Return your Old Phone to get upto Rs. 6000 off on New Lumia 520 or 620

These days all the top smartphone manufactures (Apple, Samsung, Sony and others) are offering buy-back discounts on the purchase of New Phones when you exchange your existing phones. Nokia India is now following a similar scheme when you exchange/return your old phone for a brand new Nokia Lumia 520 or 620.

Details of Nokia Lumia Smart Buy Back Offer

Unlike the other manufacturers which are offering discounts on the purchase of high-end devices, Nokia has went a step ahead to offer the discounts on its most-selling Lumia devices i.e. Lumia 520 and Lumia 620. When you exchange your old phone, you get a Minimum of Rs. 4000 Off on the purchase of a new Nokia Lumia 520 and if you purchase a Lumia 620, the buy back discount is at Rs. 6000.

nokia smart buy back offer

Note that these are the minimum discounts promised. You might be able to receive a higher discount upon negotiation with the store representative.

How to Avail the Nokia Buy Back Offer?

  1. Go to your nearest mobile store.
  2. Get your existing device assessed for its condition.
  3. Your discount will be determined on the basis of the phone model that you own and its condition.
  4. Buy yourself a new Nokia Lumia 520 or a new Nokia Lumia 620 and the discount amount will be adjusted in the final payment due.

Devices eligible for Exchange under Lumia Smart Buy Back Offer

Many devices from various manufacturer are covered under the exchange program ranging from Nokia’s own handsets to Samsung, HTC, Sony, Blackberry, Karbonn, Micromax and others such as Celkon. Following is a list of officially supported devices. However, you must ask the Nokia Store representatives to confirm if any other device which you are using is supported or not.

Nokia Devices

Asha 305, Asha 306, Asha 308, Asha 309, Asha 311
Lumia 510, Lumia 610, Lumia 710 and Lumia 800
Nokia E5, E51, E52 E63, E71, E72, C5-05, X3-02, Nokia 603, Nokia N8,

Samsung Devices

Samsung NEO, Champ Delux Duos, Star 3 Duos
Galaxy Y, Galaxy Pocket Duos, Galaxy Chat, Galaxy Music, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Young
REX70, REX80, REX90, REX Duos

Sony Devices

Tipo SS, Tipo DS,
Xperia E Single, Xperia E Dual, Xperia Mini, Xperia Neo

Karbonn, Micromax and Celkon

Karbonn A15, Karbonn A7+, Karbonn A9, Karbonn A11, Karbonn A9+, Karbonn A21
Micromax A87, Micomax A110 Canvas 2, Micromax A116 Canvas HD
Celkon A107, Celkon A98, Celkon A225

Blackberry Devices

BlackBerry 8520, BlackBerry 9520, BlackBerry 9300

HTC and LG

HTC Explorer, Desire C, Desire V
LG Cookie


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  • I have Nokia C2 is there facility for this to return mobile and take another mobile

  • I have Nokia x mobile, and I want exchange to lumia series mobile so is there any exchange offer for that ple inform me

  • i have Nokia 515 handset , this is good condition ,i can take sum sung core 2 any exchange offer is thre

  • I have a old Nokia 5233 mobile phone..Can i take it a new Nokia mobile phone to exchange with this old one..

  • Hey I want to exchange my nokia 603 and want to buy new micromax canvas at approximately rate of nearly 6500 rs. Please tell me what amount will I get for my nokia 603.

  • I have Nokia Lumia 520.if any one want mobile u can is in good condition upgraded to 8.1.

  • Hi, I own Nokia Lumia 520 white10month old – working in good condition. Want to exchange for better phone like lumia 730dual sim
    Can anybody tell me what discount would I get?

  • I have Blackberry curve 9220 which i would like to exchange with new how much will be buy back amount on Nokia 520

  • Hi , iam having Nokia E 63, In Good Condition …i Want to go Change of new Nokia Lumnia
    Handset , Can Any one tell me if there is an Exchange Offers in Nokia

    Please Contact me on my Email Id :- [email protected]

  • Hi,
    I want to buy nokia xl dual sim phone. I wish to exchange my nokia 500, how much discount will i get.
    How much will i have to pay. i am staying at chandigarh, please also tell me about some store in chandigarh where i can avail the exchange offer.
    Warm Regards,

  • hi i want 2 exchange my Micromax canvas’s one and half year old,and good condition.

  • I want to sell my Nokia lumia 510. It’s just one year old. Or ready to exchange with Samsung galaxy duos. If anybody willing old contact me joswin Mangalore 0879232285

  • I had nokia x and I will exachange my phone with nokia lumia 520. What price will give to exachange nokia x pls tell me hurry up

  • I have a very good mobile Nokia Lumia 900 with WP 7.8 updated.
    Since I need WP 8.1 or up, I am planning for buying a new Lumia.
    But the exisiting one needs to be exchanged or sold.
    If any one interested please contact me.
    It has unused ear phones, charger adaptor with USB cable & the box/carton as fresh as new.

  • i want to sell my sony xperia u …i purchased at 8-11-2013…..its in very good condition..kindly contact me.. as soon as possible

  • Hi Narender,

    Is this offer still exist.. I am planning to exchange my nokia asha305 for any of the new nokia phones.


  • Hi, I own Nokia Lumia 525 black – working in good condition. Want to exchange for better phone like lumia 620.
    Can anybody tell me what discount would I get?

  • sir i had nokia 603 in Gud condition 9/10 .. having software feature pack2 symbian belle can i get new mobile set and exchange my sell ?

  • Hi, I own Nokia Lumia 610 black – working in good condition. Want to exchange for better phone like lumia 620.
    Can anybody tell me what discount would I get?

  • i have a micromax ninja a89 about 15 months old…i want to exchange it with lumia 520…plz say me how to do it quickly

  • Want to exchange my nokia xl,bought just 4day ago with lumia.can you tel me which model Iwill get fromlumiaa nokia xl price is 11000 from nokia store

  • I want to exchange my samsung galaxy y gt6102. So tell me what should be its value

    • Please get in touch with Nokia priority dealer. They will provide you with bettet details.

  • my mobile …micromax doodle 3 new mobile exchange………any android phone…

  • i wanna exchange nokia e-71 with nokia lumia 525.
    3 yrs old

    So hw much,will have to pay for new lumia 525 .

    • 525 isn’t available under the Exchange program yet. Plus these exchange deals haven’t been that awesome for these low-end Lumias. You can even pick a 525 for as cheap as 9000 already.

  • i also have Asha 311 1 year used in execellent cond… but when i visited my nearest priority dealer he offers me 2200/-only with in exchange from lumia 520.

  • Hi! My name is mohan and I’m using karbbon A11 and needs to get a change to Nokia lumia 520/620. So pls suggest me the actual price or how can I be satisfied with the deal.

    • The price of 520 is pretty cheap these days. Just buy it online and you can find it as cheap as ₹7500. No need to exchange 😀

  • Dont buy NOKIA…its a crap !!!……
    Karbon, Lava, Micromax are much better than Nokia….

  • i have e72 nokia set,i want to exchange it with lumia 620 or 520,is it possible? My phone is 3yrs old.

    • The exchange prices are pretty cheap. So I don’t think going and exchanging is a good idea. You can find a Lumia 620 for the same price as they are offering after the exchange.

  • Hey singhnsk, first of all thanks for the info 🙂 I have a Lumia 710, excellent condition. I have looked after it very well. Its around 5 months old. And, I am planning to exchange it for a Lumia 720 or 520. Can you tell me the possibilities for both? And where should I get it exchanged? Is the offer there on flipkart? Thanks for the assistance. And my friend has a galaxy s duos, for what price can it be exchanged for a Lumia 520 or 720?

    • The offer is available via Flipkart (detailed here). But I don’t see any good in trading in your old phones which are in excellent condition for a rebate of just around ₹2000-2500. I’d better arrange for 2000 more and keep both the phones.
      The better will be to sell the older phone to a friend or online and then purchase a new phone. Just ignore this offer and you’ll be saved.

      • If you still want to, you just need to visit a Nokia Priority Dealer and get your phone’s value checked. It is only available for Lumia 520 and 620. No 720 or any other Lumia.

    • You can’t actually exchnage with the 520, but you can get upto 4000 of discount on the purchase of new Lumia 520 when you return your 305. You’ll still be needed to pay the rest of the amount (around INR 7000).

  • Yep , Asha 311 has blinding brightness levels and that’s why I use UC Browser rather than opera while playing music , making calls and sending messages . Anything for some extra juice .

  • I’ll not exchange my 311.
    As singhnsk said we can get the same within just 3K.
    Will wait….. If singhnsk exchanges, I’ll surely do it.
    Because i can get more value for my 311 compared to singhnsk’s 311 😀

    • Well.. Just to let you know, the looks of phone will have a little impact on how much they’ll pay (that’s what i think). Otherwise I’m not willing to exchange my 311, but If I get like Rs. 5k as the exchange price, I’ll think about it. Will see a Nokia Priority store on Monday.
      I’m all okay with my 311, except this brightness problem. This is killing my eyes. So yeah I kinda want to get rid of this too 😛

      • Will be waiting for your next move… 😛
        I am on defense side of NOKIA 311. i.e i mean i will not exchange 311 for just not having brightness control.

        • Ahh.. LOL at me for not picking up the newspaper (reading the news so late :P). So they write the MRP as Rs. 11289, whereas its actual sale price when it entered the markets was at 10500. Now, 11289 – 4000 = 7289 and Lumia 520 can be purchased from most of the online retailers for around Rs. 9000. So 9000-7289 = 1711.
          I’m not ready to sell my 311 for mere 1700. I’ll better buy a new 520 if ever I need it 🙂 Wasn’t expecting Nokia to play such a bad game. If ever I had a 305, I’d have moved ahead 😀

  • Good opportunity to throw my Asha 311 . What do you think singhsk ? And are similar offers availaible for android ? I’m bored of Asha 311 and its very limited number of java based apps and games . Also , I think the old phone buy back discount on Lumia 520 is ₹ 4,000/- according to the newspaper.

    • Yeah. Sorry a typo there. Its really 4000 as can be seen in the image.

      About trading in the phone for a Lumia 520, I’m kinda reluctant. Lumia 520 is available online for around Rs. 8700 (previously got it for Rs. 8500) and the price in the Nokia Store will be exactly around 10000. So, 10000-4000 = 6000. So that means you’re selling your 311 for Rs. 2700 (8700-6000) and I don’t think I’m ready to sell it at that price. I’ll better keep my 311 and put in another Rs. 2700 and buy the 520 as well.

      Still unsure, I’ll visit a Nokia Priority to find out how much they’ll actually value my phone for. Will take a decision afterwards. Let me know what you decide.

      Discounts for Androids, they are available, buy as I said in the post, they’re only available for high-end phones. For example, you can get around Rs. 7000 if you buy a new iPhone and a similar price if you buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note 2. There are no offers available for mid-ranged phones.

    • Ya, I also asha 311 and its the boringest phone i have ever seen NOKIA calls it a smartphone …. !!

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