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Save web files from URL to Google Drive (& others) without downloading

There are many online services which can save internet files directly to your Google Drive account. Save your bandwidth & time by using these best free services for remote downloading web files to Google Drive.

Do you know that you can save files on the internet to your Google Drive without having to download and upload? Yes, that’s right! You can save yourself from all the hassle of downloading and uploading the file and wasting time and bandwidth. You can achieve this by using a remote upload service. This service will copy the internet file (from the URL) directly to your Google Drive (or another cloud service) account. And all of it happens in seconds! I am listing down a bunch of services which I’ve personally used and found to be reliable.

1. Save to Drive (

Update (22/07/2018) – Save to drive is down for some maintenance or other issues. They expect to be back in August. We’ll wait till mid August, else remove the website from this list.

SaveToDrive is a free and easy to use web service which you can use to remotely upload files to Google Drive, DropBox and There is no need to create an account or follow a long process. There is also no limit on the size of the file as long as you have enough free storage on the cloud platform to save it.

Save to Drive service to save internet files to Google Drive, DropBox and Box
How to use Save to Drive

To save a file, simply – Open the website > Authenticate with the cloud service > Enter the direct URL of the file to save > Choose the cloud service > Fill the captcha > Click on Upload to start the process.

  • No upload file size limit (not tested with extremely large files)
  • Fast uploads
  • Progress is shown but will be gone if you move away from the page
  • Can edit the name of the file before saving it to your cloud service
  • Only supports Google Drive, Box and DropBox

You can also check the box in front of Mail me when upload is success/error to get an email notification with the status of the file upload.

2. MultCloud (

MultCloud is a multipurpose cloud transfer service. It lets you manage all your cloud drives at one place. We previously relied on MultCloud to copy all files to other services when the cloud service Cubby decided to shut down. The service is free to use for upto 2 TB of data transfer.

Copy file from URL to cloud drive using MultCloud

MultCloud can also copy files from a direct URL i.e. download internet files to your Google Drive. The upload speed offered by MultCloud in free accounts is considerably slow and hence takes some time for the tasks to finish. MultCloud needs a bit of getting used to. So, if you can’t figure out how to use it, then read this guide.

  • Supports many cloud drives including OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Mediafire, Mega and Amazon
  • Upload speed is quite slow for free accounts
  • Progress is visible and you can recheck it anytime by logging in to your account
  • Can choose the folder for saving the file

3. Thoai Media (

Thaoi Media allows you to upload files from a URL to several online services. These are – Google Drive, YouTube, Dropbox, OneDrive, VK, Mega, Google Photos and Dailymotion. However, I have only tried the Google Drive service with a 4GB file and it got uploaded in less than 5 minutes.Save Web Files to cloud services using Thoai Media

  • Supports multiple cloud services including Google Drive
  • There is no way to check the progress
  • A notification will appear at the top of the screen when the upload completes

To save a file using Thoai Media – Open the website > Paste the URL of the file > Click on the service where the file should be saved > Authenticate

4. Offcloud (

Offcloud is a decent service which allows you to upload remote files on Google Drive. The service integrates with your Google Drive and you can upload a remote file from within Google Drive. Offcloud is a premium service, however, it offers free quota to try out its services. You get 10GB of free remote transfers before being required to upgrade.

Upload remote files to Google Drive using Offcloud

  • Supports several services – Google Drive, Amazon Cloud, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive,, and FTP.
  • Check the progress of the files as they are uploaded
  • Fast uploads

Usage – Simply open your drive, choose New > More > Remote upload (offcloud). Alternatively, you can also login at and choose Remote Upload from your account.

Privacy Note:

For the service to save to your Google Drive, it needs access to your drive. While the services do promise not to touch any of your files, there is a certain degree of risk. If you have very confidential data stored on your drive (which you should probably never keep), you should consider going with one of these alternative means.

  1. Immediately revoke access once the upload is complete
  2. Create a new google drive account and upload there. Then share/copy the file to your primary account.

How does it work?

Web servers work a lot like your computer. The backend process is mostly the same as it happens when you download the file to your PC, i.e., resolve the URL and save its contents. It is already effortless to copy a file from one server to another. However, when it comes to a cloud storage service, you do not have the direct access to run a script, pull the file and it.

That said, most web services support APIs which developers can use to integrate apps and additional functionality. The same happens in our case as well. So, in order to remotely upload a web file to Google Drive, most services are doing the following:

  1. Download the file from the URL.
  2. Connect to your Google Drive using the API.
  3. Upload the file to your drive.

We have shared 4 services with you in this article. Do let us know which one turns out to be the one that you’d wanna use. Also, feel free to tell us about a different service which can also remotely upload to Google Drive.

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  • Thank you! Can I also use this to download files from Mega and other websites which require me to wait for sometime before download link is generated? They over very slow speed and my ISP has Google peering. If i get the fike on google drive then it will be very easy and time saving for me to download it to my pc.

    • Hi Raghav, the services shared in this article only allow you to download files from their direct link. So, if the website you’re referring to offers a direct link then the file can be saved to your Google Drive.
      This will work even if the link only stays active for a limited period of time. However, the links which are specific to your IP address are going to fail.
      There’s no easy way to remotely fetch files from websites which have a timer before a link is generated specially for you. These links generally only stay active for a limited period and are also locked to your IP address.

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