Exclusive Bundled Offers with Microsoft Lumia 535 in India

Microsoft made the Lumia 535 available in India during the past week for a price of ₹9199. While the specifications and features of the Lumia 535 already justify the price, Microsoft is also bundling a bunch of exclusive offers to make the deal sweeter. Following are the offers available to new buyers of Microsoft’s Lumia 535 smartphone:

Operator and App Offers with Lumia 535

lumia 535 exclusive offers

  • Operator500MB of data pack per month for first two months on Vodafone
  • Jabong – Use Jabong app to redeem ₹6000 worth of free shopping.
  • Paytm – Use Paytm app to get ₹600 worth of Free Recharge (as ₹150/month for 4 months). Use promo code ‘LUMIA535’ to get the cashback.
  • BoxTv – Enjoy 2 months of BoxTV subscription (worth ₹720) for free
  • Flipkart – Get over ₹1500 worth of eBooks for free from Flipkart

Additional Details on Activating these Offers

Vodafone – Will be automatically activated within 48 hours of inserting the SIM card. if it is not, contact Vodafone directly.


  1. Update the pre-installeed Jabong app via Windows Phone Store
  2. Launch Jabong app
  3. Tap on voucher editorial-Lumia 535 Offer
  4. You will get 12 coupons viz
    1. 6 coupons – ₹240 off on purchase of ₹750 or more
    2. 3 coupons – ₹475 off on purchase of ₹1499 or more
    3. 3 coupons – ₹950 off on purchase of ₹2999 or more

Note: Lumia 535 specific offer/vouchers will be expired after 3 months from the 1st app activation or 1st June 2015 whichever is earlier.


  1. Download BoxTV app from the store.
  2. Open and check for a banner providing access to the offer.

With decent specifications, an attractive price and great bundled offers, Microsoft is doing all that it can to penetrate its brand in the market. Retailers are surely getting good commissions as well and all this combined might just make the Lumia 535 sell in record breaking numbers. let’s see how it goes.

If you’re looking to purchase the Lumia 535 for yourself, you can purchase online from Flipkart or the Nokia Shop. More details here.


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  • My Vodafone bundle offer was deactivated because sim had already a data pack at the time of inserting in new phone, so what shall I do to re-activated a bundle offer. Plz help.

  • Also Tata DoCoMo. Offering 3gb 3g data for 3 months validity…. Insert your sim it will automatically activated within 48 hours. Or send NOKIA to 141 u can
    u r data there

  • I recently bought lumia535 and got data pack on my sim but I have lost sim somewhere so can i get my next month on another sim????

    • dear
      i have also purchased this phone and i also hant received any data yet so, id u received any data or any other way to receive the data pack then please share with me as well

  • For Vodafone data reinsert your sim and send ACT VMC to 144. Remind there is no another data pack activated on your sim.

  • If I already have data pack while inserting sim card. Then also Vodafone offer will be activeted on my phone when my data card expires….what to do??

  • For vodafone offer i had fight with vodafone store for 2 days, now they settled on 1 month free subscription

  • For data offer ..remove sim card then insert it again….after that u will get the msg of activation …..then enjoy

  • I purchased this phone but haven’t received any operator or app offer! Is there some way to redeem them because I didn’t get any of the bundled benefit .

  • Don’t worry. All the offers get activated really soon. I got my Vodafone offer more than a couple weeks after firstly switching ON the phone. The rest offers redemption techniques have been mentioned by Microsoft on their site. Here’s the link to the pdf giving all the instructions.

    So, no one’s money got wasted. Just have some patience! If not, try contacting Vodafone as well as Microsoft care. Some of them might lead to an answer in yor favour.

    • Where did you find that PDF? It says Internal Use Only. Hah! was looking for it earlier. Thanks for you input. Appreciated! 🙂

      • Haha! Does it say so? We mustn’t see the PDF then! 😛 Anyway, just picked up the link from Microsoft’s Official Indian Facebook page! 😀 Was mentioned by Microsoft in Comments of some post!

        • Haha! Seems like the employee got so helpful that he didn’t find it wrong to provide internal use memos :p Or maybe he was finding it difficult to explain :p
          When I contacted Lumia support, they provided me the excerpt from this memo only, but denied an access to the original resource hehe. Thanks anyways, Aneesh.

  • same here i have also not got any offer from vodafone. they are making only fools of people… Stop making fool of other. Please not purchase lumia 535 in lure of offers u will not get any kind of offers its true

  • i purchased Microsoft Lumia 535 on 9th Dec 14, and i inserted vodafone sim with in one week but still now i did not get data form vodafone

  • I purchased this phone but haven’t received any operator or app offer! Is there some way to redeem them because I didn’t get any of the bundled benefit automatically!

    • Vodafone offer should be automatically activated in 24 hours post inserting the SIM to the mobile. If it didn’t try contacting Vodafone or Nokia’s helpline.
      Paytm – Use the coupon provided.
      Others, there is no specific detail 🙁

    • I also have not got that bundle offer whch was offered by vodafone with lumia 535 whch i bought 19-12-14 . vodafone care would also not help me to get it . i had waste my time and money .

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