How to Give Your Android A New Look

Customizing your Android  smart phone is one of the important thing which a user must do to convert a standard looking device that millions of users are carrying, into a device which we truly own. By customizing we turn the plastic or metal piece, to something that is very personal. An Android user knows very well to customize their device by changing wallpaper, customize notifications, change battery indicator, etc. But today you will see a different way to customize.

Now with the new look of your device, you will also like to have a WhatsApp with our favorite color. Choose the color which suits you and your Home-screen. Check all the available colored version of WhatsApp here.

Steps to: Give Your Android A New Look

We will be using Launchers, Widgets, Icon Packs and Wallpapers to give your smartphone a new look. Take a look on the following screens. All the details about the launcher, icon pack, widgets and wallpaper used is provided.

  1. In all the screens the launcher used is Nova Launcher. You can download it from here.
  2. Icon Pack which you can use :
  3. Widget Used is Zooper Widget. You can download it from here.


Steps To: Use Zooper Widget

  1. Download and Install Zooper Widget pro.
  2. Now select the widget size of your choice and add it on the HomeScreen.
  3. Now Copy the downloaded Zooper Widget template to in folder named “Templates” in internal memory > Zooper Widget Pro Folder.
  4. Now click on the Added widget on Homescreen. Navigate to SD Card and select the template.
  5. That’s it. Now just press back button.
  6. Now the Zooper Widget is Enabled. 😀

Take a look at the video for better understanding.

By Ashwin Ashok

  1. Launcher Used- Nova Launcher
  2. Image/ Wallpaper by Daniel Raghu.
  3. Zooper widget by Ashwin Ashok (made with great help from Rajath Ranganath​​)- Download Link
  4. Icon Pack Used – Rewun Icon pack By Viktor Vucinic – Download Link
  5. Nexus5x navbar from navigate layer theme by Rohit Chouhan​​ – Download Link

By Karol Białek (str3tch72)

  1. Launcher used- Nova Launcher
  2. Wallpaper by Vinoth Ragunathan
  3. Icon Pack Used- Cornie Icons

By Evan Sanders

  1. Launcher Used – Nova Launcher
  2. Widget used Zooper By Bread => Download Link

By Labib Muhammad

  1. Launcher Used – Nova launcher
  2. Widget used- Stock Clock Widget

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