Adsense offers Email Support to Users Earning $25/week or more

Lack of proper support has been one of the most common complaint of most of the Google Adsense account owners, but the good news is that Google is slowly trying to improve this. Previously, Adsense forums was the only place where users could get any information and there was no means to reach someone from Google, but now Google allows Adsense account holders (publishers) to directly contact the support team and get personal help relating to their accounts via email.

But.. It’s not for everyone

But this isn’t as easy as it seems. For you to be eligible to receive email support, you need to be earning at-least $25/week on a consistent basis. So its like you need to be earning more than $100 per month to find yourself on the eligibility list. An answer at Google Support details the procedure of getting support via email which can be found here.

Publishers earning more than US$25 (or local equivalent) per week on a consistent basis will be eligible for email support, which they can request via a form in the Help Center.

Email Support? So can’t everyone email them?

Email support offered by Adsense does not work the same way as it seems. There is no direct physical email address where you can send in your query. It all starts with the web form found at the Contact Us page of Google Adsense Support. If your account is eligible for email support, a message like the one below when you click Contact Us on the support page.

adsense email contact eligibility

Below that message, there will be a form which will allow you to send in your account related query to the support specialist. You will be given up to 1000 words to explain your reason for contacting.

Why Email Support won’t appeal to the Masses

Providing dedicated support is a great step taken by Google Adsense team, but it seems it is not going to satisfy the large number of Adsense publishers. Here’s why

  1. Publishers who actually need support are the ones who are not yet earning $25 per week. That’s a big reason why they need support. Their sites might have been rejected or blocked by Google Adsense Bots and sadly no way for them to reach Google.
  2. Publishers earning more than $25/week barely have time for enough customization or looking around for improvements. So they don’t bother much unless it’s a professional website network in which case they’d be already a Premium Publisher. Adding to this, publishers earning good amounts already know enough of coding and customization so more lesser reasons to reach to a live support person.
  3. Most of the help documentation is available online and the support library has gone even more wide in the past few months. Mostly all the general questions are already answered and even after contacting support, they’ll receive an email with a link taking to the support documentation. Except for a few account related questions, the team will hardly provide personal answers to anyone.

Whatever it is, the email support option is really a cool option to have. When in times of emergency, the user will have a way to reach out to someone and get a prompt resolution. Sometimes this can help in saving yourself from getting your account banned.