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WhatsApp Web Lets you Use WhatsApp on your PC – Advantages & Limitations

whatsapp logo squareWhatsApp – the most popular messaging app for smartphones has moved a step ahead with WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp users can now continue their chats on their desktop PC or any other device which can run Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox browser. This will make life easier as when somebody is using his laptop or desktop, he/she can continue his WhatsApp chats in the PC’s browser instead of using the PC and the Phone simultaneously, thereby allowing an easier and richer WhatsApp experience on the bigger screen.

What exactly is WhatsApp Web?

Update: WhatsApp Web and Desktop Apps are updated to bring support for sharing documents. Just tap the paperclip icon and choose document.

WhatsApp Web basically mirrors the chats from your phone to your PC’s browser (Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera) and makes it easier for the users to continue their chats when they are using their computers. That said, WhatsApp Web does not work unless your smartphone has WhatsApp installed and it has internet connectivity. To say it simply and clearly, WhatsApp Web makes your WhatsApp chats accessible on the bigger monitor, hence still requiring the smartphone to be actively connected to the internet. The chat messages will still be stored on your phone as you continue your chats on the Web client. Also, as it runs within the browser, compatibility with different systems and hardware is not an issue.

WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp for Web Layout

WhatsApp Web is also not a standalone application and you cannot create a new WhatsApp account using it. The sole purpose of bringing WhatsApp Web is to address the issue of limiting the users to the smaller mobile screen when they are sitting next to their desktops or a laptops with a bigger screen and a dedicated physical keyboard. This will surely cool down some of the frustrated users which, for this reason have switched to other cross-platform messaging apps which are available for desktops as well.

How to Use WhatsApp Web

You do not need to download any apps or extensions to start using WhatsApp Web. All that you need to do is to open the following link in Firefox, Opera or Chrome browser and scan the QR code using the option present in the WhatsApp application in your phone. You can connect to more than one computers as well.


Windows Phone Users – On the Main WhatsApp screen, tap on the 3 dots at the bottom right and tap on WhatsApp web. Then scan the QR code.

Android Users – On the main window, tap on the 3 dots at the top right and choose WhatsApp Web.

BlackBerry Users – On the chats screen, press the menu key and choose WhatsApp Web

Symbian S60 users – Open WhatsApp, tap on Menu and choose WhatsApp Web

iOS Users – iOS devices not supported yet

Once you’re on the WhatsApp Web screen, point your phone’s camera to your computer’s screen and scan the QR code. Your WhatsApp chats will then show up on your computer and you can start chatting.

If you’ve checked the remember box, you will not be needed to scan the QR code everytime you open the page.

Staying Safe – Be cautious & Disconnect Unknown Devices

WhatsApp Web can be used by others to spy on you. So, be sure that you only hand over your phone to somebody you deeply trust. In case the person scans the WhatsApp Web code using your phone, he/she will be able to access all your chat history.

For your safety, WhatsApp shows a persistent notification on the phone when there is an active WhatsApp Web session. The notification reads WhatsApp Web is currently active and cannot be turned off. Be quick to react if you see the notififcation when you’re not using WhatsApp Web.

whatsapp web logged in computers

In case you suspect that somebody else is using your WhatsApp, you should disconnect all connected devices:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Open WhatsApp Web option.
  3. Tap on Log out from all computers.

This will disconnect all connected sessions. Nobody will be able to access your WhatsApp Web without scanning the code again.

whatsapp web requires connected phoneLimitations of WhatsApp Web

  1. Requires the phone to be constantly connected to the internet.
  2. No way to disconnect individual connected devices.

Rest all is pretty much available. There are notifications and you can send audio messages and even emojis along the text as well.

Did you like the web version of WhatsApp? Let your thoughts flow in the comments section below.


25th Feb 2015 – WhatsApp web is now supported on Firefox and Opera as well. Post updated accordingly. Source

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  • Hi. My husband had hacked my whatsapp. I dont Know when he did it. Now i have logout it from my phine app. I am wanted to know that when i receive message on my app whether my husband got mesage means something like alert that there is message on wtaapp web??
    if i deleted the messages after reading from app, whether my husbnd still read the message or not on web?

    • If you have disconnected all WhatsApp Web sessions from your mobile, then he will no longer be able to access your chats anymore. Be careful next time 🙂

  • Hi Narender..can i continue using watsapp web on my pc, if i uninstall watsapp on my phone after all QR scanning procedures???

    • No, you cannot, Neeraj. WhatsApp Web is just a mirror of WhatsApp on your phone. So, it will only function as long as WhatsApp is installed on your phone and stays connected to the internet.

  • if i already connected whatsapp web with my computer, do i able to use anyother computer without scanning the code again, i mean if i would be working on same domain of the computers.

  • Hiya,

    Does anyone know if WhatsApp for web or WhatsApp desktop work if the phone it’s connected to is in another country to the PC, though still on and connected to the internet?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Izzy, I haven’t tried it in different countries, but I have tried it over long distance and it just works. So country shouldn’t be a problem if you manage to have the code scanned somehow before it expires 😀

  • Whatb happens if I reinstall WhatsApp. Will my WhatsApp web on pc will stay or I will have to again redo everything.

  • I am able to send and receive messages on whatsapp web but not able to make voice calls and video calls. It keeps saying phone is not connected but still text messages can go through.

  • Hi , i am using whatsapp web on Edge. Able to download images and videos, But cant download audio. Anybody can help me to troubleshoot it

      • Hi Narender, i am using whatsapp web on Microsoft Edge. Cannot able to download Audio files. Images and videos can download easily. Internet connection is working well. Please help me to get out of this problem

        • Hi Aseem, are you talking about the Voice recordings from within WhatsApp or the Audio sent as an attachment? I’ll try looking into them when I get to know which one is the one in question 🙂

  • I am using an android app similar to whatsapp web feature for pc to connect to a whatsapp account.

    Now i am disconnected and reason was told that when the whatsapp was updated from play store a pop up appeard on their screen to log out from all computers.

    So is it true that if you update your whatsapp you will be automatically logged out or you receive a pop up for log out.

    Please reply fast..

    Whatsapp update krne se web se log out ho jate h kya? Ya update krne pr pop up aata h kya?

    Reply asap

    • New WhatsApp versions show a persistent notification that a WhatsApp Web session is active. Tapping on it takes you to the active computers screen and you can easily log out from all computers.
      I’m a beta user of WhatsApp and it is updated like daily. And there hasn’t been any disconnection after update.

  • hi ,I wish to know the history of login on whtsapp web because someone has scanned the barcode through my fone and was watching my whtssapp on pc..I mean to say since when he was watching my messages.and seconed thing is that…can somebody bring his narcode pic in his fone and scane it through my fone from my whtsapp??..

      • Hi,

        I manually logged out whatsapp from my computer and after 2-3 hours when i checked through whatsapp web it shows Active and immediately i did log out from all computers and still again it shows active. If somebody else use my computer will it be possible for them to access it without scanning the QR code? Is that the reason it shows Active after i given logout from all computers?

        Please reply

        • With active, do you mean the notification which appears? Sometimes the notification does not go off even when you’ve stopped using WhatsApp Web. That’s a WhatsApp issue and you should not worry about that.
          Nobody can access you Web without scanning your code again 🙂

          • Then what is the use of the option “Logout from all computers”? That means when we check from our phone there should not be any active access shown right?

      • Actually it has happened to me that exactly 10 days after I log in, the session disconnected. I mean on the 10th day at the exact time I started the session. Isn’t it a whatsapp web functionality to log you out after 10 days?

        • While I won’t bet money on this, but I believe that it never expires. I don’t remember the last time I scanned the QR and it still keeps working. I’ve never had it ask me to scan again unless I choose logout or clear my cookies.

          • i used cleanmaster n it does not connect now..whats the issue..can it be rectified..if at all its not working because cookies are deleted..can the cookies be restored for it to work..or any other remedy

  • Hello there, some weeks ago it was possible to archive chats also from the ipad direct on webwhatsap. Recently it does not work anymore. Can you tell ma why?

  • Hello there, some weeks ago it was possible to archive chats also from the ipad direct on webwhatsap. Recently it does not work anymore. Can you tell ma why?

  • Is there any way to screenshot the Qr code and send it to another person so that he/she can scan by their whatsapp app. The code constantly changing, is there any way to stop the changing?

    • No. You need to have it sent to the other person before it expires. You can make use of TeamViewer to share the PC screen as well.

  • Hi. I have scanned my girlfirend’s whatsap code and have been monitoring her chats to see who see talks to ( suspected her of cheating). she stays in a different city. I used firefox browser on my phone. My phone crashed and had to be replaced. is there a way that i can recover the whatsap session on firefox without scanning the code again? how long will the session be active on her phone if i am not able to log out from my phone?

    • Hi , how does this work? Like did she ever notice there’s a notification saying her device was connected to another? there is a notification that comes up when the device is connected to the web.

  • Hi Narender, is there a way to email chats from your whatsapp web computer interface to any mail account?
    Or dowload chats to the computer?

    • None, Cinthya
      You need to use the phone to email chats. Maybe this is because chat does not live on the computer or the cloud. It is fetched from your phone as you scroll up.

  • I had a Whatsapp Web session going, and was going fine for awhile. Somehow the screen changed to the WhatsApp Web home page, not sure what happened. The phone APP shows I still have the computer connected. Is there a way to restore the web session back without rescanning the code again?

  • I have installed one whatsapp account on two different pnones through scan code but when i close my browser it disconnect from second phone how to reconnect it.

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