How to Unroot Motorola Moto E and Re-lock the Bootloader

Motorola Moto E is a budget device and will be the first Android smartphone of a large number of buyers (especially in developing countries). After the release of Moto E, there were tons of articles on media sites describing the procedure to Unlock the Bootloader and then finally gaining Root access to the phone’s file system. If for some reason you want to Unroot your Device and re-lock the Bootloader, you must continue reading.

Just Unroot the Motorola Moto E

If you don’t need the root access anymore and want to Unroot your Motorola Moto E (without re-locking the Bootloader), you can easily do that from within the SuperSU app that you flashed onto your phone while rooting.

  1. Open SuperSU
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Choose Full unroot under Cleanup.Full Unroot option in SuperSU
  4. Tap on Continue.
  5. Wait a few seconds as SuperSU un-registers and removes itself.

Unrooting and Re-locking the Bootloader of Moto E

If you want to also re-lock the bootloader of your Motorola Moto E, you need to flash the stock (factory) firmware onto your phone and then lock back the bootloader. Bootloader is locked only after the phone verifies all files to be original and unchanged. Flashing the factory firmware will also delete all your user data and any apps that you’ve installed. In short, your phone will be returned to the same state as it came when you purchased it.

Re-locking the bootloader does not guarantee a service under warranty. It is up-to the Motorola Authorized Service Centers to acknowledge your warranty or not. But it definitely adds to your chances of getting a service under warranty as they will not be able to detect the previously unlocked bootloader so easily (unless they check the logs)
  1. Download and Install the Motorola Drivers from here
  2. Download the Stock Moto E Firmware from here. Extract it to a particular folder. Make sure that the firmware package that you download should match what is shown in (Settings> About section on your phone)
  3. Download mFastBoot from here and extract it into the same folder where you extracted the firmware.
  4. Turn your phone Off. Press and hold the Volume Down and then press the Power button.You will boot into the fastboot menu.
  5. Connect your phone to your PC via a USB Data Cable and browse to the folder where you extracted your firmware and mfastboot files.
  6. While keeping the shift key pressed, right click on an empty area in the folder and choose Open command window here.
  7. Type or paste the following into the command prompt and press Enter key.
    mfastboot.exe oem lock begin
  8. Now enter the following code to the same command window. The processing should most probably start immediately if you are pasting the code. So you will be needed to press Enter for the last command (erase userdata) after the other processing is complete.
    mfastboot.exe flash partition gpt.bin
    mfastboot.exe flash motoboot motoboot.img
    mfastboot.exe flash logo logo.bin
    mfastboot.exe flash boot boot.img
    mfastboot.exe flash recovery recovery.img
    mfastboot.exe flash system system.img_sparsechunk.0
    mfastboot.exe flash system system.img_sparsechunk.1
    mfastboot.exe flash system system.img_sparsechunk.2
    mfastboot.exe flash modem NON-HLOS.bin
    mfastboot.exe erase modemst1 
    mfastboot.exe erase modemst2 
    mfastboot.exe flash fsg fsg.mbn
    mfastboot.exe erase cache 
    mfastboot.exe erase userdata
  9. Finally enter the following last line of code to finish locking the bootloader of your phone.
    mfastboot.exe oem lock
  10. Reboot your phone.
The above method can also be used if you just want to reset your phone to clean factory state. Or to recover a bricked phone. Whether the phone is unlocked or not, the same command must be used to flash back the stock firmware.

Thanks deej_roamer from XDA for the flashing instructions.

Removing the Bootloader Unlocked Warning

Even after flashing the phone with factory firmware and re-locking the bootloader, the crazy Bootloader Unlocked warning at startup might still stay. In order to get rid of it, you need to flash the modified logo.bin file.

  1. Bootloader Unlocked warning in MotorolaDownload this file (
  2. Extract and Copy it to the folder where you saved your Moto E firmare.
  3. Boot your phone into the fastboot mode and connect to the PC.
  4. Run the following command in the Command Prompt window (opened within the folder where the flash files are).
    fastboot flash logo logo.bin
  5. Reboot your phone.



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  • Thank you so much, my device is locked right now.
    But when i try to Removing the Bootloader Unlocked Warning: ‘fastboot’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file. Why?

  • helllooo sir.. i have moto e mobile… it was dead …
    when i connected to PC drivers are shown to be…
    driver name is (qualcomm HS-USB QDLOADER 9008)

  • i rooted my moto e 1st gen long ago with super su. then i accidentally deleted my os completely . then i gave it to a shop and he repaired it with a stock android 4.4.4 , Now my super su is also gone and i want ro re lock my moto e and want to make it as an old state. how to solve this problem? i want a stock firmware too can anyone give a link and tell me how to solve this problem

  • my phone motoe dead since 3weeks
    when connected to charger only notification lights once and no display
    I have already unlocked its bootloader and changed os to kitkat but it was dead.
    I don’t understand what is the reason please help with any suggestion.

  • i rooted the moto e but someone else unrooted so i don’t know where to copy the logo zip file and how to flash it but i am able to see the files like firmware , system , xbin ,etc , root , vendor , on my ” ES File Manager ” . can u give me instructions where to put the logo bin file exactly so it will b very helpful for me.

  • even after i relocked the boot loader in moto e 1st gen i am getting the same unlock warning , i am also getting a ota update , should i go for the ota update

    • Yes you will see that unlocked warning. To fix that, please follow the ‘Removing the Bootloader Unlocked Warning’ section.

  • i had done the process which u described above everything is fine but I’m getting lollipop os how do i can go back to kitkat
    plz help me with a solution

  • Hi

    i’ve got the moto E (2nd gen) in 4G Version.
    Is this methods work on it ?
    since 1 week, there an OTA update and it impossible to made update, my phone stay on recovery mode and i just can force reboot to use my phone
    Can you help me

  • once bootloader unlocked your device is not authenticated to updates.
    just flash custom roms or stock roms available as unofficially. And use it.
    you cant relock your phone.
    if tried getting errors.

  • HELLO i unlock the bootloader on my moto e. and root via kingoroot.apk after i installed chainfire 3d plugin and open it. that time my phone automatically turn off. and always showing that warning message. my phone is not working .the warning message is stuck on the screen. the fastboot mode is working. what will i do. please help me..

  • I have moto e and in rooted it and unlocked its bootloader but now when lollipop updates have arrived . it showed a notification i downloaded updates but not able to install them

    Will i install them after unrooting it and locking back bootloader

  • above links to download firmware and mfastboot are not working.
    i am using a rooted moto e got update to install latest android 5.1 on my device it got downloaded but then it restarts and asks to ‘install untrusted zip file i cliked on yes the it says your phone needs root access and when i press yes.
    it restarts the phone and process goes same.
    it is just a loop .
    any resolutio would be great.

  • Hi myself Anirudha Mahale, i have Moto E with System Version: 21.12.40.condor_retaildsds.retaildsdsall.en.03 reteu Build number KXC21.5-40 I want to relock its bootloader and put stock rom but when i go to flash stock rom all I get is error i.e. “(BootLoader)Preflash Validation Failed”. I used minimal ADB 2.0 with “RETAILDSDSALL_XT1022_4.4.4_KXC21.5-40_cid7_CFC.xml” but got the same error so I tried to flash with “RETAIL-DSDS_CONDOR_KXC20.82-14_cid7_CFC_1FF.xml”, still the same error. Please Help me out.

  • I have tried this method. But when entered the first command i.e (mfastboot.exe oem lock begin) in the command window. It is showing that and after a few minutes my moto e xt1022 is restarted normally.
    What could be solution?
    Please reply….

  • Ri8 now I’m in cm12
    I want to install my 100% pure stock official KitKat firmware with re lock bootloader and unroot
    Also I want my stock recovery back

    Will you please provide me stock recovery file for moto e Indian version xt1022

    1 more question
    After doing all these stufs
    Will I get official ota update and install it successfully??

    Please reply me

  • My motoe boot loder is unlocked .2days after system update is given my phone was updeted my phone is switched off but my phone is dead. Plz solution on my phone

  • yes i have done it before but when i try to open supersu app iit saying that my device is not rooted and supersu is not running………………not what can i do…………..

  • first i have root my phone then i have flash lollipop zip file on my moto e, now it is saying that my phone is not rooted but my phone’s bootloader is unlocked… so what can i do for rooting my moto e………. plz reply…………!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Flash supersu and you should be done. First try installing from the Play Store and it might just work out.

  • My moto e is restarted again and again after factory reset.don’t no what to do. Showing moto logo on screen.from last 2 days.

  • hi when i input thoses command this is the result :
    target max-sparse-size: 256MB
    error: cannot load ‘gpt.bin’: No error
    target max-sparse-size: 256MB
    error: cannot load ‘motoboot.img’: No error

    don t know what to do :/
    ( the firmware that i use is this one condor_21.12.40.retaildsdsall.en.03, couldn t the reteu version >.< )

  • hello friend i flashed slimkat unofficial via cwm recovery..and my dual sim settings and network connection not showing..please give me solution..

    • Are you using “Minimal ADB and Fastboot”?
      Make sure you are in bootloader menu (Press Vol down + Power) simultaneously
      If its Moto E
      There will be a menu saying “Normal startup, Recovery” and many more
      do interrupt just connect you phone to you pc and send the file with command
      “adb sideload (file name).zip”

  • The site you have mentioned for downloading the stock firmware does not work.
    It shows

    An error occurred.

    Sorry, the page you are looking for is currently unavailable.
    Please try again later.

    If you are the system administrator of this resource then you should check the error log for details.

    Faithfully yours, nginx.

    from where else can i download the firmware?

  • after root my moto e first 2 days its work properly, but the 3 day it will be hang and all features will not work please help me dude what i am doing

  • I am also facing the same problem my android version in 4.4.4 and I am not getting firmware for this android version

  • My os WS already 4.4.4 I unlocked it and flashed custom ROM… But now wn m trying to relock it m not getting d correct firmware .of .4.4.4….. I tried to flash 4.2.2…… In command prompt it says gpt.bin downgrade failed

    • Exactly the same thing happened when I tried the mfastboot method.
      It seems that we need the stock Moto E 4.4.4 sbf,
      Any idea where can we get it from?

  • hey, i really want to relock my phone’s bootloader but i’m not able to choose the right firmware for my phone.
    how do i choose which one is compatible with my phone. My moto e is a indian variant XT1022. i had installed cyanogenmod in my phone so i’m not able to locate the exact firmware..
    Plz help….

  • warning logo removed successfully on moto e but for that you have to flash it freshly from stock firm….i have Indian version 4.4.2

  • hello, Im trying to relock bootloader of my device that is Motorola Moto E XT1022. But the problem is that I’m not able to find the correct firmware. My android version is 4.4.4 and there is only till 4.4.3 Please help me i really want to relock the bootloader of my device.\\
    Thank you.

    • You can use the suitable ROM from those ones, provided one matches your edition. You can then update it again to 4.4.4 via OTA.

  • Can you make a video of this so it will be helpful for others…. If there is any video on unrooting and relocking the bootloader can you share us the link..

    • Unfortunatly, I sold my Moto E after Re-locking the bootloader πŸ˜› So that ain’t possible from my side. AFAIK, relocking will not be mentioned in any video. I’ll still try to find.

      • Thank you for your reply …. My phone system version is “Android 4.4.2 Blur_Version.20.11.14.condor_retaildsds.retaildsdsall.en.03 reteu” and I don’t find a firmware which ends with “RETEU”…. pls suggest if I have to ignore the RETEU…

  • i am getting error
    mfastboot.exe flash partition gpt.bin
    (bootloader) Preflash validation failed
    FAILED (remote failure)

      • I am getting the same error, and I downloaded the Indian variant file named : RETAIL-DSDS_CONDOR_KXC20.82-14_cid7_CFC_1FF.xml.

        So please help fix this error.

    • Relocking will only happen when you flash your phone to factory. Hence, no TWRP will be there.

    • Unfortunately, its a no for most of the devices. But I think the Moto X can be rooted without unlocking the bootloader. Not super sure though.

    • I already mentioned this in the post. It wont bring it back, but there are chances of getting it as it will be hard to detect the unlocked boot loader via an oral inspection. If they check their databases,they are surely gonna deny the warranty.
      All depends on what all they check while taking the phone for warranty.

    • No you will not get your warranty back because it is recorded on their server that you have unlocked your boot loader, sorry.

    • I’ve included the solution in the post. Read the “Removing the Bootloader Unlocked Warning” part.

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