Tata Docomo WhatsApp Packs are NOT Unlimited

Tata Docomo LogoTata Docomo is making a lot of buzz in the social networking space with its social networking plans  such as for the Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. The Facebook and twitter plans provide a limited amount of free data to the users which can be used for browsing any website and not just Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn which the company claims.

Coming to the special WhatsApp packs, Tata Docomo exaggerates it too much by claiming that they are unlimited. Whereas in reality, they only provide a very low amount of free data which will be eliminated in a day by most of the hardcore WhatsApp users. Again, the free data so provided can be used for browsing any website besides WhatsApp. Following are the correct details of the WhatsApp packs.

15 Days WhatsApp Pack for ₹15

The ₹15 WhatsApp pack provides 20MB of free data usage valid for 15 days. When activate this pack, you will receive 20MB of data which will be valid for browsing any website and not just WhatsApp.

30 Days WhatsApp pack for ₹30

The 30 days WhatsApp pack costs twice of the ₹15 pack and provides double the data i.e. 40 MB. As with the ₹15 pack, the data will be valid for browsing any other website as well as WhatsApp.

Are these packs useful?

Definitely not. A standard user will easily consume more than the provided 20/40 MB of data. All you need to do is to send/receive 2 video clips and your free data will be off to the skies and further WhatsApp usage (even if the validity is left) will be charged at their standard rate of 10p/10kb. Tata Docomo’s marketing is simply misleading as they mention the unlimited part, time and again. We tried asking the customer care about this and even they don’t have any additional information. Till date they are claiming that the pack provides unlimited access to WhatsApp.

You should only go for the above packs if your usage is very minimal and you are not going to send/receive anything besides text messages. In any case, switching to their Facebook + Twitter packs is a better deal as they provide more data for a price same as the WhatsApp packs. Following is a quick look at them.

  • 15 days Facebook pack costs ₹15 and provides 150MB of free data which can be used for browsing any site.
  • 30 days Facebook pack costs ₹30 and provides 300MB of free data valid for browsing any website.

Choosing the above Facebook packs is definitely a better option than getting fooled by the WhatsApp packs.

Thanks Saif for the tip.


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