How Hike Offline (Free SMS Messaging) works in Hike Messenger

hike logoHike Messenger is a great and fast growing messaging platform with lots of uses around the globe. It is also one of the most popular apps which are being developed in India. Although not as popular as the WhatsApp messenger or the WeChat application, Hike still has acquired a good amount of the social messaging app share because of its nice features.

One such feature of hike is the ability to send messages even when the receiving party is offline. Hike intelligently detects if the other party is offline and then sends a text (SMS) message instead of the normal hike message to make sure that the conversation is not interrupted πŸ™‚ The text is sent to the mobile number registered to the person’s hike account.

Tip: Free SMS Messages can only be sent to India

When does Hike Send a Text Message?

hike sms

We’ll try to explain the process in the form of steps. Continue reading to find out. Hike will send a text (SMS) message in the following cases.

  • You’re talking with your friend and suddenly his connection stops responding. Hike will send an SMS message instead to make sure that the message reaches him.
  • You message a contact in your address book who is not using Hike Messenger. So hike will send a text message instead as regular messaging is not possible.
  • Your friend has turned off his data connection or his plan/allowance expired. Hike will then send a text message so as to make sure that the message reaches him.
  • When you manually select to send a text message to the person from within the chat screen options.

Earn more Free SMS Messages

hike free smsBy default, Hike allows up to 100 free SMS messages in a month. The sent counter is reset on the 1st of every month. There are however a few ways by which you can earn more free SMS messages.

  1. Send a SMS message to a friend not already using Hike and when he replies, you’ll earn 10 free SMS. So you’ll have 10 extra free SMS messages available every month.
  2. When you invite a friend and he downloads the hike app and starts using, you’ll earn 50 free SMS messages.
Tip: If the other person replies to the text message, the message reaches your Hike Messenger chat window just like a normal reply will.

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