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Nokia X2 gets Updated to 2.1 with Google Services Support, Updated Here Maps, Camera Improvements and More

Nokia X2, the last device launched before the Nokia X Platform was announced to be discontinued received a major update update which pushes the current software version to and brings a bunch of much-needed improvements such as the Google Services support and a better mapping experience with the updated Here maps app. It seems Microsoft is working hard to give the users a satisfactory experience before the support for them is taken down.

New Features in Nokia X Platform Update

The software update is being seeded to the Dual SIM Nokia X2 devices (RM-1013) and is available globally. The official change-log notices the following major changes, but there must be more:

  • Camera –  Capture fast-moving objects with the new Smart Mode, and create unique photos by using the Action shot, Best shot, or Motion blur options.
  • Lock Screen – Make your phone more personal than ever with live wallpapers and new lock screen widgets.
  • OneDrive & OneNote Added – Keep your life synced with OneDrive and OneNote. Get up to 15 GB of personal storage space on OneDrive, and sync up to 500 notes to OneNote.
  • Google Services Support – Access your favorite Google services. You can now sync your Google contacts, and access your Gmail inbox. (Does it also support Play Store? Somebody please confirm)
  • Updated Here Maps – Find your way anywhere with HERE Maps – get turn-by-turn voice guidance with a free global navigation license. Requires additional HERE Maps update from Store.
  • Updated Nokia Store – Updated Store – new design to help you find content more easily, and better integration with 3rd-party stores.
  • Calendar, Call Rejection, Parental Controls and Misc – Added local calendar support, call reject with a message, parental controls for Store, landscape support for mail and messaging, and auto-configuration of mail accounts.
Nokia X2 Update Changelog
Update Changelog

The update will be available Over-the-Air (OTA) and has an approximate size of 200MB. So make sure you connect to a WiFi network before downloading the update. If your phone does not automatically show an update, you can manually force a check for updates by going to Settings> About Phone> System Updates and tapping Check Now.

It is unknown if the older Nokia X, X+ and XL will receive some of these improvements or not, but we’ll keep you updated if there’s a news regarding that.

Once you receive the update, do let us know your thoughts. Was the update satisfying? Have you found some other changes than the ones noted above?  Do comment below 🙂


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  • i want to update my nokia x2.whenever i checks update it shows that i am update upto date after this i m unable to run google play store on it.please help me

  • Bhai mera mobile nokia x2 update mar k de dona bhai is me google play service support bhi nahi ho raha h mera no 8108931729 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz call me

    • Ap esa kro nokia x2 tools download kro wo download krke na open kro usb se connect kro phir usb debugging mode on kro phir us tool ma keyboard se two daba do hojaige install mazeed info ke lie youtube p dekho

  • my nokia X2 doesn’t get to internet,email or nokia updates.i cant even download says my device doesn’t support the system make sure to use web browser

  • Rakesh just to nokia service centre ad tell him to update the software of my nokia x2 dual sim which is the latest software which cost is 300 if u lost ur warranty

    In previous month i also update my nokia x2software but after the upadate i dont no how i start google service and google play store after update if u can start this service then plz help me in my e mail adress

  • My Nokia X2 Dual Sim is showing that phone is upto date, It is not taking the 2.1 updates though time and date are selected well….How I can update it. Please Help!

  • My x2 dual sim ,but nokia is giving updated version, But the thing is i am not get my update through ota or checked manually.Tell me the solution.

  • My Nokia X2 is not showing any update

    Always saying You’re all up to date.

    How can i update my phone.

    Please reply

  • i had not connect with google player aaah , my clash of clan was gone , i m in level-8townhall ,without google player aaaah , help help i m kicked out by google player ??????????????????

  • aaah i m feed up ,on this Nokiax2 Ds1013 mobile its ,can not supported google player why!why! i try to installed 8/9 times but its show me , your mobile not supported goople player ,aaah ,lolz man its any sensors in this mobile good ,bcz i buy this mobile to use google player ,not for other issues ,bcz i know nokia is a good product! but” its make me unhappy now ,i try to update my phone but here shows only this ” Your mobile alrady updated ,!
    and i m like- what man again the blabla think shows! aaaah
    its good n bed i don’t know , but i needed to support google player ,how???? tell me ! you guys?????? bcz nokia was your company ???? so develop it or though it in dasbin? i don’t care but my money are wasted to careless phone aaaaah! man its dam painfull ,?

  • i updated my nokia x2 , RM-1013 to the, and when i finished downloading, during installation it was obstructed which my service was barred with a circle on d top and all my camera and torch are not opening…. pls help me

  • Worst coz its not compatible with google services and store,,even when updated,mine is updated,,no problem for me about google play,,games,,what make it worst is the here map. It can not find a place even if you fill the complete address, it will show a different place,

  • my nokia x2 dual 4.3 want update from sd card how 2 make.that
    that phone I well trays for update that mebe file musing that now not open. I want apply update from sd carr

  • My Nokia X2Ds (Android) was updated to …… but i can’t use gmail on this and so I am syncing my gmail on this but when I have a new Gmail from everyone don’t give me notification so when I have a new mail from yahoo (yahoo mail) from everyone give me notification. 2. Not supported any Google services example google store , google play And etc….

  • i couldn’t get nokia x platform update. how i can get update my mobile . i had read all comments, but i try some methods , but i couldn’t. is any update is available now . my device version…. help me to update

  • Hi i am from manipur, i can’t used any google app in my nokia X2 dual sim android device, so i have lose many valuable things, so how to install google play services in my devices

  • my phone did not shown any updates yet.. pls do something for update.. even i have tapped the check option also.. pls reply via email..

  • For very long time I am trying to update…The phone says your device is uptodate..Why this troble happening ?!!
    Please reply back on email.

  • I have Nokia X2, but it is not working on google play services. it is not working on ola cab and taxi for sure which are using google play services.
    How to i install services into Nokia X2.

  • my phone did not shown any updates yet.. pls do something for update.. even i have tapped the check option also.. pls reply via email..

  • Narendr sir I have bought nokia x2 few days ago.what should I do now root or update.what are the advantages of root.

  • I am getting trouble to update my firmware ! My phone shows that ‘ your phone already updated ‘ ! Plz.. help me to update my device software to 2.1 .

  • I am getting trouble to update my firmware ! My phone shows that ‘ your phone already updated ‘ ! Plz.. help me to update my device software to 2.1 .

  • this update isn’t better than nokia 2.0. camera doesn’t flash while focusing on dark and I’m facing a little bit problem with the store. it suddenly stops while downloading .

  • Google play service is not supporting some required apps are not working.
    Opera store doesnot support many apps.
    Resolve the problem as soon as possible

  • i can’t update my phone to 2.1. whenever i check it always says you’re upto date . please help me

  • my nokia x software platform but not support google services like google play store & google maps. please help me

    • They are not supported out of the box. You need to root your phone and then install Play Store. BTW, HERE Maps are certainly better than Google’s.

  • i update my nokia X2 software 2.0 to 2.1 using nokia software updater using usb cabe…………
    it works fn and i download whatsapp from thard party apps it works fn…………
    i am happy…………………..

  • Sir,
    How to root my phone. Does it effect bad?
    I want install google play services , Play youtube , google play store….
    Plzzz, suggest me as a best solution…..

  • Something went wrong appears on my screen and after dat i m not able to see my balance how to solve that problem in my nokia x2 dual sim

  • Sir,In My Nokia X2 DS .When I Play Music It Work But In Some Time It Automatically Skip All Musics Why I Don’t Know The Reason Pls Tell Me Sir …..Thanks

  • Im using nokia xl,,while im calling to anybody screen getting block..then im using power button.its not working..when opposite person disconnect the call then only im getting actual screen.unnecessarily im wasting amount alot..can u help me resolving this issue….!!

    • Seems like an issue with the proximity sensor. Make sure it does not have dust or anything covering it.

  • There’s no system update showing up even when I checked :/ I don’t wanna try the recovery tool.. what else can I do?

  • my phone is up to date.. 2.0.12.. i’m trying to root my phone.. i downloaded nokia tools by xda on my xp but the downloaded file is automatically removed saying that it is corrupt.. can u give me a link to download genuine nokia tools..

    • Lumia Software Recovery Tool , 18MB for win7/8 only
      Latest software release for Nokia X2 Dual SIM is Nokia X Software Platform 2.1 (

  • Latest software release for Nokia X2 Dual SIM is Nokia X Software Platform 2.1 (

    A simple and easy to use utility designed to assist you in fixing any software issues you might encounter with your Nokia device software from Microsoft
    Lumia Software Recovery Tool , 18MB for win7/8 only

  • I tried UPDATE VER through wifi , After complete 6MB Insllation screen showing to me nokia recovery mode 3e with selection option from volume button . please guide which option i have to select . there are 5- types i selected last one now my mobile hang and no response . I restart phone by removing battery ,its working normal as old version no update . how i can update last version ?

  • i got my nokia x2 updated to latest softwr version from nokia customer care bcoz i was having sm minor issue. i think you gyz shld visit the care if u hv any issues

    • Dear Friend,
      I am facing problem with my Nokia X-2 during update the latest version,
      1) updated version showing only 6.0 Mb
      2) After downloading when I restart my phone it goes to recovery mode.
      3) Not updating after formatting and restoring the phone.
      4) after restarting phone.

      Please help me in this regard

      Pervez Bhatti
      [email protected]

    • I can root this phone and install google play. Through (XDA forum )But after latest software update phone does hang because phone is rooted, now i can reset phone through nokia care.
      After latest update we can not root this phone,
      Anyone can solve this problem which have only in this phone. Nokia X2ds

  • you just can’t focus in dark in new firmware version with the help of led flash like in older firmware
    Reply if anybody using ver faces this issue ….

  • yesterday i updated my phone nokia x2 with nokia software updater.. but its not a update its firmware installation of 899 mb of ver 2.1.The process is simple i download the software from ur site and the i plug the usb to my phn and pc.Then downloaded the firmware 899 its take 5 hrs to download(my net is slow) and 5-6 min to install…..use nokia software updater rather than lumia software recovery tool because it is bug free……………………before firmware installation backup ur phn contacts using backup and reset setting and remove memory card and sim for clean installation……thanku narendar for ur website

    • Should be around a GB or more as the full ROM will be downloaded instead of a particular portion. Same is for the Recovery Tool.

  • Hi.. Narender Singh..Thanque for your post..
    i tried to update my NokiaX2DS (V2.0) with wifi, but it showed you’re all uptodate.
    so i tried update with lumia software recovery tool (V5.1) using USB cable.
    i showed that new updates are available for your phone Version 2.1 (file size 899 MB), I downloaded it and installed. While installing after some time installation failed and prompted Recovery or cancel, i Tried to recover but same message came, So I un plugged it and removed battery, after 2 minutes i Switched it on Then it installed 38 updates.
    Now my phone new version 2.1 Showing
    some new features came like changing wall paper, and some apps.
    Now my phone working properly, But i’m afraiding that it may not work properly in future, because update was not done properly.

    • It should work fine as the update was successful at last. In case you face an issue, just use the Nokia Care Suite. It is much better than the recovery tool in terms of its ability to flash the devices.

  • I used Nokia X2DS . In that the application would be installed in bydefaultly System memory. How to move to memorycard? Ex. WHATSAPP
    There is no option for move to memory card

  • I wanna knw is 2.1 update available at Nokia care in kashmir anywhere or can i download it myself if yes, then please help me guys um jst stuck without googel services can i download it on wifi …actually today i went nokia care but they got shocked has nokia x2 got update..they wasn’t even knowing abt it…

    • try using the Nokia Care Suite. If there is no firmware available for your product code, there is no way, but to wait for the OTA to arrive which probably never will 😐

  • i checked for update my nokia x2ds but ,
    it show that “you’re all up to date
    but vesion is still
    what should i do to update my phone
    i leave in nepal

  • Please reed all information :
    Nokia X 2 Tools Program allows Nokia X 2 owners to install Google Play Store + Google services and also to gain Root access.The process is very simple, you just need to connect the smartphone to PC and to run the .exe file.Then press 1 to install the drivers, and after that press 2 to get Google Play.If you want to get Root-access-press 4.

    Before all the actions to make sure, that you are in developer mode and USB debugging is turned on.To activate the developer mode go to Settings-phone, and tap the About 5 times to ‘ Software version ‘, then go to Settings-Developer options-USB debugging.

    After completing all I tried install google play services from 1 mobile market store . Now Its working all very nice .

    So,I simply followed the instructions Update: “Nokia X2 Tools” allows Nokia X2 to install Google Play Store & Google services

  • I have nokia X2 with latest version but it dose not support google play services, google play store, and also has not camera smart mood….so how to support those functions with this new version…….

  • I also have nokia X2ds . ver . same problem as you mention I follow all Instructions from this Rus software . After completing all I also install google play services from 1 mobile market . Now Its working all very nice . Thanks for help

    Update: “Nokia X2 Tools” allows Nokia X2 to install Google Play Store & Google services

    • It auto installs with the update. You can also find the package on other stores such as the 1Mobile Market. However, I’m unsure what benefit will you get with those Play Services :/

  • Help! My updation is a complete failure services hasnt been installed properly due to the connection…my nokia X2 now is in its software version will i do so that i can access google services properly.. do i have to go back to version 2.0 and just update it again..if so, how is it done?? Hope someone could help md..

  • I have a nokia xl…
    & the internal storage is 1.19gb …..
    So does installing the update increase the storage space or what……….

    • It should be free for most, but individual Care Centers do have their own policies. So, can’t say with surety.

    • If an OTA update is not available, your best bet will be to use Nokia Care Suite to manually flash your phone, provided an update is available for your product code.

  • I updated my fone to version 2.1.011 but google play services are not installing saying not compatible with your fone, so what is wrong???
    What should i do?

  • i have nokia xl with v1.2 can i chnang that in to this possible,then how can i chang that..guys plz tell the information

  • It’s strange that it worked fine for me on my first attempt
    I had 059V781 with 2.0.1 firmware on it
    Used Nokia X2 tools to unroot it, flashed 059V779 v2.1.0.12 from Navifirm+ to get new update and portuguese language
    A few days after that i tried X2 tools agains to install Google Play
    These were thw simple steps to get it done
    Nokia X2 tools has to be V1.2 or else you’ll get you X2 bricked

  • I simply followed the instructions on the Xda developers forum and it is working perfectly well
    I believe it’s because i used nokia x2 tools version 1.2 instead of the 1.1 that bricks the X2
    On my first atempt i Did it

  • My english is not good but I want download Google play store how to root phone my please send simple steps my mail thanks all

      • I updated to 2.1 already rooted with nokia x2 tools but with version 1.2
        Then i used x2 tools to install Google play
        First time i tried to download something it said i needed Google services and i downloaded it directly from the store
        Everything working fine
        Sometimes gives no connection and just remove my account and add it again
        About music play i think it’s not working
        Everything else running fine

        • Hmm 🙂 99% of the users bricked their phones while installing Play Store using X2 Tools. Dunno why you are so lucky 😛 Hope it helps somebody 🙂

  • I brought nokia x2 1 week back. It is in the version 2.0 its not showing the latest updates how can i update my phone to 2.1 version. Please help me to update

  • Steve. I updated to 2.1 already rooted with nokia x2 tools but with version 1.2
    Then i used x2 tools to install Google play
    First time i tried to download something it said i needed Google services and i downloaded it directly from the store
    Everything working fine
    Sometimes gives no connection and just remove my account and add it again
    About music play i think it’s not working
    Everything else running fine

  • @oliveira…. I got my phone rooted on 2. 1.. But as I understand it play services is already there in the 2. 1 update right? the thing is that when I try to install Google play music it installs while I does say that Google services framework is needed.. It installs okay but I cannot log into my account when I enter the app.. So I tried using the Nokia x tools as many others and now my phone is stuck in boot screen… But ill figure that one out.. My question is.. How did you get Google play and Google services on it? And does Google okay music also work for you? Thanks..

  • finally got the updated x2 via nokia care,,and camera is surprisingly cool.also live wallpaper supports..bdw lets talk abt the root..there is a prob abt rooting…coz we wont get free servicing aftr rootin…ri8?

  • Good morning to everyone. Great news!!!
    My Nokia X2 running version with product code 059V779 is now rooted by Nokia X2 tool V1.2 and yesterday i installed Google Play and Google services on it!!!
    Everything is working perfectly and it has no bootloop problem
    The only thing that is happening is that sometimes Google Play looses connection with my account
    Don’t worry because it is a simple thing to solve
    Just erase your google account a try again
    I assure you it will work 🙂
    On XDA Developers there is a method that solves this problem and i will try it latter
    Thanks to all specialy to Narender Singh

    • hi, thanks for your positive post!!
      how did you install google services on your x2 after rooting, i have tried copy and pasting into the system/app folder with no luck.
      thanks in advance!

  • Hi,

    I brought X2 two days back and its with 2.0 version and when i check for the updates nothing has came
    Is it only for devices?

    • Check with Nokia Software Recovery Tool. If it shows an available update, use Nokia Care Suite to flash it onto your phone 🙂

  • Good morning. Nerender, if there are any ideas that you want me to test on my X2 so that i can help you and all X2 users, i’m available for it.
    Now that i have an image to flash it in case anything goes wrong i feel more confident to test “weird” ideas

  • my device is not getting the update.. it shows ur device is up2date but still showing version 2.0.. pls suggest how to manually flash the Newer Firmware using the Care Suite?

    • sougat mondal, if i were you i’dd keep it in 2.0.
      You can root it and install Google Play. Something that with 2.1 cannot be done
      I wish i had a stock rom for my x2 with 2.0 version

      • The 2.1 can be rooted, but Play Store is an issue there. I’ve not seen anybody openly claiming that it works flawlessly 🙁

  • Hello once again guys. I use external2internal app to swap between internal memory and sd on my XL and i tried using it on X2 but it does not work. Read somewhere that It’s an app not compatible with android 4.3 because of the vold file. Is there any app so we can install our big apps directly to sd? Thanks and keep up the great work.

  • Hi,
    please Help me!!!!!

    My new NOKIA X2 (RM1013) with firmware version, I want to update, but when i checked for software update it shows “You’re all up to date” but it already firmware version 2.1 available via FOTA then why didn’t get the update. I am from india or it has update not available for India now?

    • It is available, but just as others, you’d be needed to manually flash the Newer Firmware using the Care Suite. Nokia has always had issues delivering OTA updates properly.

    • I only found these on my Navifirm –
      Probably 059V779 started shipping directly with 2.1 or else Navifirm failed to keep record of the former version for the same. Unfortunately, there is no other tool available to download older firmwares. Maybe searching can get you direct links somewhere, but I doubt.

  • Thanks to Narender Singh for the big help on flashing my X2. I used Nokia Care suite with 059V779 Euro firmware and i got portuguese language and the new X2 version It was ai Indian version with product code 059V781. It took me about 5 minutes to flash the X2 and it is working perfectly. Just hope we can use Google Play Store on it very soon. That would make our X2 amazing machines!!! 🙂

    • Thank you for the feedback, Hélder. Feels good to know that i was of some help. Make sure you enjoy your Nokia X2 now 🙂

      • I sure will 🙂 . And i’m really hoping we’ll have acess to google services and Playstore to. Now i own 3 beautiful Nokia phones. N9 64gb, XL and now a X2. Nokia forever!!!

        • Ohh.. N9 is really a legendary phone and you’re surely lucky to have it 🙂 Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for some devs to make Play Store work on the Nokia X2. So far, no real success. Hope the situation changes 🙂

    • Won’t damage it if you know what you will be doing. However, rooted phones are generally denied a service uinder warranty, so bee sure to unroot it while taking it to a care center.

  • I brought a Nokia X2 on 2nd Oct but yet i am not able to update my device. Is the updates are available in India yet??

    • They are, but as a typical Nokia issue, a lot of devices just won’t receive it OTA. Visit a Nokia Care Center to get it updated.

  • Thanks for the fast reply. I installed Nokia Care Suite and already downloaded the European X2 firmware. NCS recognizes my x2 and i tried to refurbish but with no success. It seems that it can’t get the path for the firmware directory. Can you give me a hand? Thanks

  • Hello guys. I have a brand new Nokia X2 that i bought from India and i want to change it’s product code so that i can install European firmware to have portuguese laguage. Can anyone give an idea for doing this? I don’t know if it’s possible to change teh X2 product code or simply install a european firmware. Thanks

    • Nokia Care Suite should be able to do if you do refurbish using the Open Product option and choosing No Connection. I have not tried it on X2 personally, but it works like that on Asha and Lumia series. Just for safety, also download the firmware for your present product code before beginning as in case the other one doesn’t work, you can quickly return back to the original Indian version.

  • Firstly….
    I’ll sy thanx to Narendra ji

    wt what’sp problm solved in this mob.??

    Nd wt oTher imp. Aapps suported nOkia x2 (like img editor, p.d.f. Reader, e.t.c)

  • 4 days ago I purchase a nokia x2 still it is riunning on 2.0 platform .It does not show update for 2.1.I check manually but it does not show update for 2.1.
    So what I do for update

    • Visit a Nokia Care center and if an update is available, they will flash your phone with the newer version. Do backup all important data from your phone first.

  • why Nokia XL doesn’t support live wallpaper??although “live wallpaper picker” apps preinstalled in it…..
    and “Sound Recorder”also doesn’t support.
    please reply…
    I’m very worrying…in these cases.

  • Geting sick from this mobile wht nokia is thinking no goolge play and they dont have apps much ….. still a boring cell phone bttry tyimg is zero … app run by its self …. no back ground image … just a black screen … just u can change lock screen trying to root it …hope it will help ….

  • Hey there,,Gmail app is not supporting after update its true but we can check mails at the ‘EMAIL’ App there you will see Gmail account login option.Hope this helps to login Gmail account {WHO COULDN’T FIND IT}

  • Hey Narender,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I am sorry it is in fact a long thread i have just remarked 😀 thank you for reading it.
    Well i am happy to report that i made it work again. You should know that the X2 is rooted now.
    So, i tried firing up that program again on the computer on the hope of getting a heavenly revelation. Nothing happened. I tried all possible known human solutions (probably i missed some).
    In the end i was so pissed i just went radical war-style cursing Nokia and Microsoft. went to the phone Settings> accounts> google > Remove account.

    I removed the account. I went to check Youtube, Gmail, Play Store for removal: the three of them asked for my email. I entered the email in the Play Store login and it was connected again! Done! i was downloading Smule, that piano thing, cool app 😀
    I am sure you have done enough research to come to the conclusion that Google Play wont work just fine for now, and maybe will cause many problems still. I agree with you since i also am experiencing stability issues compared to the Samsung S3 mini. Hopefully i can reset it every time like this…pretty much easy 😀
    Thanks 😀

  • Hi guys. I got this phone yesterday, moved from an S3 Mini and i am not disappointed yet. Though i had an issue with understanding what this phone is Android/Microsoft/Nokia?seriously ….
    It connects to all but belongs to none!
    Well, i started the phone it asked me for a Hotmail login, i did, it was smooth and i could see my emails then a SOFTWARE UPDATE message popped out and i did update it before touching anything so it was updated and restarted with the software version . Fine, Next step i went to the store to check an app Cubie Messenger i used on the Samsung. Didn’t find it, and the tragedy started.
    I knew that at some point i have to root this piece of Technology, i was lucky stumbled upon this

    tried it and it works. NB: I use adblock on chrome, and Avast antivirus. Nothing detected as a virus. I run the program (after enabling USB debugging mode and connecting the phone to the computer via that regular USB cable) It says on the site it is ENGLISH. Well it is Alient but i followed the instructions on the website; says 1 for drivers, 2 For google Play … it worked perfectly, phone rebooted and really no problems. I then found Google play installed (Upond starting it, it asked me to get the Google Settings app, i got it and everything was ok).
    It not only worked but i could also install from the pc just like the galaxy phone!

    So up to this point; 1. Google Play Installed and WORKING. 2. The phone is rooted and i can access root folders with Astro manager, and i have SuperSu 2 installed.

    Now, as I got the X2 with a new phone number, i threw my old one and i reset the Samsung Galaxy to factory settings. Then on my X2 i cannot acceess the store anymore! Youtube works, Gmail works but the Store is just connection time out. I tried all possible solutions but nothing seems to work.

    Well thanks for reading and suggesting solutions guys. Otherwise for rooting i found that link very good. and Now you know that you can run Google play on the Nokia X2 DualSim.

    • Hey Solarici
      That’s a long long comment and no doubt you still made me read it. You have a good writing style and applause for that.
      Now coming to that tool, I did write about it on this blog a few days back. So you probably downloaded the Russian version and an English version however does exist if ever the author on that post paid attention while linking 🙂 Not an issue, but Play Store is somehow just not working for anybody. I see a bunch of users complaining that the Play Store would work at the max for the first run and as soon as you restart your phone, it will just pop up that timeout thingy. IDk if things have changed with a newer version though.
      Let’s see if others have to add anything 🙂

  • hey there, my phone will be 1 week old tomorrow, and im so happy with this budget phone. well, to get to the point, i like playing games, and according to ads of Nokia x(family) supports Android apps. i downloaded some ups and launch it but it says i need google services inorder to get access to the specific app. i really hope MS will allow google play/services on nokia X2

    • Good to know that you’re happy with your device, but sadly MS is not going to let Google Play work on these device. They are not Google certified and hence can’t run the Play Store/Services. The better solution would be to root it and then install the Google services/Play Store.

        • Yep. If you install it via the X2 Tools. Some say it works with sideloading while others get Connection failed error. So I’m not sure about it 🙂

  • The update is a big failure…. it still doesn’t support google services… still you can’t access your gmail inbox, open youtube/google account using google apps…

    • You’ve only pressed for rooting na? AFAIK, only installing the Play Store would brick the phone for which I’ve left the warning over there. Rooting works fine.
      To recover the phone, you will be needed to use the Nokia Care Suite.

  • Sir, my Nokia X2 (non-rooted device), has software version An update came for 2.1, i downloaded it, after downloading the it says “Can’t check you update” and process finished, and now by checking for update it says your phone is updated, any idea?

    • Hey Anwaar
      Have you by chance received the features from the update? It might be yet another case of a failed update (usual with Nokia) and you will bee needed to reset your phone using the Care Suite or by bringing it to a Nokia Care Center.

  • its alweady lunched in bangladesh…i’m using it for 2 weeks…great phn..only drawback i found was night time image capturing…though the flash is great but the pic seems to have much noise

  • After I download the package and restart my X2 rooted, It always comes up with this:
    “assert failed
    E:sdcard/Android/ Data/ com.symphoonyteleca.update /….
    status 7
    setup aborted”
    And I have to restart without updating anything.

    Could you solve this problem for me pleaseee.
    Thanks you.

    • I am not sure. Maybe root access is the cause? I am not sure what that Status code 7 means. Maybe it checks for root?

    • bro i to faced the same problem. it happens because of root as SU installs itself as system app and during MD5 checksum SU is not recognized as system app so it fails to update

  • New update of Nokia X2 does not support google play store, gmail app, hangouts, google drive etc. Its only support gmail contacts, google maps smoothly.

    The special thing is that whatsapp is fully working now….

    • Yep we know about WhatsApp. Have you tried sideloading the Play Store APK? I thought it were just the Google Services that were not letting it run.

      • I have tried to run Google Play apk, it’s not running. I also have tried to run Google Drive, Google Docs, GMail app, and separately Google Play services, but there was no success at all.

    • can you tell me how to update software in nokia x2 dual sim i am not able to update whenever i go to check updates it shows that you are up to date

            • I tried using nokia software recovery tool but after using it to download the latest update, my phone got hanged at the snokia welcome screen! Then I took it to nokia care but I dont know what they did, now they are saying and I am also seeing that my phone is dead! Please help! I dont want to lose my brand new nokia x2 already!!!! Currently I am downloading the Nokia X2 RM-1013 firmware via datapackage manager and after that I am going to flash it using nokia support tools. Please tell me whether I am doing the right thing or not and if not please suggest me a remedy!!

              • Didn’t Nokia Care offer to repair your phone under warranty?
                Nokia Care is your last resort. If it fails, there’s something seriously wrong and only Nokia Care would be able to help 🙁
                Make sure you download firmware for your product code only.

                • Well maybe Nokia Care is the last resort in some places where technically sound people work, however, the place where I live, I dont think they are expert enough. So I took the matter in my own hands, downloaded the correct nokia X2 firmware by Nokia Data package manager and flashed it using nokia support tools 5.0, and guess what, my phone arose from the dead and now it is working fine!! I always knew that there were no hardware problems in my device only software problem but Nokia Care guys, after killing my phone, said to send it to the factory for repairs for about 20 to 25 days!! I now have the latest firmware 2.1 installed into my device and everything is working smoothly. I would suggest everyone to not use Nokia Software Recovery Tool to download any Nokia original firmware, its always best to use Nokia Data Package Manager to download the correct and authorised firmware and then flash the device using Nokia Support Tools in Nokia Care Suite.

                • Maybe Nokia Care is the last resort in some places where expert people work but the Nokia Care where I went, I dont think they were expert enough to solve my problem. They said that my phone is dead and that it needs to be sent to the factory for repairs which would take around 20 to 25 days! I always knew that there was no hardware problem in my phone, only software problem and so I took the matter in my own hands and downloaded the latest Nokia X2 RM-1013 firmware by Nokia Data Package Manager, and then flashed my “dead” phone using Nokia Support Tools of Nokia Care Suite, and guess what? My phone arose from the dead and now its working smoothly, moreover it is running on the latest 2.1 platform! I would suggest everyone NOT TO DOWNLOAD OR RECOVER your firmware using Nokia Software Recovery Tool, its always best to download the firmware using Nokia Care Suite. All we need to do is to download the firmware by Nokia Data Package Manager of Nokia care suite and flash the device using Nokia Support Tools of Nokia Care Suite, simple!

                  • Congrats! I only recommended Recovery Tool because it seems to be more easy and is an official tool for end customers. Otherwise I’ve only used the Care Suite on my devices and never disappointed 🙂
                    Good job done by you BTW 🙂

                    • I checked somewhere regarding the authenticity of the software recovery tool but in most of the places I found that it is always recommended to download any Nokia original firmware by Nokia Care Suite only instead of Nokia software recovery tool. Software recovery tool is mainly used in some cases to just update the phone’s software but we can also update it using the care suite. Anyways thank you! I never could’ve done it without collecting information from your blog. 😀

    • Not yet, but it is expected soon. Every Nokia employee associated with the Nokia X2 (whom I know) is saddened on the fact that Nokia X2 is not going to get as much attention as the first gen devices, even though it is much better than them. They (MS) are terminating the Oulu site where most of the X2 guys were employed.

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