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ATI Radeon HD 5970

AMDs return to high-end competition

ATI’s Radeon HD 5970 is an extreme high-end graphics card which comes equipped with dual GPU thus making it the best performing card in their lineup. The 5970 has a 512-bit bus with a core clock of 725 MHz along with 1 GB of DDR5 memory.

Design-wise, it’s very similar to the shower HD5870 and HD 5850 cards. The card runs on a 6 and 8-pin power connector configuration. It has a single fan cooling system, with two-air flow compartments beside fan. The card was tested on an ASUS P6T Deluxe motherboard with a Intel Core i7 975 processor. The card delivered the goods during performance. In general, it is good bit faster than the dual-GPU NVIDIA Ge-Force GTX295.

The only thing that is of concern is the heating up of the card. Due to the closed design, it tends to heat up a lot. It’s also a little cooler that the GTX295 under load through. The cabinet is a key component and has to be chosen to provide enough air-flow to enable quicker cooling of the card, considering this is a high-end product, the price of Rs. 42,000 is quite steep. The DX 11 compatibility is an added advantages even through there are no DX11 compatible games around now.


Engine clock: 725 MHz

Memory clock: 1000 MHz

Memory Interface: 512- bit

Video Memory: 2 GB DDR5



Phone: 1-800 425 6664

Email: fusion.india@amd.com

Web: www.amd.com

Price: 42,000

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