Tired of Spam, Scam & Unwanted Calls? Try Truecaller

We live in an era where scams, spams and unwanted calls are becoming common, People are losing their time & money with those scams. For example: Fake callers pretending to be bank employees and asking for credit/debit card details so that they can gain access to your account and money. At times we fall for them and thus lose a lot of money.

There are also those unwanted calls, a lot of them. Ranging from companies calling you to offer their products or insurance agents  trying to sell you insurance plans or banking agents calling you to get an account in their banks and so on! It KEEPS GOING ON AND ON.

How to stop this? How to know who is calling you? How to block unwanted calls? How to avoid scam and spam calls? A lot people will say Do not disturb (DND) service is the only way but wait a second, there exists a better way – Truecaller!

truecaller iconTruecaller is a smartphone application which displays who’s calling you. The app also allows users to report if a call was spammy, hence building a list of spam callers. It  also inherits the call blocking facility allowing users to entirely block all reported spam calls or specific numbers as per user’s preferences.

Features of Truecaller

  1. Displays who is calling you.
  2. Display whether that number is a spam number.
  3. Users are able to block unwanted calls.
  4. Block top spammers in a click.
  5. Search for numbers through application or website
  6. Setup your own profile.
  7. Search a person by name and send contact request to them (Sending contact request is a Premium feature).
  8. Discovery function: uses a special algorithms to connect you to the people you might know and send them a contact request (Sending contact request is a premium feature).

Unless the number has an associated and verified profile, the name and other basic information about a number is sourced from the contacts saved on the devices of others. The most commonly used name and other details is then provided to the Truecaller users who do not have the number saved in their contacts.

Truecaller app is available for smartphones running iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile), Nokia Series 40 (Asha), Symbian and Tizen! You can download the app  by searching on the respective app store of your platform or from the Truecaller website.

This is a guest article written by Shahbaaz Chaki who is a Truecaller Brand Ambassador.

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