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Nokia Xpress Browser for Asha Updated; Brings Multi-Window Support

Nokia Xpress Browser which has been available for the Asha and other S40 phones since long has just received a new update which adds the much awaited tabbed browsing. The update pushes the version number to 3.1.0 which previously was somewhere around 2.3.0.

Nokia Xpress Browser uses intermediate Nokia proxy servers to optimize web pages based on the capabilities and screen size of the device. The proxy servers also compress data by up to 90% to reduce data transmission charges for the mobile user.

The updated Nokia Xpress Browser (v 3.1) is at par with what has been introduced in the new phones (such as the 501) running the Asha OS. The tabbed browsing is smooth and the visual effects which appear up while switching between tabs are quite appealing.

Users can browse simultaneously in up to 6 windows/tabs. Tabs can be easily switched by clicking/tapping on the icon located in the bottom (for touch phones) or towards the top (for qwerty phones).

Tip: To close a window, long tap on it in the multi-window page and tap on the red cross.

Updating Nokia Xpress Browser to version 3.1

Coming to the updates, the updates are delivered through a notification within the browser. So you’ll probably see a pop-up notification about the update while browsing your favorite sites. If Nokia Xpress Browser is installed in a directory which you can access, you can update it by pressing Options> Update Version

Lastly, if the update is not available in any way, it is most probably because your Nokia Device was not eligible to be updated to the latest version because of certain hardware and API limitations.

Here’s a small gallery from the updated browser 🙂


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  • Its a pity this has not been of any help to me. A need a broser that can at least help me to fill and submit forms on the net, even sending email. Like nokia express i was following to download for my nokia 201, no even download link on this site.
    Some even i downloaded could not serve at all. Some from ghost vendors.
    What do you really want me to admire?

    • Okay, the problem is that Nokia Xpress is permanently discontinued and it does not work anymore.
      The only options you have are Opera Mini and UC Browser. I do not know of any other reliable browser which works for java phones.

      The download links on this site were removed because the links stopped working after discontinuaton of Xpress browser.

  • سلام لطفا مرورگر اڊسٞعس عو برام بفرستید نوکیا اشا 501

  • Hi. I refused to update my nokia browser wen i got the notifications(my bad). Now anytime i open d browser, nothing is running nd I cant even type in d URL box. Pls I need help!

  • Is there any news yet on the supposed release timeline of the Xpress browser and opera merger yet?
    also, why does Xpress browser score so much higher on the HTML5 test website as compared to opera mini (239 to a mere 53)?

    • No updates yet. I still doubt if it will be possible to do that on older devices as the Xpress Browser is kinda deeply integrated with the phone.

  • While trying to download a game was adviced to upgrade to Nokia xpress. Which i did! Now the problem i have now is that, any apps that i open…..its keeps saying comflicting apps & when i open it , it NOKIA XPRESS!!!!! PLS i really need a solution ASAP

  • I am also use UC browser and opera mini browser and ssyoutube but the problem is not solved.earlier the download is done with you tube. when click on watch like download sceen shows download and then play video. but letter this problem happen why I dont find solution.I treid relience, nokia customer care. relience technical section but the problem is as it was.

  • i live in the philippines and my provider is globe telecoms.. after i restore my nokia 501 i cant find my nokia express browser. when i click on internet browser.. home page is google. and when i clickadd webpage it doesnt respond. how can can i get my express browser back? thank in advance for who will reply my concern.

    • There is no software update available yet. So quite simple that it won’t show any updates.
      Rest about Xpress Browser, please try reinstalling it by opening on you phone. But in most cases, it won’t replace the regular internet icon and will create a new icon as ‘Nokia Xpress’. So both are supposed to remain.

      • i tried. it says my phone is not supported? how come it is not supported. it had an express browser on it until i restored the phone. it is an asha 501.. and it is not in the list. any other advice. the only problem i had with it was i cannot play youtube using wifi and data connection. so i thought i restore it. after restore browser just became a regular browser with google as the home page.

        • Hello Kim
          How did you access that website? make sure you open it in the default browser which has Google as its homepage. Let me know if it still does not work. I’ll find an alternative.
          YouTube.. Hmm.. Some guys hare having problems playing via WiFi, but Mobile Data works fine. Try updating the browser first and then see how YouTube performs.

          • i used facebook mobile. i sent the link using my laptop on my facebook mobile in my asha501. the link is it says 501 is not supported. and in regards to my youtube problem. i tried both wfi and data connection still it say there is a problem with your connection. and thanks for your replies. its been 2 days of searching for solution.

          • i solved the problem regarding express browser.. after i restored my phone i did not accept any permission and set my location to malaysia. and used default browser to open facebook mobile which is m.facebook,com where i sent the link to.. thank for the effort and for the download link. now my only problem is how to watch youtube on asha 501. 🙂

  • Cannot use for Whats up and skype… and second most importnt thing is hanging problem in asha 501,,,,,,,, damn phone, wastage of money

  • a friend too my phone and when she brought it,my settings and everything has changed…….when i try opening my internet,it doesnt work so i downloaded opera mini….which i have been using for a while….now my whatsapp version has expired,i have tried times without number trying to download a new whatsapp version with the opera mini but it doesnt work….i have been told to download a new web browser so that i download the whatsappwith that browser but dont know the browser i should download……am damn worried…

  • I updated mine via your website and now it shows error no def memory and some other rubbish please help me

  • Sir I’m nt getting the browser update:-( i tried ur link bt still it leads me to download same version ..:-( it says -version 2.3 already installed do you wan2 replace it?…

  • hello please help when i use my video recorder the record time is 2hrs and 13mins. after i record a video e.g 5mins, the record time display is still 2hrs and 13mins. i thought it will be deducted right? and the recording time is not accurate when i use other video resolution. thanks!

    • The available recording time is dependent on the amount of data that the phone can handle in physical memory. So its never a replica of available storage in the phone.
      Take it as the longest video that the phone can record, even if you put in a 32GB Memory Card.

      • okay sir cause it seems a problem to me. i hope nokia can overhaul the os for asha 311 something like in asha 501. hehe

        • Don’t get me wrong, but i don’t think that will be possible. New Asha is a different breed and Nokia won’t necessarily be willing to spend resources on the devices of past. I mean there’s no point updating already sold phones to a new platform when something new is coming.
          So i feel old Asha will stay as it is. Maybe a few more minor bug fixes and that’s it 🙂


  • i have updated my browser now its showing cnflicting apps . if i click no it restarts my mobile what should i do? plz help me.

  • Thanks for this article, you seem to know useful stuff about this, that’s why I’m writing here ’cause I’ve reached the end of my patience trying to update this browser. I have an Asha 203 and every time I try to update the nokia xpress browser to either the 2.3 or the 3.1 I get “downloading failed” when there are 24 sec. left. I tried all the possible ways of updating/downloading, it doesn’t work. And it doesn’t even tell me there is an update, I found out elsewhere.
    Any ideas, help?

      • well no, the browser can’t be deleted. and its updates depend strictly on the phone model and/or firmware: the browser gets updated together with the software update. so for example nokia xpress 2.3 or 3.1 were rolled out only to some Asha phones while others, like Asha 203, are left with the 2.0 version after the SW update. myea.
        thanks, anyway! 🙂

  • Asha 308 says that xpress browser is sucesfuly whre is the new browser installed..the default remains as it is

    • It will replace the default. There’s not much of change of looks, so be careful while checking it out. Check the version number in settings.

  • My phone model is nokia asha 200.
    After update, when i open it, it shows that” conflicting application”
    now what can i do????

  • I just got connected back to the virtual world this afternoon, then when i tried opening the it goes, the update showed. I’m kinda overwhelmed. When you exit the browser, the page stays where you leave it. Nice job nokia.

    • Yeah 😀 It remembers the last accessed pages and tabs, but only to an extent that the physical memory isn’t used by any other app. If you open a lot of apps, the browser might forget where you last left it or else will require reloading of those pages.

      • Ah! thanks for clarifying. 😀 that explains why at some point the page needs to be refreshed.
        I just wish they added “save page” option”, like opera mini. I also noticed they removed the downloads icon, it is now located on the “options” menu while on the homepage.

        • Yeah. Opera MIni is still the best browsing option available for Java phones. I still use it for most of my browsing on the phone 😀
          Downloads was removed to make way for the new Windows icon, but you can access downloads via options on any page, not just the homepage 🙂

        • My facebook in nokia express still doesn’t play videos, when im tapping on the videos the page refreshes.

          • Just tried with a video hosted by Facebook. Nokia Xpress doesn’t streams it directly, instead starts downloading it and then plays.
            So it still works. Does it show you any errors?

                • I am also use UC browser and opera mini browser and ssyoutube but the problem is not solved.earlier the download is done with you tube. when click on watch like download sceen shows download and then play video. but letter this problem happen why I dont find solution.I treid relience, nokia customer care. relience technical section but the problem is as it was.

  • My phone still restarts and sometimes the battery drains in half a day after full charge… Sometimes it comes for 4 days backup… Anybody facing this prob… I have update to latest version 7 from Nokia care….

    • Something like that happens with me too. Sometimes the battery dies too quick and at other times it stays for quite long. Signal problems sounds to be the culprit to me 🙂

      • Yeah. Same kind of problem haunted me when I had v.5.92 installed.
        But after the update everything is normal and has become much much better. and stable.
        Till today – No Hang, no Restart and battery goes on and on.
        coming to your problem – I think connecting your 311 to your laptop for more than 4 hours in a go causes restarts and battery die quickly. I also faced same problem. Because, I was connecting my 311 to my PC for more than 5 hours in a go. In that span – my 311 restarted sometimes and even when battery was full if i switched it off, the battery shows red indication after start up.

        After update – I have stopped connecting more than 3 hours in a go. So, It has become much more efficient and best . 😀 😀 😀

        • Thanks Bharath. Sounds interesting. Stability has definitely improved with the new update 😀
          My phone stays connected for all the time i use my laptop. Sometimes using it as a modem, and at other times just for charging. I’ll try reducing that time to see if some magic happens 😛 Thanks

          • I bet it is the 100% culprit. 😀 I have experimented every possible ways. 😀
            No connection after full charge – 5 days
            3 hours of connection after full charge – 30% reduction
            >5 hours of conn. – 100% instability.

            I also use it as a modem with 3G pack and often used to leave connected to PC even after finishing work with my website. 😛 i.e. while playing games and watching movies). ;->

            Connect when u need and remove it after that. if u use max 3 hours a day ( like me after update) dont leave it to charge. I would have enough power for 2 days standby time. next time when u connect it will charge for next two days.( but can be used efficiently for 1day).

            Try and see the difference…. ;-)%-)

            • 2 days? Oh bro.. My phone has never even lasted one complete day. LOL I don’t leave it on standby for much of time.
              The facts are really promising. I’ll start charging it only via the Charger. No need to connect to the laptop. Let’s see the magic thereafter 😀

      • I browsed for more than 45 minutes. Still no popups and nothing showed up. I’m still running the same version as before. No update 🙁 🙁

      • Oh my G-d! I like the new browser. But it only has 4 tabs to open! Asha 303 here. And there is no way to view the history, which I use often. Sucks. Update? Not really.

        • Maybe the tabs are dependent on the amount of background memory that the phone has. My 311 can open upto 6 tabs as you can see in the screenshots. Anyways, the 4 tabs are still better than the only 1 which used to be the trend before this update.
          History, I can find a small list of history history under Favorites. Have you tried accessing it there? 🙂

          • Yes, I have. But it’s not there. That really sucks. Do you know if this is on all S40 devices? Do you think they’ll release a new update to fix it?
            (Just an off-topic question: speaking of updates, will there be anything new for the S40 devices soon?)

            • For me, History is there under Favorites. Have you updated your browser to the 3.2 version, the update just came in a few days before.
              Updates, hmm.. I won’t keep any hope. If there’s a future market for feature phones, that’ll be with Asha OS and the lone S40 is dumped. I can’t sense any more updates, except some serious bug fixes (if need arises).

          • Well, I do have a Asha 303 (actually using right now to tap out this comment) and it is a Asha but also runs a touch-S40. Do you think there’ll be updates for this kind of software?Okay, I don’t know about the history problem and what to do with it 🙁 .

            • Basically these Asha phones released prior to 2013 were still running the S40 Developer Platform 2.0. What I meant with the Asha OS is the Nokia Asha software platform 1.0 which can be found in the new Nokia Asha 501. As Nokia has made huge changes in the new Asha Software, there’s no point in wasting resources to still keep developing the older Asha S40. That’s from the business point of view. Users always expect updates and it always feels awesome. I just feel that there will not be any more updates.
              Plus above everything, software updates have never brought some valuable new features in the S40 phones. They’re just pushed to solve out issues and fix bugs.

              About the browser, try updating from . If no update is available, its better to forget the history then. I’ll however try on my C3-00 if I can locate history somewhere.

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