WeChat for Nokia Asha Updated to 1.5 – Adds Look Around and Clean UI

WeChat which debuted for Nokia Asha range around 3 months before has recently received a significant update. The update which pushes the version to 1.5 brings many UI tweaks and takes the app more closer to its android version. Besides this, the update also makes the app available on even more devices. Although not all of the Asha/S40 devices are supported, the range has still increased.

Wechat for Nokia Asha allows you to send voice messages as well as text messages. You also have the option to add graphics, emoticons and pictures to beautify and enhance your Wechat experience.  You can read our initial Wechat experience over here

Nearby Mode – Find new friends around you

The Wechat 1.5 update also adds the nearby mode (a replica of Look Around of Android version) which in a nutshell is a feature to help you in finding and interacting with new people who are living nearby.  As the app needs to know your physical location first, this will only work in Nokia Asha devices which support positioning via the cell tower location.

Updating Wechat to 1.5 on Nokia Asha

To update the application, all you need to open Nokia Store client on your phone and it will show available updates. Else, if you previously installed Wechat from some other way besides Nokia Store, you can delete the older version and re-install the new one form the store.

Download the latest update to your Wechat client on your Full Touch Asha phones such as the Asha 311 or Asha 501 now. Other device owners must retry if they can find the new Wechat client for their phone in the Nokia Store.

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