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Nokia Announces 3 new Android Phones for Emerging Markets

The day has arrived and Nokia has captured the audience very well. Going against the expectations, Nokia announced not one or two, but three Android phones running on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). As always, the devices will come in a flavor of multiple eye catchy colors and the users will be free to choose any of them as per their liking.

Nokia X, X+ and XL

Among the 3 newly announced devices, the Nokia X and X+ are pretty much the same when it comes to looks and physical dimensions. Both of them come with a 4-inch display and a Dual Core Snapdragon S4 processor. The thing that kicks them apart is the additional amount of memory that the Nokia X+ brings. While the Nokia X comes with 512 MB of RAM, X+ pushes the bar to 768 MB, hence providing some smoothness to the apps and a scope of better mufti-tasking.

The third member i.e the Nokia XL boasts a big screen while still keeping the budget in mind. The Nokia XL comes with a big 5-inch display having a resolution of 800×480. There is also a slightly improved 5MP camera and the added facility of flash to take some better shots under low light. All of the Nokia X family comes with the usual set of Nokia goodies like Glance Screen and Screen Double Tap.

Talking of the Operating System, Nokia calls it the Nokia X Software Platform.  A sure mix of Asha Software Platform (fastlane and the icons) and Windows Phone (tiles and the general interface) which is all different from the Android that we see everyday. Only thing that resembles android is the fact that it can run majority of Android apps, most of which will be supplied via the Nokia’s own App store.

Price of Nokia X Family

The Nokia X is supposed to start selling for a price of €89 ($122) from the next week onwards while the Nokia X+ and Nokia XL will join the store shelves later during the beginning of Q2, 2014 for a price of €99 ($136) and €109 ($150) respectively. Watch the intro video of the new Nokia X family after the break.


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  • It runs on forked android. though would like to see Nokia support it more- then it would be a viable option to Lumia!

    • Forked? Right, but honestly people don’t care what type of Android it runs. As long as they can play their angry birds and install custom launchers, they’ll be enjoying it as much they enjoy other droids.
      It will be supported, but maybe we shouldn’t expect any high end devices under the X family. After all, as they say, its the feeder to the Lumia, not a Lumia replacement 😛

    • Nokia India has no clues yet. But March launch is expected. I’d recommend waiting a bit and going with X+ instead of the X. Extra RAM will be worth the wait 🙂

    • It will support all the apps except for the ones which use Google Maps, Google Notifications or In-App Purchases. Apps not utilizing these are going to run perfectly fine.

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