Know When your WhatsApp Message is Read by the Recipient

WhatsApp (now owned by Facebook) is one of the most used Instant messaging service and in the bid to make Instant Messaging more dependent, WhatsApp is taking the delivery reports a step further with the introduction of read receipts. Users would now see two blue checks (ticks) on the messages they’ve sent indicating that the message has been read by the recipient.

What do Different Checks () Mean?

  • One Check (): Message has been successfully sent, but is awaiting delivery to receiver’s mobile.
  • Two checks ( ): Message has been delivered to the recipient’s mobile, but is not yet read.
  • Two Blue Checks (): Message is read by the recipient.

Exact Time when the Message was Delivered or Read

While the checks or ticks indicate the state of the message, the time that is shown next to the message is the time time when it was sent. But WhatsApp has provided a way to check the exact time when a message was delivered to the receiver’s mobile and when it was read by him/her. to find out the time, just:

Long tap (tap and hold) on the message and choose Info

WhatsApp Read and Delivered Time

WhatsApp might not show the delivery time if the message was sent and received at the same time. Eg. when the recipient is already active in the same chat window.

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