??

  • or whatsapp web , like if i scaned my friends phone on my lappy , after 3 or 4 months it loged out automatically or till he not l

  • is there have a validity for whatsapp web , like if i scaned my friends phone on my lappy , after 3 or 4 months it loged out automatically or till he not loged out i can see his chat

  • My friend’s brother scanned his phone through my watsapp web….m scared if he is accessing my watsapp account…he is somewhat psychic character….weird one….my friend said she NVR give him her mobile. M scared akot. He is not giving me his mobile.plz suggest what should I do?

    • You just need to look at the WhatsApp Web section on your phone and if you see a computer you don’t remember using, just choose the option ‘Log out from all computers’ and all logged in devices will be logged out.

  • What if i have deleted my whatsapp account or i have uninstalled app. And i have checked on remember me on web.whatsapp .
    So will i need to scan QR code again??

    • Yes. Because when you remove WhatsApp, the existing session is closed completely. A new QR scan is needed after this.

  • sir,i have a whats web app in my android samsung phone. which is already active by someone’s whats app i can access that profile also from my mobile.but my query is if i uninstall the whatsweb app from my mobile than re install the whatsweb app after that can i access same earlier account without scanning QRcode?if yes than what i have to do?for your information its already selected as keep me signed in.

    • Whatsapp Web is not available as an app for Android devices so I don’t really get what you’re talking about.

        • WhatsWeb is an unofficial app which probably opens in its frame acting as a desktop browser. You should contact this app developer for any support about that. WhatsApp Web is built for bigger screen devices and is only fully compatible with desktop browsers.

  • Sir ager phone m what’s ap delete kar diya h . to what’s ap web b khatm ho jayega y@ ni … Please reply fast …

  • I have log in my whatsapp on pc it works nice but on next-day when I open it is not showing me my whatsapp or any QR code….at my phone it shows me that it is loged in on my pc..
    So where is the option to send message on pc

  • Sir agar ek bar whats app web se connect kar dia or uske bad pc ko band kar dia..uske bad agar pc ko re-open kar ke whats app web pe jayen to kya hum usi account ke chats fir se dekh sakten hen.?

  • Plz hlp me in dis..kal someone chckd mi watsapp msgs through web watsapp..n i hv deltd mi stil cn he chck mi watsap

  • hi sir,,,,,,,last month my frnd used my mobile without my permission,,,,i think he used my whatsapp account on there laptop by using whatsapp web….how to logout my account on that laptop….they didnt give the laptop,,,and they read my personal msgs….yestrdy i delete my account my whatsapp…….here aft when once again i create a account on that same numdr…..if any possible…they will see again msgss

    • If you set it to remember you, you can just login once and then forget. You won’t be required to login again.

  • Hi there..
    In using whatsap web for a couple of months..those days it doesn’t show me to scan the code.but 1 day it suddenly show me to scan the code.what’s the problem.. y it showed me like that..
    And secondly; do I need to scan the code for a regular period (that is: once in 2 or 3 or 4 months) or the 1 time scanning is enough for permanent web browsing..
    Waiting for ur reply……☺

  • I want to use it lifetime on my android phone using Chrome after scanning QR code once. Please tell how it will possible again. Becoz abhi tak har baar open ho raha tha “Request desktop site” par ja kar. Lekin jab s apne android phone m chrome update kiya us k baad s scan karne k sirf 1 hi bar open hota h uske baad fr whatsap account open hi nahi hota. Mujhe fr s purane chrome ki facility chahiye k 1 bar code scan karo or jab tak website m log out na karo tab tak website m ja “request desktop site” s direct whatsap open ho jaye chrome m

  • Yesterday i updated chrome. After updating i scan my QR code again but now the problem is that Before updating chrome I can always open my chats on my phone using chrome by directly going to request desktop site but now after updating this app on my android phone i am not getting my account on request desktop site. Why this is happening now. I want to be connected always after scanning QR code once as before updating chrome i just go to and then i click at request desktop site my account will open. But now only once its open then after sometime when I use to open it its not opening. What to do now pls tell. I had scanned QR code but still I am unable to open my account at request desktop site. Pls tell me how to open it again and again after scanning the QR code once.

  • if you are browsing chat history on whats app web, and Phone User is Online, will one’s browsing activity like reading messages, opening different chats, watching media files will be shown real time to the person holding phone who is Online?

  • Sir plz reply… if ek bar scan kr diya qr code…and then ek bar khul gya whatsapp web pc par..
    Nd if pc shutdown ho gya ya bnd kr diya…to kya bar bar qr code ki jarurt pdegi kya…ek bar use krne k baad bar bar use krna pdega kya???

    Koi permannetly h kya option??

    • Scan karte waqt waha par ek box rehta hai jo apko logged in rakhega. Lekin agar browser cache/cookies delete kia ya incognito mode use kia to wo logout ho jayega.

    • You might be using the browser in Incognito/Private mode or else you have selected to delete cookies on exit.

  • Sir agar web.watsapp se connect kardia phone to kal ko agar phone range mei na ho .like jiska phone h vo apne ghar betha h , aur mai apne ghar .to kya mai apne pc mei connect kar paunga uska watsapp?
    Aisa to ni hoga ki phone aur pc pas mei ho toh he connect hoga watsapp pc se?

    • Nahi. Distance doesn’t matter. Bas PC aur phone dono Internet se connected hone chahiye πŸ™‚


    • Go to the WhatsApp Web option on your phone and use the Log out from all computers option. Thereafter make sure that the person does not get the chance to scan your code.

  • hello sir main Samsung j7 use karta hu aur isme jab main whatsapp web use karta hu toh cell main kuch show nahi hota whatsapp web ke bare main example bar or notification .agar mera whatsapp koi mere friend ne qr code scan karke connect kar liya toh mujhe kaise pata chalaega ???? aisa kuch hai ke jisse pata chal jaaye ke whatsapp web on hai??? pls help me sir it is very important for me

    • Check the WhatsApp Web option on your phone. It will show the connected users and when your device was last accessed by them. Remove them if you don’t recognize.

  • Till what time QR code remain active..??
    As the first phn is not wid me so I have to take a snap of qr code nd send for scanning…
    How much of tym I have in my hand to use a qr code

  • Sir,mene Mozilla Firefox me WhatsApp scan kerke start ker liya,but 2-3 days k baad wo fir se scan kerne wala icon aa gya hai,
    Fir se scan kerne PE bhi wo her 2-3 day me fir se scan kerne ko bolta hai,
    Chrome me to scan kerke use kerne ke baad chrome dobara start kerte hi scanning ke liye icon aa jata hai
    Plz help

  • Hi how do i hwt my qr code on cjrome it does not generate. I have cjecked desktop mode but it brings me to a screen offering i should download whatsapp. I use a tablet. I get qr code in ignitio bit it loggs out when i close the tab

    • Since the device is recognized as a portable Android device, it redirects you to the download screen. Try checking the Request desktop site option in chrome settings which should override the redirection to the download page and instead take you to the actual WhatsApp Web view.

      • Ohk I checked both boxes in cjrome requesting desktop site and the box in but still the same screen giving the option for download. I still only get the qr code when in ignitiostan

  • Hi.
    I use chrome on my tablet for webbwhatsapp bit i cant get the qr code througj chrome it brings me to a screen offering to download whatsapp which I jave, but when i go ignitio i can get qr code but this option requires me to acan the qr code each time i close the tab althougj i cjeck ‘keep me logged in’

    How can i het the qr code on normal cjrome if it dont come up. I check desktop mode… Please help….

  • If my phone and a friends phone qr code of whatsapp are scanned, will our chats be visible on the PC, while we are chatting? Secondly, will we be shown online to other while being in conversation even if our codes are scanned?

    • For your first question, yes, your chats can be seen in an active WhatsApp Web window.
      I did not get the latter part of the question. Would you please explain it a bit?

      • My second question is that if two phones are scanned using QR codes, will their status be shown as online to others while they are chatting with each other or will show as offline?
        Secondly, are ALL active chats shown live on PC via Webb, or maybe due to exchange of QR codes or any other reason chats made on device are not visible on PC as they happen?

        • 1. Yes, they will show to others as online. An active WhatsApp window marks you as online to others.
          2. Yes, they are shown on the PC and updated in real-time. Since messages are synced from the phone to the PC, all chats (including media) are visible at both the places. So yes, ALL active chats are shown live on PC.

          • All chats from the device to other people are shown on the PC barring one contact! Whenever chat mode is on with that particular contact, nothing is shown on the PC! Strange! You know how that is possible??

            • That is strange and I’m unsure why would that happen. I’m not aware of such a thing. For me, all chats are synced to Web in real-time.

              • Yes it is! Two devices are in conversation but it doesn’t show live on the Webb! It just shows a blank screen on the web and both the parties show as offline! Have they installed some kind of software?

                • Could be possible. There are some modified WHatsAPp clients available which hide your online/read status. One of them is GBWhatsApp.

                    • If it is, you would find it in the installed apps of that device. It would usually have GB written in the logo.

      • Hello sir..

        Kya cell se whatsapp web p log out krne k bad b pc p chat padhi ja skti h kya


        Kya pc p whatsapp web se chat ko access krne k alawa or b koi trika h kya jisse whatsapp ko hack kiya ja ske..

        Tell me plz..

        Waitin fr yr reply..

        • 1. Exactly, when you log out from the phone, your active WhatsApp Web sessions are closed. It requires a new scan of the QR code before the connection can be made again.
          2. There is no other easy method to gain access to your WhatsApp account. So you should be safe if you keep your WhatsApp Web sessions under check.

  • If someone scans the code and accesses / sees my whats app account on

    Is it possible for him
    1) To Save the chat history from on real time basis ….by means of any software.

    2) If i delete few msgs – can he still c them or save them from

  • # what if somebody took my phone he scans my QR code on web version into his lappy … n later on if i uninstall my whatsapp n reinstall it … will he be be still connected to my whatsapp account n able to see my messages.. or he’ll need my phone again to scan my QR to get access to my whatsapp account? ??
    # And in another case … what if i bought a new phone n uninstall whatsapp on my older one’s and started using my account again by installing whatsapp on my new phone … will my account be still connected to the web version into other person’s lappy or he’ll need to again scan the QR code of my new phone to get access of my account?

    • #1 – He will be needed to scan again since all authorizations are removed when you uninstall it.
      #2 – No. He will be needed to scan the QR code again. Everytime the app is removed, even if you restore a backup, the WhatsApp Web authorizations are removed.

  • Hi, Is it possible to check which laptop exactly accessed my whatsapp web before, even if I logged them out already.

  • agar mere phone off hai and koi aur mera web whatsapp use kar rha hai & mujhe msg ata h to kya uske web whats app pe update hoga ? agar mein apna whatsapp baad mein dekhun to

    • Jab tak phone wale whatsapp me message nahi ata tab tak web me nahi dikhega. Web tabhi chalega jab phone net se connected hai.

  • I have logged into my what’s app using the web; however, if I close the tab on the PC and reopen it to use the what’s app its asking me to scan the QR code again. Yes I have clicked the remember me but it doesn’t work.

    Please help. I don’t want to be constantly scanning the code.

    • Are you running your browser in incongito mode or have the comes set to be deleted on exit? These should be the only reasons that it logs you out.

        • Incongito mode is designed to not to leave any traces behind when you close the tab. So you have to scan the QR everytime as long as you keep on using incongito mode.

  • Hi. I would like to know if I was browsing the whatsapp in my pc does the activity show on the spot on the phone whatsapp or not. just browsing and looking not sending messages. maybe reading old msgs so I need to know if the person holding the phone will know I am on the pc looking into the watsapp history.

    • No. You’ll only be shown as ‘Online’, even if you login using the PC. WhatsApp shows no additional information about your activity.

  • I have logged into my what’s app using the web; however, if I close the tab on the PC and reopen it to use the what’s app its asking me to scan the QR code again. Yes I have clicked the remember me but it doesn’t work.

    Please help. I don’t want to be constantly scanning the code.

  • what if i dont log out and shut the browser instead of logging out… will somebody get hold to my data when they restart the page…

    • If the PC is shared and you asked WhatsApp Web to stay logged in, then yes your messages can be read.

  • Hi if a friend scanned my barcode on whatsapp via Ipad to show me how you can see peoples messages – if he logged out does
    he still have access to my whatsapp or does it automatically delete it so he can’t read my whatsapp messages?

    • WhatsApp Web does not saves your messages locally, instead loads from the cloud and mobile when you’re connected. After logout, it is all gone. He cannot check your messages unless he didn’t really logout πŸ˜›

      • agar pc ksi or internect address se connected ho or mobile ksi or internet address se…. both in different cities …??? can i use whatsapp web on my pc while my phone is another city but connected to some internet?

        • Yes you can. No matter the distance, no matter the network πŸ™‚ Both devices should just be connected to the Internet.

          • isnt it a security problem if someone just scanned my code in his laptop ..then he can access to my whatsapp messages he will just have to wait for my messages and he can read them after i read them ….avoiding any shak k koi mera whatsapp access kr ra ha

            • It was until WhatsApp implemented this persistent notification which stays on your phone’s notification bar when WhatsApp web is used on a device.
              You can also keep an eye on the WhatsApp Web option on the phone to make sure that only your known devices are connected. If there’s a device you’re not sure about, remove them all. Ab thora khud bhi alert rehna hi padega πŸ™‚

  • dosto kia whatsapp desktop automatically hmre whatsapp m mojood pictures videos r chats ko computer m save tw nh krlta?..r ye b btaen k agr m whatsapp desktop p login krte hue tick krdu tw kia hmesha k lie automatically login tw nh reh jaega mra account PC m..mne mobile p whatsapp delete krk dobara se install kia abi b PC p mra whatsapp code scan kiye bghr login rhega ya dobara code scan krna prega?

    • Nahi WhatsApp computer me nahi save karta hai. Sirf jab usko kholo tab tak k liye temporarily download hota hai.
      Agar tick kardoge toh jab tak manually logout nahi karte tab tak chalta rahega. Ya fir phone me se desktop unlink karne se bhi remove ho jayega.
      WhatsApp dubara install karne par purani keys expire ho jati hai toh wo apne aap logout ho jata hai. Fir bhi phone me WhatsApp Web k option me sabhi connected devices listed rahenge. You can check anytime.

  • sir ji whatsapp web se galti se log out ho gaya hai kya wo phon fhir se login ho sakta hai ?
    lekin jo phon login tha wo ab mere paas nahi hai uska Qr code scan nahi kar sakta hu mai.
    koi tarika hai dubara se login hone ka ?

    plz solve my problam

  • Hi – If i scan a QR code once and my web client is working. Do i need to again scan the code next day if I have not logged off from the same laptop and wanted to use web client ?

    • If you’ve checked the box to remember you, you do not need to scan the code again. Unless you’re clearing your browser cache and cookies.

      • I didn’t tick the stay logged in box. I signed on last nights to friends whatsapp and left it logged in on laptop will it have logged them out by now?

        • Ideally, you should be already logged out. But do check the WhatsApp Web option on your phone and if you see that device active, just disconnect them all.

  • Question please ..
    Its working now with me but i reinstalled the whatsapp Γ nd its not working now .. why.?

    • Because the existing tokens and logins are removed when you remove whatsapp from your phone. You need to scan the QR code again to set it up πŸ™‚

  • I started whatsapp on web.whatsapp and if i delete whatsapp from mobile will it work on web.whatsapp?

    • No it will not. You need to have it installed on the phone and the phone must stay connected to the internet.

  • i have an java based mobile, i.e., nokia series asha 503, i dont have whatsapp web to scan a code from pc. how to install whatsapp if so

  • Agr hm apne mob mai whats app web se apne frnd ka whats app qr code scn krke whats app web use kr rhe bt ab woh new mob mai whats app instal krne ja rhi h toh kya agr woh new mob pe instal kregi toh kya woh phir se qr code scn mangega

      • sir ye batao mene qr code se scan karne k bad vo account chala to liya but thodi der bad mera mobile switch off.ho gaya hone ki vajah se ab me use vapis.kese open karu

  • Does leaving the whatsapp web window tab open while being active on other tabs show me as being online even though I am in a conversation?

  • Does the whatsapp web show online status to your contacts meaning you are online from web and not from mobile, so will it still show the online status plus the last seen according to the web usage of whatsapp?

    • Yes. It the online status and last seen works just how it normally does in WhatsApp. You’ll still be shown online if you have an active WhatsApp web window.

  • My girlfriend told me she has whatsapp web on her computer. I have never used whatsapp web. How do I make sure she doesn’t have access to my whatsapp? Thanks!!!

    • Check the WhatsApp Web option on your mobile and check if there are any unknown computers listed under ‘Logged in computers‘. If there are, you better Log out from them πŸ™‚

  • Hi,
    If I press on one computer in the computers list in my phone, it opens google map and I can see the location of the computer.
    How does it know the location? is there a way to disable it from the computer?

    • Windows, by default has Location services turned on. You can try turning off Location in Windows settings. But I think your location will still be estimated based on your IP address.

    • Yes it should. I’ve been using it for like half a month already. Works fine every time. Rest depends on your browser configuration and registery cleaners (if installed).

  • If you login to a company computer with your user name and password ..can the computer pick up that you scan your phone ? Can the it pick up pervious conversation

  • If i am using whatsapp web from the office, and the computer is connected with a LAN cable, then the messages will be traced or tracked or accessible to the IT department ?
    whether they can see to whom i am sending messages, from whom i am receiving messages, images, vedios , etc……..?

    • Most possibly not because the connection is encrypted, but rest depends upon if your IT department is decrypting/assessing HTTPS traffic.

  • Hello, pls I need a solution to this.m friend secretly scanned my qrcode to his PChe started seeing all my messages.I have deleted my whatspp app on my phone and re install it again.and I have also changed my whatspp it still possible for him to see all my messages whenever he logs in his PC.

  • If I lose the Internet connection or if I shut down my laptop. Will the scanned watsapp still be running if I switch on the computer back, like it runs in a phone. Like If i scan the qr code in a laptop the I switch off it and came to another place and switch on the laptop and open the whatsapp Web will it still be running. Or I require to scan it again

    • Unless you clear the browser cookies, you should stay logged in if you’ve checked the box to stay logged in.

  • I have mirrored my girl friends whatsapp with my PC by scanning the QR code and I was watching all her chats in my PC. Recently she moved to Sharjha. Now I m not able to connect with her phone. Whenever I takes the in my PC, it redirects to Is it because of, UAE not supporting WhatsApp calls? Or something else?

  • Hi, Whatsapp web is cool…!!!
    I have a doubt. The images or messages Or conversation I had, will all that gets saved in PC somewhere on which I used???After loging out from whats app web.

    • They shouldn’t be saved anywhere, but can sometimes reside in the browser’s cache for a short duration. You can delete browser cache on exit or use WhatsApp Web in a private window to avoid that πŸ™‚

  • Hi I scanned the QR code on a family members device they didn’t know however. They realised someone had been using it and are going to the police is it possible for them to trace my phone? Even though the connection is no longer active and requires a new QR code to be scanned.

    • No they won’t be able to do anything. The police won’t even take this as valid complaint about something.

  • Hello sir
    My friend is so far to me .and I take his waths app on my pc .A pick of qr code was sanding by waths app .and my friend scane it by his waths app my question is this is it possible many time one qr code work of waths app web

  • Any time I sign out from wattsup web still am seen online by my friends even though an not the app too on my phone . how is that possible .

    • You can only access a very small portion of the previous chat. For previous messages, you need to check on the phone only.

      • Somebody has scan my whatsapp QR code from my iphone. N dint unattached it. How can I get my whatsapp back? Ive to delete cookies or what? Plz suggest me something

  • Hi.
    My phone was connected to
    But after two days is not connected any more.
    So how can i connecte again without scanning QR.

  • i have been using whatsapp web between my own laptop and company phone, now i know its against policy. i ve disconnected but can the past connection to whatsappweb be traceable through my cell phone ? pls answer

  • Dose watsup Web connected once by ticking logged in Chek box required QR scan again and again by any chance

    To keep it simple I have connected my friend watsup account to watsup Web was able to follow that account for some time and know it’s not connecting. Know the qusten is can i be able to connect it again with out QR scan

  • After all the connection should I keep mobile near pc or internet is only medium to connect can I use it kilometres away from pc after one connection done?

        • Your PC name will always appear in the list. There’s no way to avoid that other than changing the PC name to something generic.

  • How i can delete Specific message from Group chat? or Clear chat of Group using WhatsApp web Application.

    Waiting For Quick Response

    Rekha Sharma

    • To delete messages on WhatsApp web, just click the down arrow at the right of the message and choose Delete message. Here’s a screenshot:
      WhatsApp web delete message

      You can only delete individual messages and clearing full chat is not an option yet.

    • If you’re on 2G data network, you cannot use Web while the phone is on call because 2G cannot handle simultaneous data and voice. You need to be connected to a 3G network or WiFi in order to use WhatsApp web while making calls on phone.

  • And my cell is equally used by my another family member and he uses his own sim, so is it mandatory that every time i use my sim i need to scan the code?

  • somebody please help me out, i’m dying to use whatsapp on my laptop, but i don’t exactly understand how to scan the code. i’m using nokia X2 please help me out… expect a reply that works properly

    • In your browser’s default Downloads folder. Unless you only chose to open it instead of downloading.

    • I lost my cel phone but I’m still connected to web.whatsapp. Does it mean my phone is near? or it doesn’t matter?

      • The distance doesn’t matter and it will continue working as long as it is connected. You might be able to locate your phone by checking its location online on a map.

  • If i happened to click on the check box that keeps me loged in all the time i turn on whatsapp web, how do i turn it off?
    It seems that everytime i click on whatsapp app it will log me on automatically and i cant seems to change user.

  • i would like to install whtsapp on my laptop having vista op.system. please if any body can suggest me on the same. how to instal.

    • As WhatsApp is not available standalone for Windows, you will be needed to install BlueStacks Android Emulator and install WhatsApp in there.

  • can I login to multiple pcs I mean at my office as well as my personal pc on Web chats. are there any restrictions that I can login only on one pc. also say if I shut down my pc will I b logged out of from What’s app web chat cause I don’t want to keep on scanning my bar code again n again when I start my pc of laptop.
    what if I forget phone at home and I start my pc in office will I still be able to view my chats on Web

    • You can only login on one PC at a time. When you open a new session, the previous one will be disconnected. When you shut down, you will be logged off if you didn’t check the box to keep you logged in. If you checked it, you’ll be logged in directly everytime.
      As long as your phone is connected to the internet and WhatsApp app is able to communicate with its servers, your phone and PC can be at any distance.

  • I use windows and I want to copy a chat history with an individual is their any chance i can do that using whatsapp web? like u can save facebook chat history with some plugins in firefox? such kind of!!

  • you say “Cannot delete a message” . You can. The messages are on your phone. When you delete them from the phone they are deleted from the web page

    • I was only talking of the missing parts in the web interface. In that way, you can even forward a message from the phone, same for the pics and videos.

    • Company PC? Pardon, but WhatsApp cannot be installed on a PC. For WhatsApp web, nothing is stored on the PC. You just signout and its all gone.

      • If you don’t delete the conversations they aren’t gone when you sign out. Sign back in and they’re still there. I tried it. You delete the messages from the phone. this also deletes them on the web page.

    • You delete the messages from the phone. this also deletes them on the web page. delete contact on phone too. Everything you see on is on your phone. delete it from the phone and it’s deleted from too

  • everything needs to be downloaded in pc and then shared and to delete anything u need to get back to ur mobile and delete it no other way around yet, i am using it very smooth and great piece of work…..keep it up whats and google

  • How to share pics and videos to others in WhatsApp Web ?
    like..i got an video from my friend and now i want to share to other folks …how can i do it in WhatsApp Web ?

  • in my chrome browser s40 option is shown. it says ‘open whatsapp in your phone swipe up from bottom of screen-whatsapp web.’ but in my nokia asha 501 there is no such option πŸ™

  • The other biggest disadvantage of whatsapp web, if kept open on PC, is that it constantly shows you being ‘online’, which may create an odd image in your friends’ mind that you are workless.! πŸ˜›

    • It wasn’t like that during my tests. WhatsApp starts showing you offline if you keep the tab/window minimized or even if it stays in foreground but left inactive for a while. So, unless you’re using it, you’ll be shown offline.

      • hello narender

        even m also getting same problem about all time showing online after minimize the screen. plz suggest wat should i do.

        thanks in advance

        • Is your browser updated to the latest? That can be the only issue causing this. Can you try using Firefox?

    • even when i minimize my whatsapp web window i still appear online to all my friends wich has caused big trouble between me and my girlfriend

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