Download Nokia G42 stock firmware (ROM) for flash/unbrick

Download Nokia G42 official firmware for flashing and repair

Nokia G42 is currently the cheapest Nokia smartphone with 5G connectivity. It is a successor to the Nokia G50, launched in 2021 at a similar price. If you own the shiny new Nokia G42 and it suffers from a problem, having the stock firmware may help. You can use the firmware to unbrick the phone or to extract the files for any other use case – such as to extract the stock wallpapers or the Camera app (APK).

Nokia G42 5G official firmware releases

Nokia G42 is codenamed shadow or sdw in short. The firmware files are suitable for the following models/variants. The device’s country does not matter, as the firmware package is the same for all countries.

  • Nokia TA-1581 stock firmware
  • Nokia TA-1591 stock firmware
File nameBuild numberDownload Link
HMDSW_sdw_1120-0-00WW-B01_user_devicekit.zip1.120 (Android 13)OneDrive
Warning: Never attempt to downgrade new Nokia phones. They have anti-rollback enabled and will not boot on older firmware versions than what was already installed.

How to flash the Nokia G42 official firmware?

The firmware is designed to be flashed to the phone under fastboot mode. So, first of all, put the phone in fastboot mode. You can do so by turning off the phone and pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power Buttons together. The phone will restart to fastboot mode.

Now, check the bootloader state of your Nokia G42. Look for the details after the entry “Device state –” in the fastboot screen. It will be either locked or unlocked. Follow the relevant option below as per your device’s state.

If the bootloader is unlocked (device state: unlocked)

  1. Download the firmware file.
  2. Extract all files within the file inside the firmware zip file.
  3. Use Android Platform Tools (Minimal ADB and Fastboot) to flash all the images to the phone. For example:
    fastboot flash abl_a abl.elf
    fastboot flash boot_a boot.img

    And so on…
  4. Finally, set slot a as the active slot and reboot the phone:
    fastboot set_active a
    fastboot reboot

If the bootloader is not unlocked (device state: locked)

You cannot flash the firmware by yourself. A connection to the Nokia Care server is needed to gain flash permission.

You can use our Nokia phones stock ROM flashing service, and we will help you flash the firmware to the phone. Or send the phone to a Nokia Care center for servicing.

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