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Use Nokia X as USB Modem or WiFi Hotspot to Access Internet on PC

In this age of mobiles and portable devices, PCs and Laptops still hold their own spot as they still provide a much better browsing and viewing experience. If you own a Nokia X smartphone (includes X+, X2 and XL) and want to use it to access internet on your PC, Laptop or any other device, this is the post for you.

Use Nokia X as a USB or Bluetooth Modem

Requisites before you begin:

  1. Nokia X, X2, X+ or XL Smartphone
  2. Nokia CA-101 MicroUSB cable (only if you choose USB Tethering)
  3. Bluetooth adapter on your PC or any other device (only if you choose Bluetooth tethering)


  1. Connect your phone to the PC using the USB Cable. If your phone is not detected, you may need the Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers
  2. Tap Settings from your phone’s homescreen.
  3. Locate Mobile data and networks and tap on it.
  4. Select Tethering and Hotspot
    nokia x tethering
  5. Check USB Tethering if you want to create a USB Hotspot. Or else Bluetooth Tethering
  6. That’s it. There is no configuration to make. Wait for your PC to detect the data connection provided by the phone.

If everything goes fine, your PC will start showing that you are connected to a network. You should start browsing now.

Create WiFi Hotspot using Nokia X

Don’t want the hassle of wires and cables? You can create a WiFi hotspot using your Nokia X and then access the internet by connecting any WiFi enabled device to hotspot so created. This can also be used to share your data connection with your friends at college.

  1. Open Settings> Mobile data and networks> Tethering and Hotspot
  2. Tap on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot
  3. Once hotspot is enabled, tap on Set up Wi-Fi hotspot to choose options related to the type of security and the security key.
  4. Connect your other Wi-Fi enabled devices to the hotspot created using Nokia X and start browsing the internet.

Conclusion: Following the steps above, you can easily use your Nokia X smartphone as a USB/Bluetooth Modem or as Portable WiFi hotspot. If you face any difficulty in the setup process, leave a comment below and one of us will try to help you 🙂


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  • Sir, i m using nokia x2 ds, when i am connecting internet through hotspot to laptop, it is connected but showing NOT SECURE.

  • i am trying to connect my Nokia x with my laptop to copy data in it but it is not connecting to laptop and USB tethering is also not visible what should i do.

  • i once connected to the nokia XL hotspot freely on my win 8 laptop without any issues. i have another laptop running on win7 but the challenge i have is when i make attempts to connect to the wifi hotspot, it asks for Network security key.

    Please what do i do next?

  • Nokia X does not have a hotspot wireless but rather has only wireless connection which makes it difficult to connect. How do l do it then.

  • i don’t know what is the problem , but the hotspot wifi tethernig is not working , :/ it activated , but i can’t find any wifi with my pc or any pc or any android device , and the icon of hotspot on the notification bar doesn’t apear plzz help 🙁

  • How to install software for nokiaxl on computer?when I used above method than I saw a message to insert hardware disk.please help

  • need to reinstall Android driver frequently otherwise it doesn’t recognise modem. Can’t tether to connect to Internet. Event log show’s a problem signature for driver. No problem when connected to other PC. Something is wrong with windows 7.

  • Whenever i connect to wifi the process begun for a long time authentication, connecting again authentication or
    what should i do to resolve this problem.
    plz say what i do????

  • I want to browse with my usb using tethering, but my pc is requiring for username and password.Wat do I do or how do I find out d username and password

    • Create a WiFi hotspot if your computer has a Wireless adapter. Else you’d be needed to root the phone to connect via a USB cable.

  • Already i have do that.. but i m facing problem with usb drivers not installing when i connecting my phone to my pc.. thats why i unable to connect with usb tathering… please help me..

  • I own a nokia x but when trying to use my computer’s internet by following steps above money is charged for using internet from my phone

    • You probably have set a wrong APN. Please use the At commands in modem settings to specify your APN.

  • Is there no way to use internet on pc running on xp by using usb tethering??
    I have installed connectivity drivers but only able to transfer files and not tethering….
    It is showing a exclamation sign under network adapters and computer does not have internet connection otherwise…
    Plz help

  • i need usb mtp driver for nokia x2 android please help me Narender… i am using windows xp sp3 i tried many drivers but its not working even i tried nokia connectivity cable driver but it also not detected my phone.. thnxxx

  • I cant browse any internet application even if im using wifi or any promos from sun or smart Is nokia cellphone had a problem ?

  • type of security and the security key i dont understand what key where i find it in my phone or compuer

  • i want to connect my laptop with nokia x
    you say that install the hot spot shield and then connect it
    share the link and steps for the connection both devices

    • Sorry but when did I made any mention of Hotspot Shield? You just need to enable Wi-Fi Tethering from the settings.

  • Hi,

    it is listed under

    1) network and adapters, “remote NDIS based internet sharing device #2”.
    Yes it has a yellow mark
    error in properties “This device cannot start (Code 10)

    2) Other devices “Nokia XL (RM-1030)” again with the yellow mark
    error = “The drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28)”

    • Hey Ujjwal
      Please download and extract these drivers to a new folder. And install them for your Nokia XL by Right Clicking the Exclamatory Device in device manager and browsing to the location where you extracted.
      You might be needed to enable USB Debugging on your Nokia while installing drivers.

  • Hi narender,
    On tethering; i am on windows 7, initially I did have the yellow mark against the device in device manager, but after installing the Nokia cable driver that problem is gone. However still can’t tether the internet connection.

    I am not sure if the device shows under network adaptors. Will check and perhaps post snapshots.

  • I purchased a Nokia XL recently Having truoble with

    1) Unresponsive touchscreen, though it works fine but intermittently hangs. I have to use the power button, to resolve this, i.e. pressing the power button resolves the issue. Nay clue on what could be causing this?

    2) Unable to use the UBS tethering option, have downbloaded the cable driver but still unable to use the tethering function, i.e no internet connection flows to the PC.

    pls.. help

    • Unresponsive Touchscreens is quite common with some displays from Nokia. My Lumia sometimes does the same, but that’s pretty rare. Something like once or twice a week. Unless it is too frequent, I think you must not bother about it. Only a firmware/driver update from Microsoft can improve the touch response and we don’t know if ever they will see this issue and try to fix it.

      As about Tethering,
      1. Which version of Windows are you using?
      2. When you connect the p[hone to your PC and enable USB tethering, doesn’t your PC start installing some drivers?
      3. In the Device Manager, do you see a Internet Sharing Device under Network Adapters? Or else a device with yellow exclamation mark?

  • Hi,

    I have purchase a Noka XL,last week, but i m facing a problem to connect from internet.

    Whenever i connect to wifi the process begun for a long time authentication, connecting again authentication or connecting.

    what should i do to resolve this problem.

    plz suggest……

  • Hi,

    I hav Nokia z dual sim phone /I am trying to get connected to the wifi connectivity…I have a wifi at home,its gets connected but then I am unable to surf the net because it says tap to sign to sign. what does this mean.

    • Your connection might require authentication before you could use it.
      When you open a browser window, doesn’t it take you to a login page?

      • Hi…

        I have a nokia dual sim….I am trying to get connected through wifi …It gets connected and its tap to sign in.When i get on to the browser page it says ur adsl is down

        what does this mean

  • Nokia X & Nokia XL was expected to come to India in the end of april, but it has not came, when it will come?

    • Nokia X is already available. XL has reached the retailers and most probably will start selling by next week.

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