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Download Torrents on Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia) using wpTorrent

Update: A new client app called Torrex Pro is now available. So you can choose either Torrex Pro or wpTorrent
wptorrent windows phonewpTorrent is a new torrent client for smartphones running the Windows Phone OS and has recently come to the Windows Phone Store after a closed beta being teased by some of the interested enthusiasts. We’ve taken the app on a spin and here’s how to use it to download your favorite torrent files from bit-torrent directly on your Windows Phone.


Downloading Torrents on Nokia Lumia and other Windows Phones

  1. Download and install the wpTorrent application from the Windows Phone Store (Link Here)
    Note: Free version of the app has a max download speed limit of 200KBps. Consider purchasing if you wish for higher speeds
  2. When installed, right swipe from the Start Screen to reach all apps page. Tap on wpTorrent to open it.
  3. Once opened, tap on the Plus icon in the bottom to add a new torrent for downloading.
    • Paste the magnet link of the torrent which you want to download. You can find magnet links on most of the bit-torrent directory sites.
    • Alternatively, you can also add torrent search engines directly in the app which will eliminate the need to opening the browser and getting the magnet link.
  4. Tap on Add to begin the downloading.
    add magnet wptorrent windows phone

The app might not function properly if you’re on a very slow 2G connection. A WiFi connection is recommended before you start downloading torrents on your phone.

Note: The app doesn’t run in the background. If you put the app into background, active torrents will be paused.

Copying Downloaded Files to a PC

As many of you find this process confusing, here’s how to copy the files to a PC with ease.

Using WiFI (HTTP) share:

This method requires your phone and PC connected to the same network. It also only works for the files downloaded and saved to the local folder.

  1. In wpTorrent’s main screen, click on Files icon at the bottom.
  2. On the locl files window, click on the http share icon (1st icon from left).
  3. Open the address provided to you in your PC’s browser window.
  4. Browse the directory and right click on the file to be copied and choose Save Link as
  5. The file will be saved to your computer.

Using a Data Cable

While adding a torrent, choose a folder inside SD card (if your phone supports) as the download folder and when the download finishes, just connect your phone to your PC using USB cable and copy the files from your SD card to your PC.

If your phone does not support SD cards, just copy the downloaded files to one of the system folders (music, videos; etc) which can be opened on a PC upon connecting the phone using a USB cable. Then copy the files to your PC.

Video Demonstration


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  • I hardly comment, however i did a few searching and wound up
    here Download Torrents on Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia) using
    wpTorrent. Andd I actually do have ome questions for you if you tend nott to mind.
    Is it simoly me or does it look as if like some of these commrnts look
    as iif they are coming from brain desad folks?
    😛 And, if you are writing att additional online
    social sites, I would like to keep up witgh anything new you have to post.
    Could you make a list of every onne of all your social sites like your Facebookk page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  • I had downloaded some important data but after that wp torrent doesn’t worked properly so that i was unstalled it then again installed but now i coudn’t find my data …plzz help me narendra ji

    • You will not be able to recover the data if you did not move it out of the WP torrent’s App Data folder. The app data folder is cleared when the app is removed.

  • when i am downloading any video, it keep on showing the message storage allocation ….and downloading stops…and resumes after 1 or 2 mins and again same messages shows with in 5 to resolve it ..please help me…

  • just downloaded complete file on my lumia 520 using WPtorrent but now it says file is corrupted. is there any way to recover my file???
    Plzz help!

  • Hi wp8.1 wp torrent why is it so slow download and upload takes almost a day is thair anything I can do to solve this problem ??

  • Dear Sir, i forgot to mention the location where the folder should have been saved . Now i cannot find the movie and can’t transfer it too . please help .
    thank u

  • How to select only the sample file from the set of files provided in a torrent? The sample file can be selected but the main film file of bigger size starts downloading.

  • Hey there Narendra,whatever I download on wptorrent,it doesn’t show on any player,I mean videos,whatever I download ,I have to everytime open wptorrent to view it,can u tell me what’s the problem,and also can you tell me,how to change the extension of video file on my lumia phone(730).

    • They aren’t generally supposed to show up in Video App unless you change the download location of the file to the SD card and have the video file in one of the formats supported by the Video app.. Moliplayer however should be able to pick up any video file (inc. MKV) stored on the SD card with the exception of app’s own folders (local data) which can only be accessed by that particular app.
      You can change the extension by using a File Manager, but I don’t know why you’d wanna do that 😛

  • And please can you provide any other torrent link cause is not letting me download anything,although I am uploading whatever I am downloading.Thank you.

  • Narendra sir,I am facing new problem,after clicking on magnet link it moves to wp torrent but now its not showing any detail,so downloading doesn’t start only,any remedies

  • Narender please help me,U downloaded wptorrent,but i dont know any link of torrents,please provide me with some link and also tell me what procedure to follow after that.

    • Ah? Buddy.. Just loot around at for what you want to download. When found, click on the Magnet Link (KAT Magnet Link icon) and choose wpTorrent in the next window. wpTorrent will then load the details and you can start downloading.

      • Thank you,you are genius,there is one more thing i want to understand,what is upload? And after downloading how much i have to upload.

        • You gotta read more about torrenting to know how it works. In short, I’ll only say that torrenting is peer-to-peer thing and what you download is not stored on any server, instead others constantly upload for you to download. So during upload, you’re sharing what you’ve downloaded with others so that they can download as well. You’ll notice the number of seeds in front of the torrent on That’s the number of current users that are uploading.
          You’re not forced to upload and you can yourself decide to upload or not. But for good torrents, it is recommended to upload for sometime (100-200%) so that the torrent stays alive and others could download too. If you have an unlimited connection, seeding won’t hurt. If the connection is limited, you can stop uploading.

  • Hi Narender, yaar please do help, i have tried to download MP4 videos & its downloaded as well but can’t be able to play in my window phone. and as you recommended I tried to play the same in moli player & other different player as well. please help me. whatever i download it not runs on the window phone. please help i recently bought a window phone & its really crap……

    • Does Moliplayer show an error while playing it? VLC Media Player should be in the store very soon and maybe you should wait for that as well.
      It was pretty easy for me – Download to SD, Use Files to browse the folder and tap on the MP4 file. It should either play in Xbox Video or in Moliplayer.

  • I am able to download the files using wptorrant in my Microsoft 535 mobile (new model). But after downloading, I am not able to copy to computer. Its really confusing. The phone has 8.1 windows mobile os. Can you please give me step by step process to copy the file to my computer. As someone earlier mentioned here, I couldn’t find any wifi share link, Thank you very much in advance.

    • I’ve updated the article with more information. Check it and let me know if you still have a confusion 🙂

  • If u cant see still the video then move the app and data from SD to phone memmory ,then make a folder in local so you can see SD folder there ..then copy the file to SD folder..wp.8.1 update very complicated..hv a good day ..

  • Hi I have Lumina 1320 i installed WP torrent and download a movie. Now how to open it. N play it in my phone. Should i have to install any dvd Player in it??? Help me out…

  • Guys in my phone wptorrents just dont show speed more than 1kbps or at times 50bytes/sec……..which is almost zero, although i have a wifi router having 1 mbps connection…..and i get around 120kbps speed on my laptop …plz help me guys…..and there was no other device connected to the wifi when i was downloading through my phone!!! I have almost tried everything to make it work !!!

      • I have tried every possible way…tried recent torrents which had like thousands of seeders…changed directory a dozen times….uninstalled and then installed again thinking that it might work…..i am just fed up coz I tried almost everything…..please help me out ….

        • That’s really strange. Are you able to download files normally via Internet Explorer or UC Browser? If so, give Torrex a try. That’s another torrent client for Windows Phone.

        • I’ve tried that also …even that didn’t work….that doesn’t even starts downloading…….and yeah I love uc ..cos I could download almost anything from it excel torrents…..and it gives me like 128 kbps speed ……but I think torrenting is not gonna work on my phone !!!!

          • That’s seriously strange as both of them work fine for me and millions of others. Does the same happen over a cellular data connection (2G/3G)?

            • I have not tried it over cellular data….if its not working with broadband then I suppose that’s it’s not gonna work with cellular data moreover I can’t afford to use cellular data for torrenting…..

              • What i meant was to try downloading over cellular connection for about 2-3 minutes if the download speed picks up, then it’s a problem with the WiFi connection (probably DNS or port issues). If it doesn’t, you can go ahead and blame the phone hehe. Was just trying to help in finding out where the problem is.

                • You were right dude…the app is working excellent with the mobile network …giving me a hell of a speed ……but its not getting connected with wifi …Although i able to download torrents via my laptop …..and even in my phone normal downloading works…but just torrenting doesn’t work….I mean what kind of problem is this ..Do you have any solution for it ?

                  • Hmm.. So the phone is pretty okay. Can you try turning on the setting Use Random Port in wpTorrent? Might do some good. Other than that, I’d recommend pooping into the router’s settings to see if there’s some QOS (Quality of Service). My Asus has that and turning it on reduces the focus on downloads giving them lower speeds.

  • I downloaded a movie on my Lumia 920. I found the mp4 file in wptorrent. When I click on it it says file name too long. Even if I shorten the name to one word it still says the same thing. How can I watch the movie on the phone?

  • I have downloaded wptorrent, but problem is on wifi network it gives downloading speed not more than 25-30kbps
    whether in my laptop downloading speed is about 120-150kbps.
    can anybody help me?

    • Most probably it is because the particular torrent i weak (less or low quality seeds) or you’re far enough from the router that the reception ain’t good. wpTorrent has worked fine for me all the time. It could also be because something else is being downloaded on the PC or another device connected to the same router.

  • I am searching from last 10 days how can I transfer my movies from WPtorrent to my SD card but find nothing.
    Totally frustrared.
    If you guys know this please please let me know.
    Thanks in advance.

    • You need to have your phone updated to Windows Phone 8.1 or Lumia Cyan in order to achieve this. Otherwise you’ll need a PC connected to the same WiFi network.

      To move:
      Tap on Files on the home of wpTorrent. Long tap on the file to move, select cut. Then swipe left and add SD card as a new folder. Finally paste inside the SD card.

  • Hey i downloaded a certain movie from wpTorrents. Works indeed, but when i open thd movie it asked me to download a codec pack. Please help?!?

    • Not all video formats are supported by Windows Phone out of the box. But you can extend some by increasing Moliplayer which supports a lot of formats. If it can’t play the file as well, you’d need to transfer the movie to a PC and do the conversion to a more widely used format.

    • I’m not sure as I don’t know of any sites which are blocked here. If there’s a blocked site, how about downloading the torrent from another site? It’s just the file with the details whereas the real data resides somewhere else 😉

  • I have active internet connection. And when I add torrent it just shows 0 bytes firewall downloading speed. I tried different torrents bit it’s not working. Pls tell what to do.

  • How to copy magnet link and paste in to wptorrent also direct download from torrent site does not work in my Lumia 920

    • Clicking on the magnet link should directly be fetched by wpTorrent via the open file dialog. Else, just long tap in IE and select Copy Link.

  • Please can anyone help!! I have downloaded a movie using wp torrent to my lumia 520 but it wont let me play it?? Do i need a media player?? Is there one i can get anyware. It says i need another app to open it. And takes me to windows store but they say they havnt got the correct app. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Aman, what format is the movie in? MoliPlayer is the only good movie player in the store and if it can’t play the movie, unfortunately you need to transfer it to the PC and convert before you can play it.
      You only have 1 way to transfer to the PC and that is by connecting to the same WiFi as your PC and then using the WiFi share in wpTorrent.

      • thank you Narender Singh for your comments on this page…all 3 of your suggestions work…first, if you have a windows phone and want to dl with torrents..use works…you do have to do some tweaking first, just like Narender Singh advises…when you set up wptorrent, see below his comment and he has included the link…on the import page you copy and paste that link (long press) on your phone to get a drop down menu which will allow you to copy and paste his link..then this will give you several torrent sites like kick ass and pirate bay to choose from, then you search that site just like you normally would…also, Narender Singh is correct, and once you dl your movies, for instance, you wont be able to ‘see’ that movie when you connect and then open your phone on your just wont be there…so to transfer the file to your computer use the built in ‘wifi share’ in wptorrent… find in wptorrent the ‘settings’ at the bottom of the page, and look for a button titled ‘files’ on there, and when the list of your movie files comes up, again look at the bottom of the screen, look for ‘wifi share’…once you click there, open your web browser, i use firefox, and in the address bar type in the address given (‘WIFI SHARE address http slash slash ‘ ), then a list of the files will come up in your browser…then right click on any of them and hit ‘save link’..then you can download the file to your computer..the wptorrent client takes a bit of getting used to, and the transferring of files is a bit different, but it will work..i wanted to give this info because Narender helped me alot, and helped me get this torrent client up and running, so thank you good luck

        • Hey John

          Great to know that the article and my comments were helpful 🙂
          However, things have slightly changed now with Windows Phone 8.1 (or Lumia Cyan) update. You can mow select to download and save the torrent files directly in a folder on your SD card. So if you have a phone which supports AD card and is updated to WP8.1, you can use a USB cable to transfer your torrent to the PC as it can be accessed directly via File Manager.

          • wow thank you Narender for you response, your quick..!..)
            unfortunately, my windows 8 nokia lumia 521 wont update to 8.1…i tried using the ‘phone update’ in the settings, and it said my phone is ‘up to date’ no 8.1 for me on this phone i guess….my phone does support an sd card however….but .i will have to upgrade to another phone i guess in the future…..however, i am SO happy that i got wptorrent running on my windows phone, that i am fine using this phone for the near future..wptorrent runs fast and smooth, and doesnt lock up at for me…the interface is nice and clean, and as long as i use ‘wifi share’ to transfer files to my computer, then im fine with everything thanks again

            • That’s okay and good to know that you’re happy with your phone. I’ve just checked that Lumia Cyan is indeed not yet available for the Lumia 521. So, even though out of luck there, you’re lucky to have managed to get used to how wpTorrent works. Enjoy!

        • I did this the way you said John, except that I had the option listed as http instead of wifi. It worked beautifully which helped my migraine subside from trying to figure out what to do. Thanks a million!!! By the way…. I am on 8.1 Cyan update and I could not get them to my computer via usb as Narender Singh commented, my PC could not see the files which are .mkv files. Anyways, thanks peeps for the help!!!

          • Hey Kenny
            If the downloaded MKV files are stored to your MicroSD card, you should be able to view them on a PC using a USB cable. That’s how I transfer them to and from the phone. Maybe you need to try again. Just make sure that you chose to download it to a separate folder on your SD card and not the isolated storage (default location) of wpTorrent.

          • your welcome..i’m glad you got it figured out..once you do, then its pretty smooth sailing..its the initial set up and getting used to it that was the problem cheers

  • Ok, I downloaded the torrent to wp torrent, now what? I can’t find the files in the phone or how to get them to my phone…help please:)

    • One download is completed, then go to the location where the file is stored and this can be done by going to apps location.Save file as Music file.U can get the file in sd card–> music folder–> as a hidden folder

  • I downloaded 2 movies but unable to copy from my Lumia 720 into my laptop.

    how can i do that ????