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How to Find the Security Code of Nokia Asha (S40) Devices

Trying to reset your Nokia Asha (s40) Mobile Phone, but couldn’t find the right security code to proceed? Or are you trying to secure your phone using Security Keyguard, but don’t know the current security code? Many websites provide Master Codes, but they never work and they never will. You’ll learn how to find the security code of your Nokia Asha (S40) phone in the context below.

Using NSSPro to Find the Security Code of Nokia Asha/S40

NSS Pro is a Nokia Unlock utility which has been around for a long time. If properly connected, it can find the security code of most of the Nokia Asha and S40 devices which were released before 2013 and had a Mico/Mini USB slot.


  1. NSS Pro software. Download here
  2. Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers. Download here
  3. Nokia S40 phone having a USB slot
  4. Windows PC
  5. USB Data Cable

Please note that this tutorial is only for the users who have forgotten the security code and their phone is not locked by the security keyguard. If yours is locked, you need to flash it using Nokia Care Suite which will reset it to factory settings and delete all user data.


nss pro finding security code S40
NSSPro – Click on image to enlarge
  1. Download and install the Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers on your PC. If already installed, you can skip this step.
  2. Download NSSPro. Extract the zip file and then open NSSPro.exe
  3. Connect your phone to the PC using a USB Data Cable. Choose OVI Suite/PC Suite/Nokia Suite as the connectivity mode on the phone. If Drivers start installing, wait for them to be installed before you proceed.
  4. In the NSSPro window, click on Detect towards the bottom of the window. The program will detect the phone’s mode and other things that it needs.
  5. Click on User Code in control panel at towards the right side of the Log.
  6. The program will check the phone’s tables and provide you with a Possible Code field. The digits in front of this is your security code.
  7. Change your security code, setup security keyguard or reset your phone. Do whatever you want to.

It should work for most of the users out there, but in case it doesn’t work for you, make sure you’re not using one of the newer phones (Nokia Asha 5xx) and try again on a different PC.


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