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Buy Genuine & Official OnePlus Accessories from OnePlusStore.in

OnePlus maintains its own online store in most countries, but it chose Amazon as its official sales partner in India. Today, OnePlus launched its official online store in India. The store currently lists the accessories and redirects back to Amazon for buyers looking for smartphones. The only strange thing about this store is that OnePlus chose to go with a new domain (OnePlusStore.in) instead of hosting the store directly on its official website – OnePlus.net. In fact, OnePlus has moved the entire website for India to the new domain.

Listings on OnePlus Store
Listings on OnePlus Store

Currently listed items on the store include:

  • OnePlus 3 Back Cases
  • Dash Charger and Cable for OnePlus 3
  • Car Dash Charger for OnePlus 3
  • Tempered Glass screen protector
  • Icons Earphones
  • Flip Covers for OnePlus 3
  • Protective cases for OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X

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Some of the accessories for the OnePlus 3 are currently out of stock. That said, there’s nothing entirely exclusive or new with the store since all of these accessories can also be purchased from Amazon.in. OnePlus is probably only trying to cut down on some of the selling expenses by selling directly instead of selling via Amazon.

For a customer, I think it is still best to purchase from Amazon.in because of their wonderful customer support and easy replacements. Unless OnePlus stops selling on Amazon; or sells for a lesser price on OnePlusStore.in, there’s hardly any reason for a customer to choose their store over Amazon.

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