Nokia 8.1 (PNX) OTA Collection – Direct download links to OTA updates

Nokia 8.1 is currently my primary smartphone. I will capture the OTA update URLs each month and add to this post. You can use the OTA URLs to download the update file manually and install it on your Nokia 8.1 (or Nokia X7 running on Global ROM).

The updates are captured from the Indian variant (TA-1121). The update files should be the same for other regions (TA-1128, TA-1119), except for some regions (for example Russia) where Nokia offers a different software experience.

Stable Releases

Initial release (India) – PNX-243D-0-00WW-B01

Build number and SP Internal current/previous build Download link
2_47A – December 2018 (MR) 247A
(243D to 247A)
2_47A_SP01 – January 2019 (SP) 252B
(247A to 252B)
2_59A – February 2019 (MR) 259A
(252B to 259A)
2_59A_SP_01 – March 2019 259B
(259A to 259B)
2_59E – April 2019 (MR) 259E
(259B to 259E)
2_59E_sp01 – May 2019 (SP) 259F
(259E to 259F)
2_59E_SP02 – June 2019 (SP) 259G
(259F to 259G)
2_59J – July 2019 (MR) 259J
(259G to 259J)
2_59J_SP01 – August 2019 (SP) 259K
(259J to 259K)

Android 10 (stable)

We are moving the Android 10 releases to this new table for ease of access. Stable Android 10 rollout started on October 9th 2019.

Build number and SP Internal current/previous build Download link
4_15B – September 2019 415B
(Full update)
4_15B_Sp01 – October 2019 415C Download
4_15B_SP02 – November 2019 415D Download
4_15B_SP03 – December 2019 415E Download
4_15B_SP04 – January 2020 415F Download
4_15B_SP05 – February 2020 415G Download
4_30B – March 2020 430B
(Full update)

Android Q Beta

These builds will not be fully stable. So, use them at your own risk. You can use these on Nokia 8.1 and Nokia X7 which is converted to Android One. Do not use on Nokia X7 running on CN builds. You can also download the Android Q beta builds by enrolling into the Developer Preview program.

The files are mirrored to Google Drive because the official link expires quickly.
Build Number Details
Download Link
WW 4_070 Android Q Beta 5 (for users on Android Pie, any version) Download
WW 2_59G (Downgrade) Android Pie downgrade package from 4_070 build Download

How to install manually

You can install the update file from the Android system or from the stock recovery mode.

To install from within the system: Rename the file with the internal build number. For example, if you have downloaded the 2.52B update, then rename it as Don’t forget to change the 252B part with the internal build number mentioned against the update file.

After that copy it to the file to your internal storage outside of any folder. Then reboot the phone. You will receive an update notification after some time.

To install from recovery mode: Copy the downloaded file to the MicroSD card in your phone. After that, reboot the phone to the Android recovery mode and select Apply update from SD card. Then select the update file to start the installation. You can also installl by selecting “Apply update from ADB” and then using a PC to sideload the update file.

Special thanks (and credits):

  • Vicente for May 2019, November 2019 update
  • Rhota Dobi for October 2019 update
  • Nokia OTA Repository on Telegram for March 2020 update

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