Tata Docomo introduces Rs. 14 Full Talktime Recharge

Docomo LogoTata Docomo – The Innovative Operator has recently launched a new recharge of Rs. 14 which allows the user to avail Full Talktime value on all recharges between Rs. 10 to 10,000 for full 60 days. The user gets full taktime every time, which means that if the user Recharges for Rs. 10, he will get full Rs. 10 to spend. No taxes or service charges. The pack however comes with certain limitations. Here’s everything that the plan will provide/change:


  1. All recharges between Rs. 10 to 10,000 will give full Talktime.
  2. There will be no service charges or taxes on recharge.
  3. All  Local and National call rates will change to 1.2 paise /second.
  4. No cheap call plans will be applicable during this period. You cannot reduce the call rate from 1.2 p/second.
  5. Only GPRS and SMS plans will be allowed. no cheap call plans and not even any ISD call plans.
  6. You cannot opt-out from this before the pack validity of 60 days.


If you wish to activate this pack, you need to get a Special Recharge of Rs. 14 done.

The plan is available in Punjab. Ask your local retailer/customer care to check if a similar plan is available in your area.

Is the pack important?

In my view, the plan is just an innovative way by Docomo to increase profits. The plan increases your call rates and the can’t be reduced too. The plan will only be important if you make very few calls. If you’re a talkative person, you’ll shed more amount with the increased call rates than the amount paid as tax without this recharge. Better get a simple full talktime recharge (launched time to time) which will give you full talktime + reduced call rates.

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