Tata Docomo Rs. 250 Unlimited 3G + Talktime – Plan Details

Tata Docomo is recently found promoting its Unlimited 3G plan which is priced at Rs. 250. We gave it a run and here we have the complete details about the pack.

The plan priced at Rs. 250 is another plan from in the SmartLife category. It provides the users with Full Talk-Time of Rs. 250 and Unlimited Data usage. Here’s a catch though. The 3G speeds are only applicable for the first 1GB of data consumed. After that, the speeds will shift down to that of a regular 2G/Edge connection. Here are the exact benefits which it provides:

RC 250 = Talk Value of Rs. 250* + 1 GB of 3G data + Unlimited Data at 64Kbps

P.S: The Talk Value will be added to the core validity of your SIM card and does not carry any special validity. You can callit as unlimited validity.

Activation of Tata Docomo Rs. 250 3G pack:

To activate, users need to recharge their mobile number with a Special Recharge of Rs. 250. Please do note that this is a special recharge and is different from the regular 250 recharge which only provides Talk Value and no data benefits. You need to ask the retailer to do a special recharge.

You can also recharge your account online using PayTM. Just don’t forget to check special recharge before proceeding.

Internet Settings Tata Docomo Rs. 250 3G pack:

Unlike the other Internet Plans from Tata Docomo, the settings for this plan are different and it won’t connect if you continue to use the older settings (TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET). To get the settings, follow the procedure below:

  1. Compose a new message
  2. Type in HVC
  3. Send it to 52270
  4. You’ll receive the settings instantly, otherwise in some cases it may take upto 2 hours.

Manual Settings:

Being Tata Docomo does not require any proxy details for the settings, the only thing which you need to input is Access Point Name i.e TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC

Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you are facing any issues or have some doubts.


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  • Horrible service. They just want to loot you by giving those offers. They will tell 3g, but even if the network is full and shows 3g, even a single whatsapp text message wont get delivered nor can you receive phone calls. Dont fall for these.

    • I agree wid u…this service provider provides horrible service…even i face d same issue with 3g. Network to thik se rehta nahi hai aur chale hai offer dene…ullu ke patthe…?

  • Is it true that 3g speed unlimited and 1gb data period not mentioned plus Rs 250 talk time Is the scheme still on please reply

  • I have done recharge of Rs 250/- i have got only FULL TALK TIME but no DATA pls clarify?????????????????????????

  • what is the Docomo ussd code for getting information of special offers on our number… please do tell

  • Hello… The 251 recharge which gives 1gb internet and 150 talktime with 30 days validity. Does the talktime also expires in 30 days??

  • hi, In my mobile its deducting all my currency when I recharge,by saying Data Usage…but actually I didn’t even turn on my data….so if anyone knowing this issue plz help me πŸ™ …Is there any thing to stop or Deactivate something???

  • 250 plan with 205 TT and 1 GB 3G data still available ??.
    I am from Pune, Plz let me know this recharge is applicable for me or not.

  • sir net pack and talk time offer tel me within 300 rs only sir..takltime unlimeted sir i pack 30 days.any offer is ther sir

  • How can i recharge any special net pack in my phone using my talktime? Is it possible in docomo?? I’ ve got a special offer of 1gb 3 g data for 30 days for 76 rs only.. Can i avail this offer using my talktime

    • Check at the website of Tata Docomo if the offer is listed for purchase via Phone Balance.

  • HI I want to recharge online through paytm, my confusion is whether I have to recharge for 250 or 251 for special recharge to get 200 rs talk time+1 gb 3g Internet ..plz let me know

  • This is Dinesh from Gujarat.
    I use 251 recharge which gives 1GB 3G data with 205 talktime. But i read on some websites that post 1GB 3G data you can use 2G data unlimited till your validity expires. I also talked to CSR and he told me that it is only 3G data and no 2G unlimited is given after you use 3G.
    To confirm this when my 3G data was over it still try to use data but it got charged. So it is confirm that 2G unlimited is not applied to this plan after 1GB 3G data.

  • Hey I have recharged 251rs..and I got 200rs talk time and 1gb data..but I cannot able to use what’s app and Facebook app in my mobile.plz tell??

  • i bought new photon 3g dongle from tata docomo outlet at bangalore on 17th october 2013 till now it is not yet activated. so they provided the demo simcard along with that on 20 october for the time being…But this also gets disconnected continuosly.In 10 minutes of duration it disconnects 5 to 6 times.i am feeling worst about this …….
    i dont now weather dongle is not working properly or docomo network is not good…….

    • Docomo’s network = Crap. That’s it! My Photon+ is behaving the same way. 3G on my phone is doing the same.
      They are getting more users, but not willing to upgrade the infrastructure.

  • Hi,

    I am using Samsung Note 2 phone and recently bought DOCOMO SIM. I am using this phone mainly for internet hence activated the phone with Rs.251 i.e. Rs. 200 TT & 1 GB 3G data. Now as informed in APN i have changed TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET to TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC for 3G.

    The issue is rarely the data is connected most of the time there is no data only. It comes for half an hour and later its disconnected for few hours. There is no continuity for the whole day.

    Kindly update.

    • This is the problem with docomo’s network. The connection is disconnected every 40 minutes and then you need to re-connect, sometimes it will connect and on other times it will just keep on sending data and no reception.
      What you can do is to put the phone into flight mode, take it out and see if the data icon at top shows a downlink icon (yellow). If not, flight and take it out again.
      This is all with docomo’s network, nothing being your fault.

  • Hi, I’m using a Canvas 4 handset and when i sent this text, i got a reply saying that my handset does not support automatic settings. What do I do?

  • I was using 250 (DATA + TT ) plan. Internet was working fine then. But now I have shifted to Rs.90 3G PACK (600 MB), but i”m not able to connect to internet..Have tried with these 3G settings:TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET and TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC.. Both of them are not working. Please help

  • i have HTC one. these setting are nt working for me.

    i have blocks like
    Name, APN, Proxy, Port, Username, Password, Server, MMS protocol(already set to- wap 2.0)MCC (405),MNC(037) Authentication type, APN type, Bearer
    Can u pls tell me wht to fill in this respective blocks.

    • For internet connectivity, you have to fill nothing else besides the APN. Just enter TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC in that field and save. Restart the handset and it should be fine.
      Rest is all network issues of Docomo. Network remains very busy so sometimes you’ll have around zero internet access during peak hours. Try it late at night and then you’ll be able to confirm where the issue is.

  • I tried changing APN to TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC but still my 3G connection is not working. The only app that uses internet is whatsapp, rest nothing works (be it gmail, fb, news app etc.)

      • HTC One V. But I was successfully running all these apps with airtel 3G. Now with DoCoMo 3G, nothing is working.

        • Docomo’s network is quite busy at all times. So are you sure you’ve tried connecting again and again? There’s no other setting that you need to change. So could be a network issue. Try a restart though.

    • They are available in following cities in Maharashtra – Akola, Aurangabad, Bhiwandi, Dhule, Jalgaon, Kolhapur, Latur, Malegaon, Nagpur, Nanded, Nasik, Pune, Sangli, Miraj, Shirdi, Solapur, Vasai.

      More info here

  • I checked it through various shopkeepers they are saying that this plan is only for using 3g on your mobile and it wont work for dongle. I have i-ball pen drive which can run 3g for any service provider. But shopkeeper says this plan of 1gb 3g internet + talk time wont work for dongle. So, someone using it with dongle please clariffy the doubt. thanks

    • Although service providers always say that this is not for dongles as usually the dongle plans are pretty expensive and dongles can transfer loads of data in short time.
      It however should work in a dongle, but service provider might cancel your connection in case you’re caught.

  • it is disconnecting frequently in bangalore.
    every day 6 PM to 7.30 there wont be any access, but signal is good, only data connection not working.

    • Its the network which remains so busy πŸ˜› Normal calling and texting shouldn’t be affecte. Just the data services because of the number of users. Every phone these days stays connected 24×7 πŸ˜›

  • This plan is very good. All sites open at a broad band speed.

    After 1gb how to get good speed in this plan as 2g speed is very low. Help me for this.

  • I have recharge of rc 250 and done above settings TATA. DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC then also not able to access getting popup message packet data not available plz help me

  • I have recharge of rc 250 and done above settings TATA. DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC then also not able to access getting popup message packet data not available plz help me

  • sir, suppose i have a 3g sim and i wanna continue by recharging that with the 2g taulktime recharge or 2g top-ups which are specified fir the 2g sim planes …is it possible?? if it is possible then i can do it all using a single sim phone… pls help me by informing… πŸ™‚

    • Yes it is. The SIM always remains the same. If you subscribe for a 2G pack, you’ll get 2G speeds and if you recharge with 3G pack, you’ll get 3G speeds. SIM change is not needed.

  • i dont get any details till now for how much the data of 3g has been used. so how to know the data used till now.

    • Then you haven’t yet reached the 25% capping. There’s no other way to check the data you’ve used besides waiting for their message to arrive πŸ™‚

    • If you go through the comments by others, everyone experiences the same issue.
      Docomo’s network is overloaded. More users so it usually remains busy. So its hard to connect and the connection is terminated by Docomo every 40 minutes. Sadly you need to live with this. No cure.. πŸ™

  • singhnsk how to add the extra initialization commands in modem’s settings in device manager and what is this setting. pl help me for this.

  • me 250 vala plan use karta hu par muje kuch din bad sms ata hain ki you used 50% of your datas quotas to ye to sirf vo 1gb 3g deta kahi message hogana koi mere pure plan ka nahi hogana……

  • i m using airtel unlock stick………usme Docomo ka card use karta hu……..250 3G plan…pr usme net connetc nahi hota….kya karu ????
    connnct nota he pr ku6 open nahi hota….reply me………………….:)

  • this go to control panel –> device manager –> modems –> Samsung usb mobile modem (in my case) —> Right click –> properties –> advance tab –> paste this in the box->> AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC”

    copy as it is from AT including “”

    worked for me πŸ™‚

  • i have 250 docomo recharge. i am using net on samsung primo but it does not connect to laptop by connection manager. if hvc setting is reason, please give solution.

  • Bhai..Samaung S duos Galaxy mobile ahi mera aur upar data ka jo orange&blue up & down arrow wala jo symbol rehta hai out of that only blue is blinking due to taht I am not able to use internet..
    Setting 10 baar mangaa chuka hu kuch nhi ho raha hai yaar

    • Bhai.. ye docomo hai πŸ˜›
      Ek baar khud check karle k settings theek hai, Mobile Networks me jake.. If right, fir bas keep trying.. Flight Mode > and take it out. Agar nahi chalta, do that again and again.. End me chal hi jaega.
      Docomo kisi kaam ka nahi hai, Bas sasta hai πŸ˜€

  • I just tried the TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC but the problem is that now its working at the half speed of the 2G plan ……. i was getting 125-140 kbps speed of net surfing but now its stuck to 65-70 kbps πŸ™

    • If you’ve subscribed to this 3G plan, it won’t even work with any other access point besides this HVC one. Maybe you’ve used up all your 3G data and now just on 2G. As I’ve written in the post, after 1GB of 3G, speed is highly reduced.

  • i hv recharge wid rs.250 special recharge ye 2G par toh work kar raha but 3G select karte hi docomo ke network nahi ate “no network” ka sign aa jata h i hv dne all setting but still facing prblm cutmr care ko contact kiya so dey jst say setting send kar dete h phir se they do nt hv any solution
    pls help

  • I used RC250 offer for Unlimited 3G(with conditions). And it turns out only first 1GB is at higher speeds and rest of time it gets down to 8 KB/s average. I was told to use “TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC” as apn for availing RC250 offer. i.e by sending “HVC” to 52270 AppService. Now, when I topup with RC149 voucher, I can’t use old APN, i.e. “TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET” doesn’t work. I want to use “TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET” apn with regular mobile internet packs like RC149. What should I do? 1. Customer care is useless. 2. Online chat is useless. 3. Do not redirect and ask specific details. It’s a general problem,

    Thanks .

    • No idea mate.. I’m myself going through this problem. After experiencing the pathetic service with the HVC APN, I tried to revert back to the normal 2G plans, but to my surprise, they also only work with the HVC APN now. No idea how to revert back to the old APN.
      I’m still trying if something is possible.

  • I recharge my mobile with 250 rs 3G plan but My internet is not working it show the error that “failure to query from radius server”. I am using nokia lumia 710…… I was done all settings like TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC but it not works… SO please help me out .

  • Im using this SIM for past 1year now I put 250 Full talktime + internet 3G connection but my handset is iphone apple unablly i dont to connect internet im finding difficult in this can you please help to get browse

  • dear frnds 250 recharge of 3g…this is valid only in mobile with apn(TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC)….
    this pack is valid for mobile can not be use in pc or dont waste ur time to configure it..thank u..

    • And who told you about this? I’ve tried it personally and it works on a laptop, computer or whatever. You just need to dial the connection with appropriate AT command providing the correct Access Point. If it doesn’t wok for you, don’t start assuming that it doesn’t work at all πŸ˜›

  • yes i have successfully done a special recharge . and i am not receiving any error . it is just not connecting . 2g and 3g both are not working . i have tried to contact customer care for about 1000 times but it seems like they are the most busy humans on earth … i have tried to set apn manually also . but no profit …

    • Contact them via chat. That’s the best way to contact those dumb fools. You won’t wait any more than 5 minutes.
      Use the following link to connect to the Chat Service –

      Lets see if that helps. The other case can be because Docomo’s network stays quite busy at peak hours, sometimes it becomes a hassle connecting it (you can have a feeling of that by reading the previous comments :D).

  • I cant activate this plan they r saying ur device does not support automatic settings I have galaxy s3 pls hlp

    • If you recharged with 250, the plan should’ve been activated already. You just need to configure your phone to use the access point “TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC”

  • i have recharged with rs 250 and also have send sms of ‘HVC’ to52270 .. but still i have not got any setting … i have tried to change the apn manually but still it dsnt wrkd for me …
    what to do ?

  • docomo pehle to setting nahi bhejta aur last 5 days connection nahi milta matlab ki 1 month paln me aap keval 15 din net use kar sakteho vo bhi ruk ruk ke…….

    • galat bat hain. 15 din to kiya 15 minit v nahi chalta. Main kaal 11 am k as pas recharge kiya to aavi tak network busy dikharahe. cc ko call kiya to salo ne mera 3g mobile ko 2g bata rahe.

  • TATA DOCOCMO Ko Log keval plan ki vajah se pasand kr rahe he,calling network bhi janha tower he achha milta he pr khi khi to dhunne se bhi nhi milta jab ki dushre network pr kaphi achha rispons milta he. or tatadocomo internet ki to bat hi kya?. tower k niche beth jao phir bhi pahli bar to jaldi connect ho jayga or phir 20 se 30 minut bad autodisconnect…phir to dhunte hi rho bs try karte rhopura din…custmercare call kro to bolenge ho jaiga try kro…………….Are kya try kro yar connect ho tab na……………..

    • Bilkul sahi kaha Bishok bhai. Docomo k network ki toh baat hi mat karo. Agar roaming mein kahi jana pad jaye toh bas soch k niklo k phone milne ka 20-30% chance hi hai :/
      Aur GPRS toh kuch jada hi aacha hai. Plan toh sasta de dete hai, magar woh chalta toh hai nahi. Vodafone lelo.. Mehanga hai, but itna toh bharosa rahega k jarurat padne par connect toh ho jaega πŸ˜€

  • if someone has faced similar problem and got it resolved then please if you can upload a video on youtube!!

  • I have recharged my docomo with 250 for 1 GB of free 3G data. I can use it on my mobile ( by specifying APN as TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC )
    but I can not use the internet on my PC when I connect it through data cable. I am using same APN and also placed few line of code as I saw in a you tube channel in advaced tab of modem, but still I can not access internet.
    I am using Samsung galaxy Y GT s5360 model.
    when I try to connect it says TCP/IP reported error 736 , the remote computer terminated the control protocol.
    Please help me how can I resolve this.

  • *bleep* h sala docomo n uska service….
    *bleep* k 30min kya 2min kliye connect ho kr *bleep* h… *bleep* sim…

    *** Comment Edited as abusive language is not allowed. Its a public blog. ***

  • docomo ka net hr do min me disconnect kio ho jata h. Aur customer care call kio nhi uthate h 1try k badd…

    • 2 minute to nahi, 30 mins ka auto-disconnect time hai inka, upar se 50% tries par toh network busy rehta hai toh connect hi nahi hota. Aur customer care kisi kaam ki nahi hai. Try contacting them via Live Chat, link Docomo ki website par hai.

    • Unlimited Data milta hai toh Data Balance check karne ka koi tarika nahi hai. 1GB 3G ka usage Docomo wale SMS k through btate rahenge.. 25,50,80 aur 100% use hone par SMS alerts aenge.

      • Using Nokia e71 and done above settings then also unable to access in mobile every time getting message packet data not available plz help

  • how can i connect it with my pc?
    Either i m providing apn no.:- TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC
    My modem is reliance 3g.

    • That means that the talktime will be as per the main validity of your SIM card. The balance will stay there forever provided that your SIM card is not disconnected or expired. In simple terms, it is called the lifetime validity.

    • Well it depends on the time of the day when you’re connecting. It goes slow at peak hours, but otherwise provides a good download speed of ~150Kbps+

    • Are you sure that your area has 3G coverage and your phone is set to receive 3G network? About the “Subscribe to Packet Data First”, seems like you’re using invalid access point settings to connect it to the PC. How are you connecting? Data Cable and Nokia Suite?

  • i m using nokia c5 n my internet plan is r.s 250. But i m nt able to access internet in my laptop. When i connect using nokia pc suit, its shows connected but when i open it in google chrome or in any other it shows error. Suggest me how to connect?

  • I am not able to access internet on my Nokia lumia 510 though I a following all steps but with other sum like rim I can what is the problem with Tata docomo

    • You might not have configured the access point settings correctly. Think there’s a Nokia App for managing the access point correctly. You can get it from Nokia Collection in WP Store.

      • i have recharged my samsung galaxy note mobile with tata docomo rs. 250 voucher and internet is running on mobile in home town aligarh but when i go to delhi there is no internet connected and i need internet for gps directions. Please advise what shall i do to connect internet, i have also entered idea apn ‘internet’ to connect on idea but it is not working. Please advise.

        • You don’t need to change the APN to Idea even if your SIM is catching the network of Idea. Keep the APN as TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC only.
          Now make sure that you’ve enabled Data Roaming in settings. Next, try putting the phone into flight mode and then to normal more and try connecting again. If this doesn’t help, maybe Idea isn’t willing to provide you with data access. Try manually searching for Network if it can catch Tata Docomo or IND 031. Even if weak, it will be able to give you some connectivity for GPRS usage.

          • Thanks singhnsk, it is possible to connect any other network if idea is not giving data access even if charges apply. I will do as you suggested but there is no tata docomo network in delhi/ncr. Please advise. I also tried vodafone but unable to connect.

            • Well.. You will only be able to access Idea’s network as Docomo only has partnership with Idea to provide network access in areas where Docomo’s network is weak or not present. In some areas its Vodafone, but that’s rare to find.
              So, if it doesn’t connect on Idea’s network, we really can’t do anything. I’ve roamed a bit on Idea’s network and it used to connect pretty fine every time. Give another shot at restarting the phone if it somehow works around as a miracle 😐

    • You cannot check the 3G data you’ve consumed, but you’ll be notified through text messages whenever you reach a specific quota i.e 25%, 50%, 75% and so on..
      About the settings, No you don’t need to change them. After you use up 3G data, your download speed will be reduced, but it will keep on working with the same settings i.e HVC.

      • Well, are you really someone from Customer Care or just using the name?
        There’s actually no way to find out the remaining data in this plan :P. Only the SMS alerts alert you when you reach a specific quota.

  • hey man..

    m using samsung galaxy y i did all d stuffs bt i jzt sees H at intrnet cnnection on behalf of 3g …

    what to do tell me …

  • thanx a lot…connect using access point worked…
    I would like to be in contact for some extra knowledge with such a genius ! πŸ™‚

  • I have tried by changing the settings in the device manager but it is showing the error
    “Error 651: The modem(or other connecting device) has reported an error.”
    I am using Nokia 5130Xpress Music phone and has tried connecting it through bluetooth as well as through USB. In both situations I am getting the same error.
    Please tell what to do now?

    Thanx in advance.

    • Which windows are you using? There doesn’t seems to be a problem with the settings. Instead the modem’s drivers seem to be causing the problem. Have you tried dialing the connection directly through Nokia Suite if that connects.
      Also try this. Open Devices and Printers. Right Click on your Phone’s Bluetooth name and select Connect Using> Access Point.

  • i entered new extra initialization command as AT+……………HVC” BT it didnt boost my net speed its only about 13kbps
    hekp me


  • I just connect using dial up connection in my pc, through bluetooth via mobile.
    Here no option comes of changing APN, would i have to change initialization command from AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET” to AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC” .
    Will that work??, i have only that option left.
    And also how to know ur 3G balance??

    • Exactly. You need to change the extra initialization command to the newer one, which uses INTERNETHVC.
      About balance check, there’s no way. You will only receive SMS alerts about your usage when it crosses the quota. Say for 25%, 50%; etc.

  • Hi, I did recharge fr Rs. 250 n I got full talk time n 3G data but wen i used Internet fr a 2 or 3 days.,dey deducted my balance( fr Rs. 99 twice) even wen I set all da settings correctly. My phone is iPhone 4. So, help me to solve da proBlem n I also tried to call to a customer care but he seems so busy……,

    • Well, as you said, they deducted complete Rs. 99 twice, in no condition it is possible that you used data for exact 99 rupees. It sounds out to be the deduction was for some service. The most common thing that happens is users click on some paid links while browsing mobile websites or when using some Ads Supported Game/Application.
      Just make sure you don’t click (either if they attract you or by mistake) on those flashy banners on websites or within Apps saying Download Games, or anything like that. Further, you should try contacting Customer Care again as you’ll come to know of the exact cause why the deduction happened and if it was just recently deducted, you might get a refund on requesting πŸ™‚ Hope this helps!

    • pls check that 3g is available in your region or not if ur region has 3g coverage then u must have got a previous plan which does not include 3g

  • singhnsk Please Help me also……i also activated that 250 rupees inter net plan ….i can browse in my mble…but not able to connect to my lappy what to do….????
    i also tried by chaning in Control panel> my device> Modem>Nokia 5230 usb modem>advanced>…….. i had changed there also but then also its not working in my lappy what to do???
    castmor care no responce….:((

  • i am unable to use this plan on my laptop.. i called customer care they a sayin its not for laptop what do i do i wanted to use it on my laptop. otherwise i have recharged with other plans.

    • Customer Care staff are just behaving like that for everyone. They don’t want the plan to be excessively used. Now, when it has the proper access point, you sure can use it on your pc. But, you need to make sure you connect using the correct access point. Which handset do you use?

      • i am using 2730classic.. i am able to surf net on my mobile using tata.docomo.internethvc..but when i am connecting the cell phone with my laptop. n dialing it is saying subscribe to packet data first.

        • I have the solution. Just tell me how you are trying to connect it?
          If using nokia suite, you only need to enter the access point manually in the nokia suite, else if you’re connecting directly, some modifications to the modem command is needed.

              • Okay! You seem to be using an older Nokia PC Suite rather than the newer Nokia Suite. So, the interface varies. Lets try the alternative:

                Pick up your phone, goto Menu> Settings> Connectivity> Packet Data> Packet data Settings

                Here, select ‘edit active access point’, change the alias to Docomo (or anything to distinguish it). Now in Packet Data access point, enter – TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC

                Press Ok and return a step back. Now, select this Docomo (or anything you named it) as the Active Access Point.

                Now, on your Laptop, Click Start, Righ Click on My Computer and select Manage. In the management window, select device manager. Now, in device manager window, expand modems, and right click on your Nokia Bluetooth Modem (or something like Standard Modem over Bluetooth) and select properties. In the properties window, select the Advanced Tab and enter the following in Extra Initialization Commands (delete if there’s something already entered there and enter the following exactly as it is, including quotes, starting from + and ending with “): +CGDCONT=,,”TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC”

                There you go. Don’t use Nokia Suite to connect. Just goto your Network Connections by Right Clicking on the Network Connections in the right of taskbar and dial the appropriate connection.

  • hey did the above settings but i am not being able to access the net.
    it gives an error message that my phone is not connected to internet.
    please help.

    • Which phone are you using? Are you trying to connect it to a PC or just using on your phone?
      Posted from my Nokia

      ——Original message——

    • Which phone are you using? Are you trying to connect it to a PC or just using on your phone?
      Posted from my Nokia

      ——Original message——

      • I just recharge with special pack of 250/- yesterday. I got full talk time but no 3G service. I even changed my APN to TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC as adviced by Customer Care. Still I m unable to use my 3G services. But with old settings TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET my Internet is working with No deduction from my Balance. CC told me that Docomo server is Down. But that was like 10-12 hours before. I m still unable to use my 3G services for which I Paid. Plz HELP!!!! I m using iPhone 4.

        • If its working on the old APN, that certainly means the plan wasn’t activated on your number.. For everyone using this plan, it only works with the new APN. Please confirm with your local care staff as the plan is not available in some locations πŸ™

  • On 29 sept I recharged 250 special and i was told hundred times u r using the service but was not. I did all that was said to do.In fact i left hope and continued 2g use.Now yesterday 31 oct i tried this i am able.But i did not njoy last data promised by docomo.

  • Hai..Thanx for the help. Did the settings.. But the Net is kinda SLOW. And how do u check the balance of the net?

    • Slow? Nah! It isn’t! For me, it is faster and more reliable than my Photon+. With download speeds always ranging above 150 and even reaching 300+, I won’t call it slow. But, it can be considered slower if we compare it with international operators.
      About checking the remaining balance, there’s no way. Being this is an unlimited pack, you won’t be able to look at the data you’ve consumed. But, Docomo will keep you notified with SMS whenever you will reach a specified data usage. They send out messages at 25%, 50% and so on.. To keep it more easy, you can check your phone’s data counter to find out how much data you’ve consumed.

  • Hi i activated the above plan.. Did all the settings mentioned here. Now my iphone 3G shows a 3G symbol meaning 3g is on but when i try to access the internet it says no internet connection.. No Idea why it should happen. Please help..

    • Did you setup the access point properly? Why not just try requesting settings from docomo again. Those settings should do everything as intended!

    • Yes! Both Surfing and downloading is free. But, you will will be charged if you purchase/download premium content from paid sites. Except that everything is free!

      • Are you certain that Docomo has 3G coverage in your area? It will only work on 2G (E) if there is no 3G coverage there.
        If you’re sure that it has 3G, just check out the settings to make sure you’ve enabled WCDMA mode (Menu> Settings> Wireless and Networks> Mobile Networks> Network Mode> WCDMA). It should work on 3G thereafter.

    • Seems its common! Tried it out and although it works fine at times, it gets more frequent at peak hours. Seems a way used by Docomo to reduce the number of heavy downloaders.
      It works perfectly fine in the handset though! Agree that PC connections are having issues!

  • laptop se connect nhi ho pa raha…TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNETHVC ish apn se he connect kr raha hu connect ho jata hai after 10 min ke baad disconnet ho jata hai…sab kuch krke dekh liya…..main haryana sonipat se hu…plzz help me

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