How Hike Offline (Free SMS Messaging) works in Hike Messenger

hike logoHike Messenger is a great and fast growing messaging platform with lots of uses around the globe. It is also one of the most popular apps which are being developed in India. Although not as popular as the WhatsApp messenger or the WeChat application, Hike still has acquired a good amount of the social messaging app share because of its nice features.

One such feature of hike is the ability to send messages even when the receiving party is offline. Hike intelligently detects if the other party is offline and then sends a text (SMS) message instead of the normal hike message to make sure that the conversation is not interrupted πŸ™‚ The text is sent to the mobile number registered to the person’s hike account.

Tip: Free SMS Messages can only be sent to India

When does Hike Send a Text Message?

hike sms

We’ll try to explain the process in the form of steps. Continue reading to find out. Hike will send a text (SMS) message in the following cases.

  • You’re talking with your friend and suddenly his connection stops responding. Hike will send an SMS message instead to make sure that the message reaches him.
  • You message a contact in your address book who is not using Hike Messenger. So hike will send a text message instead as regular messaging is not possible.
  • Your friend has turned off his data connection or his plan/allowance expired. Hike will then send a text message so as to make sure that the message reaches him.
  • When you manually select to send a text message to the person from within the chat screen options.

Earn more Free SMS Messages

hike free smsBy default, Hike allows up to 100 free SMS messages in a month. The sent counter is reset on the 1st of every month. There are however a few ways by which you can earn more free SMS messages.

  1. Send a SMS message to a friend not already using Hike and when he replies, you’ll earn 10 free SMS. So you’ll have 10 extra free SMS messages available every month.
  2. When you invite a friend and he downloads the hike app and starts using, you’ll earn 50 free SMS messages.
Tip: If the other person replies to the text message, the message reaches your Hike Messenger chat window just like a normal reply will.


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  • Hi i recently started using Hike Messenger. yeah its working fine but the problem is wen we send a text message as wel wen v receive a text message from anybody it would be from a unknown number.Y is it?
    Is any third party interfering in between us?
    is there any end to end encryption like whatzap?
    if not plz work on it that could make people more satisfied.

    • Hike is using auto generated mobile numbers (Not user’s mobile number) with sms service from providers like to send sms and auto generated number is mapped with hike’s user account so end user can get reply too.

      • Is there any way to check if the offline SMS is getting delivered to the person?
        Will the offline SMS works even when the other person has uninstalled the app??

  • I miss you so much for this product.
    I want to know on hike if someone using net but lying trying to shows that they turned of thier net but laterwe found that person is not receving messags on hike but does on whatsapp ..i want to know is there any option to stop someone from messaging us without blocking them ..bhai mere message deliver ni hore hike pe but whtsap pe hore hai ..kya usne app uninstall kiya hai..?? Ya koi option esa ata hai jo mute jesa ho.

  • I want to know that will hike app can be fully hide by any code . Or i want to know that ma frnd installed nd after few days she uninstalled that aap and now when i see his last seen it shown ‘ on sms’ . I want to know that is she using that aap or it is completly uninstalled from the phone. Please if anybody knows abt it plzz. Msg me its urgent and very important to me .

  • I want to know on hike if someone using net but lying trying to shows that they turned of thier net but laterwe found that person is not receving messags on hike but does on whatsapp ..i want to know is there any option to stop someone from messaging us without blocking them ..bhai mere message deliver ni hore hike pe but whtsap pe hore hai ..kya usne app uninstall kiya hai..?? Ya koi option esa ata hai jo mute jesa ho

    • Kafi reasons ho sakte hain bhai:
      1. App uninstall ho sakta hai.
      2. Backgroud me Hike ka autostart band kia ho sakta hai (some phones support that option). So jab bhi force stop hoga toh uske baad wapis kholne tak wo connect nahi hoga apne aap.
      3. Kafi phones me firewall ati hai. You can block which apps are allowed to access internet. In-built nahi bhi ho toh Opera Max jaisi apps se bhi ye ho jata hai.
      4. Phone ka battery saver mode on kar dia ho toh bhi background data band ho jata hai. Sirf opened apps hi mostly data use kar pati hain.

      Aise hi aur methods bhi hain. So better yahi hoga k usi ko puch lo k bhai kyu bhed bhav kar raha hai πŸ˜›

  • Hi! I recently started using this app on my iPhone 5s and I’m not able to send free SMS.. how do I resolve this?

  • Pissing off i can’t send SMS on hike what the fuck are you thinking in your mind and post this kind of posts.reply me first

    • Alright. So where are you stuck? What does it say when you try to send a message to somebody who is offline?

  • Can someone text me offline on hike even if i had blocked him ………. had he hacked my aaccount or is it possible????

  • Dear frnd ,In Hike i can able to send offline msg to anyone but if anybody send offline message to me its not coming.Please give solution for this

  • I am on hike i can get a message from but i could not send when i am sending it says the person is offline but the person is not offline it goes through SMS even sms the person could not getting whta is the problem

  • Just downloaded hike.but m not able to send offline msg to a person who doesn’t have hike..says :waiting for dnd users to join.

  • My hike suddenly not allowing to send messages when I type words r entering but it’s stuck to previous messages and not scrolling down why

  • I uninstalled hike and installed again after which I can receive messages n chats but cand shows my contacts are offline always

  • If my frnd is not on hike and he do not have my no and I send him msg free on hike then by which no msg is sent to him? my no or that hike (for free msging no.?)

  • i want a very trickly and eligeable contra bynds and schedule of sms mafroge .
    thank you
    foosi singh or gaathi singh

  • My friend(who isn’t on Hike) complains that she loses her balance when I sent her a text through Hike free SMS. She says that this happens for more than half my texts. It’s like, upto a limit they reach her without any problem and after that every message that I send her drains some of her currency.
    Please let me know what this is about and what is SMS limit upto which I can text her without affecting her sim card balance!

  • Is this offline message sending Option anvilable in IOS??
    Iam not able to see that.
    I recently upgraded my Phone from Android to IOS. normaly if the reciever is offline hike will give option as ‘SEND AS TEXT MSG’ , But this feature is not available now.. Is there any settings to be done?

  • I sent a few hike offline sms to a contact who was offline but now I got to know that none of the message was ddelivered to him. Can anyone tell why this happens?

  • Sir from 7 am to present i have already send more than 300 hike msg and 100 stickers to frends using hike but their is no increament in hike sms.

  • mera balance redeem kyo nhi ho raha hai only heavy transactio volume likh raha hai plzzz give adwise what i do…..?

    • You can send hike to hike messages, but the SMS cannot be sent to a US mobile number. Free SMS are only for Indian numbers.

  • Hey Hi, I got a query is it possible to increase hike offline text msgs. However i need them more rather than online msgs. If any solution pls help me out with your suitable reply.

  • Whether hike sms will work in an indain mobile number at outside india..??? Hike sms facility is available in india only no..??? Den is it possible to send an sms to indian mobile number using abroad…???

  • Hi

    How to get the hike app (message) . While installing time I put my mobile number but it’s not sending. I got only error message like requested time out. Kindly give me some solutions for this app to install in my phone


    • Hike is not available for desktops running Windows 10. You can however try installing Bluestacks and run Hike inside it.

  • Hike app invited SMS taken my all contact numbers, but my phone all contact r not my friends plz first stop with out permission SMS

  • This is the best messenger application. Though I use WhatsApp but it is not up to my satisfaction level whereas hike offers more attractive features. faster message delivery even if u r in 2G plan. love this application very much. After all it is MADE IN INDIA.

    • Certainly Hike is a well developed app, something you rarely see happening in India. Only downside is that you find much lesser of your contacts using Hike.

  • sm1 has misused my phone number and had installed hike and txtd sm1. But now he has uninstalled hike. can any1 plz tell how can I find out who it was?

  • hiii,
    my sim by which i was operating my hike is been destroyed by me unknowingly. i want to delete my account i have tried but while verification its not possible….
    plz help me… it can be used by other. and can be a lack of privacy

    • It will only be used by somebody if he has a SIM with the same number. So where is the problem?

  • I am als facing d same prblm lyk @sumona…wen i clck on hike icon d screen goes blnk…n it shws hike z nt respndng…so plz gve solutn fr it

  • Hike shows my offline sms count 0. I tried reinstalling, clearing cache but of no use. I chat on hike a lot but still it shows no offline sms left. Y is dat so?

  • I’m using lumia 610
    it’s hike is only upgradable to 1.8
    I’VE 34 free messages , but I don’t know how to send free messages????

    please answer me….

  • Am using hike in ios not able to send free msg to the person’s inbox when they are in there any way to change settings in my iphone?

  • I’m using iphone 3GS.,My frnd(android) is not receiving some of my hike free sms.,But he is receiving some msgs.,How can i assure that my hike msg sent 2 him was received by him or not????

  • If u nudge a person when you are offline and delete that message, will it still go to them when you come back online???

  • I don’t use hike application. But i wanna stop receving msgs sent from hike by other users. Is there any link from where i can block a particular number? Kept the number in DND bt still receving the msgs from hike. Please advise. Thank you.

  • I m using iOS
    how to send message to person’s inbox if he is offline
    as there option comes in android ‘send as free message person is offline ‘

  • I have just installed hike on my mobile but im not able to use it…..when i open the app all i can see is a blank screen….what is wrong??? I use obi S551

  • hello,

    i have faced a problem in hike. i am using i phone 5s and everyday i do hiking with my love but before 2 days we fought because i did not got message in my hike but in her hike there was showing double tick. i did not got messages due to my data plan expired and my mobile balance was 0 . but my data connection was on for 24*7.
    it can be a reason for double tick?

    please replay fast because it is about my love so……


  • How does it work in an iphone or blackberry as i tired to send msg through hike when my frnd in offline but it doesnt work untill my frnd come online??? Help!!!!!

  • i hv deleted my hike for some reasons… now i want to regester hike for same number.. but it is no creating hike account.. wht can i do now?

  • For the past few months, hike sms count is not reset to 100 on 1st of every month… Its throwing a message like no free sms left…. Any solution for this problem ?

    • Yep things have changed and the article is very outdated. They now only increase when you use Hike. The more hike to hike messages you send, the more free SMS you earn πŸ™‚

  • since two days memmbers of my phonelist telephoned me for baka messages. pl.use respectfully lanuage for yours advertisements for downloading. i spoil my relation also for such type of message. please note that message goes to ladies,gents,boys,and girls as well as customers, family members, please remove immediate such type of Baka download kar type messages.
    i like too much hike but forcely i have to uninstall because of that.

  • How do I know that someone ( non hiker ) blocked me when I send sms…there is right sign at the end of every msg I send….plz tell me very soon I been grateful to you…..

    • I don’t think there is a way to find that out, but most probably you’re not clicked. When you send an SMS, you don’t get any delivery reports. The tick (right) sign signifies that the message has been sent.

  • i didn’t have smart phone, i have basic model phone in nokia and i cant receive any sms send by my friend through hike. don’t know what is the problem. did i want to deactivate DND.

  • Hike on my frnds phone goes offline moment the screen is locked. The hike messenger shows him as online only if he opens hike manually and checks for message. Is this intended functionality?

    • Which phone is he using? Hike’s background notifications agent is not so strong especially on java based feature phone. So that could be an issue. Sometimes restarting the phone can improve the notifications push a lot.

        • Another issue is, on the same phone, while whats-app is always shown offline, Hike goes offline moment you start using anything else.

          So if you want to see if you have got any hike message or not, you need to go to Hike manually and open it then only you receive all the messages.

          This sounds little weird as instant messaging feature all together is destroyed.

  • I sent msg from hike to my friend who is using basic mobile but he has not replied that time and deleted that msg also. So now how i can send msg to him onwards pls help me

  • I got a message from 8451(hike number) i dont have his mobile number ,can i get his mobile number with the help of the hike number??

  • I just hot a message on hike from an unknown number that “bla bla bla number joined hike !!” But that number isnt saved on my phone then why would hike alerts me for an unknown number has joined hike ?
    Moreover if hike sents it just bcoz that person has my number saved on the phone then it doesnt makes sense too !!!


    • Actually, it only shows up when you have that number added to your phonebook. i haven’t seen that popping up for an unsaved contact.
      Can you confirm if you’ve by chance saved that number without name? or maybe it is connected to a Facebook account of one off your friends and not directly saved?

  • Hi,

    any idea about for send messaging and receive messaging to non-hike user . i want to integrate that functionality in java please help me if u have any idea about this concept.

  • When i used to send offline contact free sms its says waiting for dnd. The person does not get sms plz help

    • It has probably activated DND on his mobile and should not receive any more messages from Hike unless he replies to one of them, or else deactivate DND.

  • I have downloaded hike but my messeges are unable 2 send 2 my hiking frends while my frnds messeges receiving 2 me as a text msg…. I need u r help really…. Plzz help me… My handset is blackberry 9320

  • If it shows ‘S’ on hike, does it mean that the message reached the other person but his only not using his phone?

  • I have downloaded hike but its not accepting the pin. Therefore, i am not able to run the app. My model is nokia x2-01. Help !

    • It will ask u for mob no. Dont give yuor x2 01 ‘s no.give ur mother or father’s no. Then it will send a verifi code to the no. That u have given type it inthe hike verifi code bar and keep hiking……..

  • I want to offline chat with my friend on hike what can i do?syow me the image how can i offline chat when i am offline

  • Whenever i send a text message from hike to non hike user. They get the message from unknown number and not from mine from i use to send them text message. Is this spam ?

    • According to regulations issued by TRAI, no other service can send text message with sender being your number. So none of hike’s fault there, but replying to that message will still get into your hike inbox πŸ™‚

  • I have saved a number in my phone as ‘raj’…in HIKE ‘raj’ is not shown in ‘PEOPLE ON HIKE’ or ‘SMS CONTACTS’ but the number is shown only at the top of ‘SMS CONTACTS’ list without any name…
    If I open blocked list, ‘raj’ is available in ‘ALL CONTACTS’ and if I block him, again in ‘BLOCKED CONTACTS’ only number is visible not the name ‘raj’…
    Why is it so?does it mean he has blocked me?

  • olz can u tell me DAT how can I deleted contact from hike..and by d way d no is not save in my contact list den y its in hike list

  • I m sending msg by hike offline feature.. bt since i m nt having no free sms left with me,so it is alwz asking for carrier charges apply b4 sending the message & i m using hike with wifi connection so,are my messages which i m sending through hike offline feature would have been recevd to my frnd??

      • Unfortunately, they will not receive those messages which are not sent. If your fiend is also on hike, he will receive them when he opens the app. Otherwise they go nowhere.
        You can earn more free SMS by using hike – hike messaging even more. The more you use hike, the more free sms you get.

  • Hahahaha,
    Its completely Bullshit.
    We can send message from HIKE to an offline person. its fine. How will the offline person will reply. There is no way.
    There is only one way is to reply with SMS.
    That we are using on the pager since the mobile was not invented.

    Offline Chat line is completely False Marketing just to get more users.

    • It’s obvious that it will make use of SMS as otherwise, how can the service connect when there is no internet access. It’s still better than having nothing, right?

  • I want to know… If u Uninstall the hike ur last seen can not be seen by anyone??? means does it look like a contact who has blocked you…please help

    • Blocked contacts cannot be contacted whereas your friends will still be able to send you Text Messages.

    • When you are offline and a hike user sends you a Text (SMS) message, you can just reply to that message and it will reach the hike inbox of other person. However, normal text message charges will apply.

  • How to use it plzzzzz help
    It says 4 boxes first 2 are clickable and other two not
    When I click it it says hidden mode(…………….)

    • They are collected from your phone book. So import your contacts list to your tab and start using Hike πŸ™‚

  • Hey I just installed hike..just wanna ask..I cant find hidden passcode option n also wen I tried regular sms option charged me my operated plan this messenger makin a fool ..lolz

  • Hey! please come on with hike and earn more balance in hike. i am waiting for hike to free sms from every one months. please be update the point of earn free sms in hike as i need.

  • Sir, phale mra pass 60 free sms tha lkin jb mne aana account delete kr k fir same no. Ka account bnaya toh only 20 free sms hai….. Q asa plz help

  • When 1st time I installed this app they asked our no. Ryt?
    But I deleted dat account and uninstalled it due 2 sum reasons ,, after some days again I installed an app,
    But now it doesn’t show an option of entering a no. !, why dis is so ?????
    Plz help meee….

  • X is offline.tap to send an free what circumstances does ths msg appear? Will dat also mean if the user X has uninstalled hike and when u try to txt him such msg wud show? Or did he block me? Pls rep me asap

    • Basically when the user is not connected to the chat server, you get the option to send the last sent message as a text message.
      If a user is not on hike, any message you send to him will be sent as a Text message, but if he does not reply to any of those messages, you might not be allowed to send any more texts.
      It will not work for the users who have blocked you as otherwise block will get pretty useless πŸ˜€

        • It is only used to register you on the service. People who have saved your phone number on their Address Book will be able to find you easily using that number.
          Your number is not displayed publicly so that’s not an issue.

  • Bro i have sent an message to my friend which is not on hike, but it shows that he is on DND, so waiting for him to reply, what is that?
    And how will i know that the msg has delivered?

    • If the person has activated DND facility on his number, messages cannot be delivered to him, unless he replies to the first message.

    • Reply with any of the following options to that same message.
      ‘*block’ to block a user.
      ‘*block phone#’ to block a specific phone number
      To opt-out, give a missed call to +919266630849.

    • Nothing can be done, buddy. They are lost. You can contact Hike team to see if they still keep a backup copy on your phone.

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