Convert WebPages to HD ScreenShot or Download as PDF

There are many free tools available online, which lets you save a full web-page as PDF. iWeb2Shot also provides a similar service but unlike others it comes as a browser extension and lets you save the Image or PDF directly.

You just need to install their extension or plugin to your browser. Once installed, you just need to click on the iWeb2Shot’s icon in your tool/plugin bar, select your preferred image format or PDF and click on the download button when it finishes generating.

Saving pages as PDF: You can choose the orientation that you like i.e Landscape or Vertical and the Pager Sizes if you’ll be printing them. You can also choose No Images and No Background to avoid images and background being saved.

Saving pages as Images: While saving pages as images, you can choose Screen to take a screenshot of the complete page or you can choose the desired resolution of the portion of the page you need to save.

Add to your Browser: Chrome Extension | Firefox Add-on

They also provide a bookmarklet and an online service to do the same and several other useful service on their main site. The browser plugins pull in resources from their servers, so they will not work if you are offline.



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