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Moto X is the First Smartphone to be Fully Assembled in the US – CEO

Motorola is just about to give a rebirth to its handset business. Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed at the AllThingsD conference that the Moto X phone will be fully assembled in the Fort Worth, Texas unit which was previously owned by Nokia.

Leaked Render of Moto X Phone
Leaked Render of Moto X Phone

Dennis also talked about a few of the many advantages that Motorola will have by producing the Moto X domestically. Some of them include:

  • Illinois and California-based designers and engineers will be much closer to the factory.
  • Will be able to iterate on design much faster.
  • Create a leaner supply chain.
  • Respond much more quickly to purchasing trends and demands.
  • Deliver devices to people here much more quickly.

This is only for the phones which will be sold in the United States and Motorola’s global operation (are they still running?) won’t change. Motorola’s global partner Flextronics will continue to assemble devices in China and Brazil for global sales.

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