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Nokia Mobile fixes & simplifies the bootloader unlock for Nokia 8

Unlock bootloader on Nokia 8 revamped

In a surprising move, Nokia Mobile has fixed the bootloader unlock platform. Not only did they fix the generation of bootloader unlock keys, but the process is also simplified. Now, you just need to login to the website, enter your IMEI & email, and they’ll send the unlock key to your mailbox. Unfortunately, the already aging Nokia 8 (NB1) is still the only device supported by the official process. However, since they are doing something, there’s still some hope that they’ll add more devices to the list of supported phones.

Validate device details to unlock the bootloader

The previous process required the users to install the “bootloaderunlocker” apk file and generate an auth token. Thereafter the user was needed to submit the token at the Nokia website to get the unlock key on their email. It is this auth token which was failing for a long time now because the bootloaderunlocker app was unable to validate the device due to mismatching Android security patch range.

In case you have previously requested an unlock key, then you can request it again. Just remember to use a different email address.

You can read our Nokia 8 bootloader unlock guide (now updated) to get the detailed instructions about unlocking the bootloader on your Nokia 8 device.

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