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Nokia X – How to Transfer Contacts from Other Phones?

Although it does run Android (Android 4.1.2 to be exact), Nokia X is very different from the rest of the Android phones that you find in the market. From the UI, to the Play Store, there’s nothing in the Nokia X which will remind you that it runs Android. Nokia itself calls it Nokia X Platform which resembles more to the Asha Software Platform. Anyways, if you have got that shiny new Nokia X in your hands, here’s how to import contacts to it from your other phone or online accounts.

Import Contacts from iPhone or Android

You can easily transfer contacts from your Android or Apple iPhone using the Contacts Transfer app which can be downloaded from the Nokia Store. Using it you can import your contacts over Bluetooth.

  1. Open Store App on your X. Search for Contacts Transfer and install it.
    contacts transfer app  download nokia x
    Download and Install
  2. Pull down the notifications slider and turn on Bluetooth.
  3. Pick up your other phone from which you want to transfer contacts to Nokia X. Turn on the Bluetooth service and make sure it is not set to hidden.
  4. Now on the Nokia X, open the Contacts Transfer app (icon should be in the home-screen). Tap on Continue and then on Scan for Devices.
  5. When your other phone shows up in the list on Nokia X, tap on it and do the pairing by verifying the security codes.
    Contacts transfer app Nokia X
    Pair the Devices
  6. Depending on your other phone and the locations where you store your contacts, a page will appear on your Nokia X asking you to choose source of your contacts. In most cases, it would be Phone. Tap on Continue once the source is selected.
  7. Contacts transfer process will begin and the contacts from your other phone will be copied in a few moments. Do accept any approvals that your other phone may ask.
    contacts transfer working
    Transfer Progress

Import from your SIM Card or VCF from Memory Card

If your previous phone stored contacts on your SIM card, you can also import your SIM contacts into your Nokia X’s phone memory. Or if you have your contacts backup (VCF Cards) stored in your Memory Card, just insert your SIM/Memory Card into your Nokia X and follow the steps below.

  1. Tap on the People/Contacts icon on your home-screen.
  2. Swipe from the bottom of screen to reveal the options menu.
    Import SIM contacts Nokia X
    Import From
  3. Tap on:
    ⦁    Import from SIM – If you want to import contacts from SIM; or
    ⦁    Import from Storage – If you want to import VCF files from your Memory Card.
  4. Choose the account where you want to import the contacts, then select the contacts and tap OK.
    Import SIm contacts Nokia X
    Choose Contacts to Import
  5. That’s it. Your selected contacts will be available in your contacts list.

Import your Gmail Contacts into Nokia X

As Nokia X run a customized version of Android, Google services are explicitly not supported, hence there’s no direct way to access your Google Contacts on your Nokia X, but there definitely is a workaround.

  1. Just go to in your web browser.
  2. Login using your Google Account if not already logged in.
  3. From the toolbar at the top, tap on More and choose Export.
    Google Contacts more options
    Tap on More> Export
  4. From the new popup, select All contacts and choose vCard as the export format.
  5. Finally tap on Export and your contacts should start downloading.
    Google vcard export nokia x
    Export Google Contacts
  6. Then follow the Import from your SIM Card or VCF from Memory Card guide above to import them into your phone’s contacts list.


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